America Haters

Ask any of the secular-progressive pollywogs, in any of the mindless relativist fishbowls in America what the two darkest days of their lives are and they will echo each others’ hivist- hysteria with: November 8, 2016 and January 20, 2017.

Half of America (inhabiting over 90% of the actual real estate) believe that those two dates are perhaps the two greatest God-shot miracles in the history of American politics.

Conversely, the anarchist reprobates, the no information consumer class and Clintonista baby killers are convinced that on those dates America capitulated into facism; a political ideology that 99% of those urbanite idiots could not define even if proffered (yet another) blank check with their name on it.

As we explore this analysis of the political possibilities that face 45th President of the United States, President Donald J Trump, consider the baseline of ignorance that more often than not precedes the violence instigated by the left.  Their shrill rhetoric, stupid signs and street thug behavior are clearly demonstrable of Mussolini’s Black Shirts and Hitler’s Brown Shirts, prior to, and throughout World War Two.

Facism, to be precise, is the marriage of corporate and state interests, presided over by the 1%, funded by the tax payer’s dollars, and paid for by our soldiers’ blood.

We Are Not a Democracy

Examine Soviet Era Communism, Hitlerian National Socialism and throw in Venezuela’s Democide-by-Starvation (lorded over by a former bus driver) and one thing becomes apparent very quickly; a parasitic populace of elite cronies gorge themselves on the wealth of the state while the population withers into emaciated ghosts of their former selves.  And the top tier criminal class has the arrogance and audacity to proclaim their benevolence “for the people” every time a camera or mic is thrust in front of their bloated, mustachioed faces.

There are many readily apparent similarities between the basic Clinton-Obama-LBJ political agenda and the worst criminal mass murderers in modern history.  Here is another oft repeated case-in-point: there is not a single metropolitan region in the United States that is concurrently under DNC control (with all of the deleted liberties and capitalized crisis therein) that has successfully raised the standard of living for their population, created greater safety on their streets by perpetual gun-grabbing or encouraged higher moral behavior from their impoverished minions as they rezone neighborhood churches into gay nightclubs.

The once great cities in America have devolved into Democrat tyrannically controlled ghetto fiefdoms where the likes of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi enrich themselves while junkies pick tidbits of fried fish from back alley dumpsters that bear a snarky sign threatening fines should a hungry soul lift the lid.

Before we delve into the Shadow Government that totters on the razor thin fulcrum of the politically possible to the violently probable, one more distinction must be made.  America is NOT a democracy.  We are a Representative Republic.  We are fifty sovereign states that lend power to a Federal Government that has, as George Washington warned, charred any quaint remnant of Eighteenth Century eloquence in the conflagration of a centralized police state.

California continues to flagrantly flip off the Feds, who do possess the Constitutional right to protect our borders.  South Carolina State Representative, Mike Pitts, introduced a bill that would make any future discussion of secession lawful, should DC attempt further violation of the Second Amendment in the Palmetto State.  It is prudent to note, South Carolina was the first of eleven states that seceded in 1860, thus forming the Confederate States of America.  Lastly, Texas continues to review the possibility of a return to their sovereign Republic of Texas status (1836-1846).

Our nation is simultaneously disintegrating into polities with diametric world views, while the American security blanket that once covered the world unravels into a pile of mildewed yarn, tangled across the steps of fifty State Superior Court edifices.

Main Stream Media Failure, Their Time Is Up

Let’s clear up an enormous historical inaccuracy.  No one who self identifies as a Patriot member of the Truth Movement (as exemplified by the Ron Paul Revolution and amplified by the New Media) should ever again reflect on the good ol’ days on the Huntley-Brinkley, Walter Cronkite newsrooms.  Walter Cronkite was an unapologetic globalist and Luciferian lackey who proclaimed to the United Nations:

“Even as with the American rejection of the League of Nations, our failure to live up to our obligations to the United Nations is led by a handful of willful senators who choose to pursue their narrow, selfish political objectives at the cost of our nation’s conscience. They pander to and are supported by the Christian Coalition and the rest of the religious right wing. Their leader, Pat Robertson, has written that we should have a world government, but only when the messiah arrives. Any attempt to achieve world order before that time must be the work of the Devil! Well join me; I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan.”

