Thursday March 30, 2017

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7:00pm EDT Alex Wilson is the founder and owner of Precious Timber.  Alex is an incredible asset to all of us in the Hagmann listening family.  He left the United Kingdom in the early 1980’s, in part, because of the failed socialist policies of the pre-Thatcher era.  Today, Alex sees the United States making the exact same mistakes.  Precious Timber offers investment opportunities in hard assets as well as phenomenal deals on gorgeous ocean view land that in many cases costs less than does a new car in the States.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Alex a number of questions regarding the investment opportunities in Nicaragua, a country that offers many of the financial freedoms and individual liberties that built the United States.  I am including Alex’s recent communique and the deal that he is offering here, as tonight’s information will be a powerful tool that can be implemented in lieu of the idea of bugging out to a remote locale in the United States.

Alex created a special offer for the Hagmann and Hagmann Family of viewers and listeners that I personally find very enticing.  Here are some of the details of what we will cover this evening.

The opportunity is NOW to secure property in Nicaragua before values skyrocket.  Prices on gorgeous seaside land are exploding toward the costs typical associated with:  Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize and Panama.

Currently, dollar for dollar land value in Nicaragua is unprecedented. Locations like Popoyo Village stand to gain value appreciation in exponential multiples. While areas like Popoyo Village are still virgin and remote to most tourists, the region is already a hotbed for surfers and minimalists.

Do not wait to buy land in Nicaragua.  In the world of the soon-to-burst US Dollar bubble, a very wise and prudent investment is to buy land and wait.  The old real estate maxim applies: God ain’t making any more of it!

Alex Wilson arrived on the Nicaraguan coast early; seventeen years ago and secured several prime locations.  The good news is that not only is it not too late to invest in an ideal (and idyllic) bug-out location; the upward trend that will ultimately price the land out of many of our wallets is just igniting.  But this investment spark, fueled by the positive social, political and economic reforms that placed Nicaragua on the global map of liberty-centric, laissez faire locations will soon explode into financial conflagration that most of us simply cannot afford.

This offer is strictly reserved for the Hagmann & Hagmann audience.

The offer is simple:

One-half acre lots, just 5 minutes from the best surf and most gorgeous beaches in the country, are selling now at $49K and above (fee-simple ownership).
We will make available just SIX LOTS, to the first six people that qualify, at the discounted price of $35K. That’s a $14K Hagmann DISCOUNT. These six available lots are available to buy thru a 401K or SD-IRA.

Folks, please take note: This must be a cash purchase!  Alex has indicated that he will offer another six lots at $39K each (A $10K Hagmann discount) to the first six people who can put 50% down, and I’ll offer zero interest on the balance over 24 months.

Many Hagmann viewers and listeners have realized over the life of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report that our beloved country, the United States of America is sliding into a black hole of mistakes that are historically proven to be disastrous to those who love God and to those who cherish liberty.  Join us tonight.  Nicaragua just might be an answer to your prayers for deliverance to a new land.  To a land of beauty and adventure.  To land that you own.

After speaking with Alex this morning he was kind enough to provide us with some links to websites that enable you to explore the whole Nicaragua idea.  Simply click on the linked words in the previous sentences and have fun exploring Nicaragua!

8:00pm EDT  on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, we are pleased to welcome back to Hagmann HQ, a favorite return guest, UN Agenda 2030 expert, Debbie Bacigalupi.  Debbie will discuss the internal political and cultural agenda behind the big story in Oroville.  Her family ranch sits near the Klamath Dam and consequently Debbie has decades of experience dealing with Byzantine California politics regarding proper land use and management.  Debbie is also a Senior Editor at

Debbie Bacigalupi is a Californian cattle rancher who is in-demand throughout the west as an educational speaker on Agenda 21, the 2030 Agenda, Cap and Trade, Sustainable Development, property rights, dams and water rights, “conservation” and other related issues.

She attends many conferences including the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, COP21 and the 2015 UN Paris Climate Change Conference, Navigating the American Carbon World on Cap and Trade, the Western Governors Association Crucial Habitat Conferences, and many Fish and Wildlife meetings and hearings on the Endangered Species Act.

Ms. Bacigalupi co-produced and/or inspired timely documentaries: BlueNo Water No Farmer No Food, and Wolves in Government Clothing – all focusing on how aggressive environmental policy is harming rural America.

Discouraged by the erosion of rural America, she ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012.  Ms. Bacigalupi holds a BS degree in Business and a Masters in Business Administration and is a Certified Meeting Professional and Sommelier.  Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion to free rural America and change lives through education inspired her to open her own business with Rodan+Fields (  She is Ambassador-at-Large for Technocracy.News.


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