Join us On the Objective as your host Steven Menking welcomes back Coach Dave Daubenmire of Coach Dave Live for a discussion about the latest actions that have been taken to bring about justice and righteousness in America. Coach and his team have been showing up. They recently showed up in front of key officials’ houses, in Washington DC, and at the Georgia Guidestones. They have been showing up as boots on the ground in this spiritual battle. David had to enter the battlefield to defeat Goliath, and we must continue to take bold, direct action in order to preserve the freedoms granted to us by God for future generations. It’s time for action. Thanks for joining us On the Objective!

Steven Menking

Economic Advisor, Senior Editor

Mike Spaulding

Spiritual Advisor, Contributor

Jon Robberson Jr.

Media Advisor, Contributor

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Our mission is to encourage, exhort, and motivate members of
the Remnant Body of Jesus Christ to play their positions, pursue their unique
callings, and stand their ground in our generation. On the Objective is a
network aimed at examining our world from a Biblical viewpoint and tracking
significant global developments. We are engaging with our brothers and sisters
in the battle for our faith, while extending shelter to those still lost so
that they may come to know redemption and peace through Jesus Christ.


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