Cronkite also voiced the infamous Owl Vestige at Bohemian Grove; the altar where CFR, Tri-Lateral, Bilderberg types ritualize the Cremation of Care Ceremony. Every summer, a stone’s throw from The Russian River in Northern California, globalist Satanists open their homosexual hootenanny by featuring the sacrifice of an infant to Moloch, the “Owl-god” of the Old Testament.  No need to inform local law enforcement, the infant is purportedly a rubber doll.  But the voice is genuinely Walter Cronkite.  Somehow this critical biographical information escapes the awareness of the Christian Church in America, but anyone over the age of fifty will tell you that Cronkite’s most famous utterance is either his tearful announcement of President Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, 1963 or his proclamation a few years later that Vietnam is lost.  So let’s spare one another any further rumination on the veracity of Cronkite.

Chet Huntley and David Brinkley are less conspicuous in their direct affiliation with Twentieth Century Illuminati Initiates but NBC would not and will not permit such enormous public prominence to anyone who does not “kiss the ring.”  Additionally, Big Oil and Big Tobacco sponsored their long running program.

Meanwhile, back in the three ring circus known as CNN, Dom Lemon stated that it is racist and anti-semetic to use the term “globalist”.  The left wing control grid built by indolent, credit card-centric Americans and funded by their many decades support of pill pushing network sponsors is crashing at terminal velocity.  As Jeff Zucker rides the rocket into the ground, Mark Zuckerberg (who is exponentially more powerful in framing the publics’ mindset) is instituting the next step in the attempt to take down President Trump; simply delete or block anything contrary to the MSM narrative that Trump is a Nazi who colluded with Russians to steal Hillary’s crown.  And lest we forget, Mark “Bauble Head” Zuckerberg somehow became a multi-billionaire by owning a platform that is free to use.

CNN and its cohort MSNBC, have tried just about everything: Stormy Daniels, “sh*t hole” countries, Robert Mueller, Diet Coke and continually trotting out retreads like Carl Bernstein.  Nothing has worked.  James Comey and Andrew McCabe are still fired.  Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are still employed.  Robert Mueller is still looking for a crime…and the criminals.  And Attorney General Jeff Sessions is, well, we do not know exactly what he is, or where he is, except perhaps, in over his head.

There are two conclusions that one can draw from the current ailing state of mainstream news media in the fifteenth month of the Trump Presidency.  Either the networks and the socials have thrown every snot ball they can expel at the wall and nothing sticks, or they are methodically moving a political killshot at President Trump that will not hemorrhage until November 6, 2018.

The “Blue Wave” of 2018

It is the opinion of this writer that nothing of any permanent political significance will occur between today and November 6, 2018.  Why?  Because attempting to foment a change of heart within the 62 million Americans who voted for Trump is not working.  The #MAGA movement on Facebook and Twitter is as strong (or stronger) than it ever was, and this in spite of the unpopular signing of the Omnibus Bill that the President pinched his nose and affixed his signature to on March 23 of this year.

As previously noted in this article, there are two distinct camps in America.  One is full of traditional Americans from every ethnic heritage and socioeconomic strata imaginable.  The other consists of a few dozen metropolitan regions where mayors compromise the safety of ICE Agents and/or order their police departments to stand down so that anarchist malcontents can knock octogenarians out cold on the sidewalk, with criminal impunity and a big wet French kiss blown their direction by the drive-by media.

The problem is that an enormous portion of the population live in these few dozen “fishbowls” and whether it be from Milwaukee, Miami, Oakland or Charlottesville, the fringe left are calling for a civil war and dissolution of the Union.  Please permit another historical contextualizing from The War Between the States (1861-1865).  Nearly 700,000 soldiers, sailors and civilians perished in the fog of war to keep the Union indivisible.  It is for this reason alone that all Americans should exercise severe circumspection and perhaps take captive their thoughts before popping off about a possible civil war 2.0.

