Monday February 27, 2017

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Censorship came to town big time over the weekend as multiple Pizzagate investigators disappeared from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  Not to be outdone by the Tech Tyrants, The Telegraph is reporting that the European Parliament installed a kill switch to cut the audio/video feed of anyone decrying the Islamic invasion of Europe.  I wonder how my Grandpa Robberson, who as an Army Medic held mens’ guts in place during the liberation of France, in World War Two, would feel about how it all turned out?  Fortunately he has been hangin’ out with Jesus since 2002.


Cannibalism: Vessel News is reporting that ISIS is now implementing a doctrine of cannibalsim and training their henchmen to make their captives consume human flesh.

The Oscars last night redefined soup sandwich.  Trotting out 50 year old retreads like Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway indicates clearly that Bonnie and Clyde was produced in 1967.

7:00PM EST Join father/son investigative team, Douglas J Hagmann and Joe Hagmann for news and analysis live from the Hagmann Studio.
7:30pm EST Welcome debut guest, citizen Pizzagate investigator and mega-Twitter messenger, Angela Warren.

Angela has 15.3 thousand Twitter followers.  Or she did.  Angela has been utilizing Twitter brilliantly for several months, working with citizen investigators worldwide to cull social media forensics from all of the Wikileaks data, dumped in late 2016.  Her voice is one of the strongest out there regarding Pizzagate.  But over the weekend, Angela joined the ranks of InfowarsNatural News and David Seaman; a voice silenced by the Tech Tyrants.  Her attempt to stop child sex trafficking has been kiboshed by Twitter.  If you missed Angela’s recent interview on SGT Report, you can access it here.


8:00pm EST It’s been awhile but she is back.  Doug and Joe welcome Sheila Zilinsky, author of The Green Gospel as well as her latest, Power Prayers.  Sheila is the host of the immensely popular front line program, The Weekend Vigilante.
The Weekend Vigilante® with Sheila Zilinsky is the fastest growing show in alternative media. It examines what you’re not being told on the 6 0′clock news. Hailed as ‘Alex Jones in a skirt’, she exposes the emergence of the New World Order, totalitarianism, tyranny, the steady erosion of freedoms, liberties & sovereignty; as well as the extirpation of Christian values. She wages war against establishment corruption, corporate fascism, eugenics, martial law, the encroaching draconian police state as well as the unseen hand of evil orchestrating world events.


9:00pm EST Return guest, baby-killer combatant and filmmaker, Randall Terry.  Randall Terry has been at the forefront of the abortion battle for decades and has certainly taken plenty of heat for his convictions.

His recent endeavor, the four part DVD set, What Would Muhammed Do? was featured recently on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report and if you missed that interview you can access it here.

What Would Muhammed Do? examines Islam from a truly unique perspective: from the actual life of their “profit” as depicted in the Hadith.

Randall is also a knowledgeable commentator on the Middle East and we look forward to his insights.


Jon Robberson is the Producer and Associate Editor of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report. Follow him on Twitter.

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