The Original Attempt at #MAGA

Long before 35th President John F Kennedy was inaugurated in 1961, he was fully apprised of the globalist machinations of the Deep State.  His father, Joe Kennedy, parlayed a fortune made during Prohibition, rumrunning, into occupying the Ambassadorship to Great Britain in the pre-War years.  Joe Kennedy was a seriously connected guy.  From presidents to Mob Boss Sam Giancana, the Kennedy paterfamilias had a plan to place his firstborn, Joseph Kennedy Jr into the White House.  The plan was equally audacious and doable.  The money was there.  The crucial ballot box stuffing support of the mob and the unions were there.  The precedent, however was not.  No Irish Catholic had ever inhabited 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the only candidate to try was smoked back in 1920 when Warren G Harding sent New York Governor Al Smith packing.

There was another unforeseen tragedy that thwarted Kennedy Sr’s plan.  On August 12, 1944, United States Naval Aviator, Lieutenant Joseph Kennedy Jr, took off from an airfield in England.  Along with Lieutenant Wilford J Willy, the two flew a land based B-24 Liberator Bomber loaded with 21,000 pounds of highly explosive Torpex.  The plan was to deposit the ordnance on the Nazi U-boat pens at Heligoland in the North Sea.  A film crew trailed Kennedy’s warplane in a smaller Mosquito aircraft, planning to catch the attack for one of the newsreel outlets.  Less than two minutes after Lieutenant Kennedy radioed the coded message, “Spade flush,” the Torpex exploded prematurely, instantly consuming the would-be Commander in Chief in a massive fireball.

Younger brother, John Kennedy was also serving in the United States Navy, in the Pacific Theater of Operations.  He was the skipper of a PT boat and got into a major tangle with the Japanese destroyer, Amagirl.  The much larger Japanese vessel rammed Kennedy’s PT109 and instantaneously, Lieutenant JG Kennedy had KIA’s and serious casualties on his hands.  Additionally the remaining PT boat crew was stranded on a remote island with slim hope for rescue.

The story is memorialized in PT109 – John F Kennedy in World War II.  It is an excellent story of hubris and courage, tamed by compassion and a survivalist’s spirit.

Many readers who enjoy a page-turner biographical story about war, adventure and the making of a great American are familiar with the stories of Joseph Kennedy Jr and his kid brother, John Kennedy.  What most do not know is that there is purportedly filmed optics of the wartime death of Joe Kennedy Jr.  But to this day the footage has never been found or seen by the public.  Some historians believe that their research indicates that Joseph Kennedy Sr and then-President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt may have conspired to deep six the graphic images of a presidential hopeful exploding over Northern England.

Moreover, to understand what may have been the first degree in the turning point for the intelligent, impressionable John Kennedy to later use his power as President, in an attempt to castrate the Deep State, consider where young Kennedy started his naval career.  John Kennedy was commissioned as an Ensign into the Office of Naval Intelligence on October 26, 1941.  But the potential intrigue runs deeper.  In 1940, John F Kennedy tried to enter the US Army Officer Candidate School but was medically disqualified, due to the lower back problems that would continue to cripple him throughout his life.  Approximately 18 months later, John Kennedy’s aspiration to serve as an officer in the armed forces was greatly aided by none other than the Director of the Office of Naval Intelligence, Captain Alan Kirk, who previously served as Joseph Kennedy Sr’s Naval Attache, while Kennedy Sr was the US Ambassador to Great Britain (1938-1940).

Without sleuthing too far down the serpentine avenues of 1930’s globalism (this piece would explode into tens of thousands of words and no one would read it) one doesn’t have to squint too hard to see the intricate connectivity between the Kennedy’s, the Roosevelts, the Churchill’s, the ONI and other precursors to the eventual creation of Bill Donovan’s Central Intelligence Agency.

One wonders how both Joe Kennedy Jr and John Kennedy knew the potential future prominence to be realized with resumes launched from a naval officer’s experience…in a virulently isolationist America, a year and a half before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Like President Donald Trump, President John F Kennedy knew wealth, power, prestige and the art of the deal long before taking the Oath of Office of the Presidency.  And like President Trump, President Kennedy departed from the predictable path of East Coast Establishment affluence, to become a populist who could articulate exactly the right sentiment, at exactly the right time and make a viciously polarized America roar in agreement with their respective side of the political debate.

It is easy to forget the historical context within which, President Kennedy stated that he would, “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”  The Central Intelligence Agency was less than 20 years old when Kennedy made the now infamous remark.  One must also be mindful that President Kennedy was personally incensed by the Bay of Pigs debacle that was dropped in his lap and faced professional persecution by a nation who thought that their whipper snapper of a Commander in Chief just flinched in front of Nikita Kruschev in a big way, and only nine months into his term as America’s youngest president, to date.

We do not know when, exactly, John Kennedy decided to be a President for the people, turning his back on his privileged upbringing and dozens of his fathers’ friends who helped make him the leader of the free world.  But we know that it happened.  And we know that it cost him his life.

This writer believes that the last planned and publicized attack against the Deep State and the bankster financiers thereof, the final nail in the coffin of a US President less than 1000 days into his administration, was President Kennedy’s stated goal regarding the destruction of central banking in the United States.  President Kennedy knew that the steepest price tag pinned to the back of every American, especially every American who voted Kennedy, was the biggest bank robbery in history.

The US Federal Reserve was (and is) the most notorious scam of all time.  The original bozo who donned the bandana/six gun outfit and signed away our financial sovereignty was President Woodrow Wilson, who denounced his multigenerational mistake on his deathbed, stating, “I am a most unhappy man – unwittingly I have ruined my country.”

In 1962, President Kennedy issued Executive Order 11110.  There is still great debate as to exactly what the president intended with Executive Order 11110.  Jim Marrs, recently deceased author of “Crossfire the Plot That Killed Kennedy” led a school of thought that believes President Kennedy intended to redirect the creation and management of the US Dollar to the Constitutionally mandated authority of Congress via the Treasury Secretary.  However a review of liberal controlled resources like Wikipedia reveals thousands of words of legalese construed to lead one to believe that JFK was doing the exact opposite of what he intended.

Nice try, Wikipedia, but in 1963 the Intaglio printing presses that crank out United States currency (not money, currency) left a historical clue that is impossible to ignore, as much as the Orwellian disciples of the left (who would love nothing more than a career at the Ministry of Truth) would like to mislead us to believe otherwise.  It is a historical fact that President John F Kennedy ordered the creation of United States Notes.

The question that intelligentsia on both the left and right fight over is: was JFK’s effort a step toward a return to sound money?  Or a step away from real money and toward monetized debt?  A step furthered by LBJ, under who’s watch silver was removed from United States pocket change.  Lastly, it was President Richard Nixon, who, by another Executive Order (11615) decoupled the US dollar from the global bimetallic standard, forever divorcing America from honest weights and measures and separating Americans from real money.

Regardless of one’s politics, this a dollars and cents fact: a Washington Quarter minted in 1964 is worth $2.96 today.  The same quarter (in appearance) but minted in 1965 is worth 25 cents today.  So when it is all said and done, the last time a US President pushed against the Deep State, we got our wallets robbed and he got his head blown to pieces in front of the world.

LBJ announced he would not seek, nor accept his parties nomination for President.  Nixon was run out of office.  John F Kennedy was murdered.  The Deep State remained perfectly intact, as their chosen replacement entered the White House, a man never voted to be President or Vice President, Gerald Ford.  And the band played on.

What Do They Have Planned for President Trump?

President Donald J Trump is not just a populist president that the left hates.  We have had those before.  No, President Trump represents in both agenda and person the first massive defeat that the Deep State has incurred in generations.

All of the different criminal components of the Shadow Government, the establishment media, Wall Street and mega-pedophiles have everything to lose with a renegade in Office like Donald Trump.  As Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich accidentally quipped, Donald Trump has not been “initiated.”  The general public failed to understand the significance of Speaker Gingrich’s remark.  He was not speaking in terms of a vague “good ol’ boys club” or even more specifically, the Yalie Skull and Bones Society.  He was speaking of initiates.  He was referring to those who have renounced Christ in favor of Lucifer and thus been initiated into the club of worldly power and “delights”.  This is a club with members as seemingly dissimilar as Lady Gaga and Hillary Clinton, Jay Z and Jeffrey Epstein, Barack Obama to Prince Charles.  They traded eternal redemption and blessed supplication with Jesus for the trivial trinkets that Satan offered them today.

If the MSM cannot manipulate enough Americans to vote for the completely dead, devoid of ideas, Democrat Party at year’s end; if the CNN and MSNBC purveyors of circus ridiculous cannot lie, cheat and deceive voters into placing majorities in both houses of Congress, then the next move will belong to the international banksters.

Dollars Crash Trump

Whereas most of the Trump Train, #MAGA-Nation stuck with the President in spite of the Omnibus Bill fiasco, let’s say for the sake of argument that 5% of President Trump’s 62 million voter base departed when their President made the first move that they disagreed with.  That would be 3 million voters who are sulking in their living rooms, arms crossed and sucking on a Persimmon.

If the mainstream news media’s continued attacks on anything and everything Trump fail to move Capitol Hill to the Dems, we could witness a multi prong attack emanate from the financial side of life; beginning as early as November 7th of this year.  Heretofore, the attacks, suppositions and unfounded allegations levied by Don Lemon to Robert Mueller have been laser focused at Donald Trump with minimal collateral damage.  But if “the blue wave” turns out to be a red tsunami this fall, people like Jeff Zucker may get a call on the Bat Phone from the Evelyn Rothschild/ Queen Beatrix camp that goes something like this:

“Okay, we have been patient and financed your ridiculous Special Council and Diet Coke expose`.  It is time for you people to pack up your lights, cameras and soy-boys and let us go to work.  Enough is enough; we are not going to sit here and watch 400 years of planning swirl down the commode because a real estate broker, casino owner and reality television star is in the White House.”

Imagine how many Americans in the five rust belt states that swung red in 2016 would go into Romney 2012 mode should the banks start messing with their money (that they do not really possess in the first place)?  Americans have conveniently and detrimentally forgotten the new laws enacted in the United States in January 2013 that switched bank account holders from “depositors” to “unsecured credit liabilities.”  What does that mean in plain English?  It means that you do not actually own the numbers on your bank statement.  Your bank does.  It means that should your financial institution fall on its butt from unsound money lending (in some cases at a 40:1 fractional reserve) you will be the last person who receives restitution after a Greek/Cypriot style bank “bail-in.”

A quick note on the euphemistic “bail in” terminology.  Here is a grocery list analogy that demonstrates the basic idea behind your bank instituting a bail in:

It is spring and your front lawn is looking a little shaggy.  You head on down to Walmart to take advantage of the new Toro Lawn Mower, on sale for $299.  Upon arrival at the check stand, the yellow vested sales clerk scans your big red toy and announces, “that will be $439.99 please.”

“Excuse me.  The tag clearly indicates that this lawn mower is $299 bucks.”

“Yes it does.  But here at Walmart, we made some unwise bets on global markets, like Southeast Asian derivatives and our greed got the best of us.”  Smile.

“So?!” You fume.

Another smile.  “Sooo, we need you to take a little haircut along with us and pay a few bucks more for your mower.  You’re a regular customer and we expect you to help out.”

Would anyone reading this buy the mower?  Because in a nut shell, that is exactly the arrangement that you (and your financial livelihood) are entangled in, whether you bank with Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America or hundreds of others.

By the way, the bank to whom you pay your mortgage does not hold the title on your home either.

And would this be a bad time to mention that the US Federal Government has already put in place new schemes like the federalized myRA accounts that steal your IRA or 401k and replace your life savings with 30 Year Treasuries?  Yes, the same Treasuries that few countries want to buy anymore because they are too risky.

Long before Donald Trump was elected 45th President of the United States, the international money-elite, the banksters, built in every weapon that they need to crush any American President who suffers the misfortune of being the Chief Executive when the global shylock criminals decide (as Tim Geithner purportedly quipped to Kyle Bass in 2009) “We just crash the Dollar.”

There is no need to round up the Cubans, the mob and the CIA like they did when the first #MAGA President got out of line in 1963.  The international money-crooks think longterm and they built long-range weapons systems, a long time ago.

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