On Tuesday April 3, 2018, just before The Hagmann Report went live on-air, the studio lit up with news that came as a shock but no surprise.

Animal Rights Activist Goes on a Shooting Rampage

Reports poured in that at least four individuals had been shot at 901 Cherry Street, in San Bruno, California; just a few miles south of San Francisco.  911 dispatchers noted the familiar address immediately.  There was an active shooter at the global headquarters of YouTube.

As we prepared to go on air with the planned lead story (President Trump’s order to put active duty military on the US/Mexican Border) an innocent gunshot victim hobbled across the street from YouTube’s employee patio and into a Carl’s Jr restaurant.  Her leg was bleeding profusely and patrons dropped their burgers and began trying to stanch the bleeding; at first with wads of napkins and a volunteered T-shirt, minutes later and more successfully, with a bungee cord.

San Bruno PD and California Highway Patrol were on scene within minutes and instantaneously, a mixed zoned area of retail, restaurants and tech swarmed with uniformed and plain clothes officers, hustling up and down the wide sidewalks, M-4’s in single point slings, muzzle down and semiautomatic handguns unholstered as they articulated commands into their radios.

We now know that the shooter, 37 year old Nasim Aghdam, a Persian female, committed suicide after first putting handgun rounds into three victims: a 36-year-old man (critical condition) and two women, ages 32 and 37.

When examining who the shooter was and searching for what motivated the self professed animal rights activist and fitness YouTuber to kill individuals who happened to choose eating their lunch on a patio, rather than at their desks, we need only read her public remarks, aimed at YouTube, to understand why she traveled from her home in Riverside, California to San Bruno with murder in her heart.

“I am being discriminated on (sic) and filtered on YouTube and I am not the only one.”

“There is no free speech in real world (sic) and you will be suppressed for telling the truth that is not supported by the system.”

“There is no equal growth opportunity (sic) on YouTube or any other video sharing site.”

Regarding the onslaught of deleted accounts, politically motivated strikes and bogus copyright infringement flags that YouTube brazenly implements on anyone who is not part of the globalist, Bush-Clinton herd of sheeple, Ms Aghdam wrote on her Instagram account, (YouTube’s tools) “censor and suppress people who speak the truth and are not good for the financial, political gains of the system and big business.”

Was This Inevitable?

On Monday evening, April 2, 2018, Rick Wiles, President of Trunews, introduced their global television and radio program as follows:

“Question: why did YouTube ban Trunews?  Was it something I said?”

Rick goes on to state:

“YouTube has permanently banned Trunews.  Our account was deleted today.  All of our content was removed from YouTube.  Thousands of videos that were posted on YouTube, over years, all gone.  YouTube’s ‘Cyber Bullies’ have a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ policy. How did I get three strikes against me?  The cyber censors went through years of Trunews episodes.  They found two Trunews programs from 2014 that they deemed to be offensive. The third offensive program was produced in early 2017.  It was a movie review of ‘The Promise’ the truth about the Armenian Genocide.”

Update as of 9:26am EDT: Trunews can be found on YouTube at their new channel.

Last night on The Hagmann Report, Joe Hagmann and I reported on the Tech Tyrant’s flash bang removal of Trunews and sadly this is simply the next (albeit a huge) move toward what the Deep State does culturally when their arguments fail politically; they tell you to “shut up.”

Particularly troubling is the admitted protocol whereby the social media megopolies have zero qualms with searching through years of content, thousands of hours and millions of words to isolate something that is an infraction of the users’ guidelines.  Guidelines, it is worth noting, that are whimsical in their ongoing rewrites, designed to serve a preplanned narrative in the current social climate.

Also within the past 48 hours, Jason Goodman’s “Crowd Source The Truth” channel was eliminated.

One can argue that the work of well known citizen journalist, Jason Goodman and the twenty year body of work that is Trunews are like bookends in the groundswell movement that is currently described as the New Media.  Whereas Trunews is a Christian Ministry that is and has been dedicated to disseminating current events from a firm Biblical perspective, Jason Goodman serves those in the Truth Movement, who, regardless of personal faith identity, are in pursuit of what the mainstream news media left behind as a drive-by casualty decades ago.  The truth.

As a side note, longtime friend of The Hagmann Report, bestselling author of hit titles such as: “Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies” and “We Wont Get Fooled Again”, as well as his most recent, “40 Rules to Help Boys Become Men,” Gregg Jackson, was suspended from Twitter.

Concurrent to the deletion of years of work from our counterparts at Trunews and Jason Goodman’s channel, Twitter exploded on Monday with a video that clearly demonstrates what we have suspected for years; that all of the news outlets, regardless of political bias and irrespective of local, national or global coverage receive scripted talking points and dutifully repeat said scripted remarks, verbatim.

Your Mission

The choice is up to each of you.  The Hagmann Report and our closest allies: Steve Quayle, Infowars, Josh Tolley and Paul Begley continue to stand in the gap, on the frontline and grind our chins into the social media storm that deluges all of you with stories that are simultaneously action-flick mega-crazy and yet reported from a parallel universe of Utopian ideology that modern man has flirted with since Marx.  An ideology conceived by Satan to tease the avarice of man and goad humankind to adopt what Satan does best, lie and murder.  Yesterday in San Bruno, Satan won.

Henceforth as Trunews mitigates their YouTube issue, Satan will be nowhere to be found; he will be cowering behind the dunamis power of God.

You can rest in the strength and the truth that Christ is Lord, but you cannot allow cultural complacency to lull you and your family into the lie.  A lie that killed over 100,000,000 in the Twentieth Century, alone.

The Lie

The lie is insidious in its simplicity: you are your own god, answerable only to your social media inebriated version of morality.  In fact, it’s all good, man. 

The single commandment from Alistair Crowley, upon which he extrapolated the biggest, baddest cult on the planet today, Ordo Templi Orientis, was as prescient one hundred years ago as it is relevant today: do what thou wilt.

Bible believing Christians are instructed by Jesus himself, reminding us that our hearts are inherently wicked.  We are given hope that whereas our greatest deeds are as filthy rags unto The Lord, it is by His stripes and through his willingness to cover our sins in Divine blood that we can come to know Him in this life and be accepted into the presence of God The Father in eternity.

From the epicenter of the New Media, from the Hagmann Report News Room and studio, I implore each of you today to wrangle through the lies that you have been spoon-fed by network television, Madison Avenue, Wall Street and Washington DC.  There is no such thing as a benevolent leader in your state capitol or DC.  There is no product or service that will assuage the pain within you; pain that is created by a vacancy that can be filled by Christ and Christ alone.  There is no Troy Weight in silver or gold, no exponentially exploding cryptocurrency that will send you to bed tonight with greater satisfaction than you felt when your alarm clock yanked you awake this morning.

We are living in the End of the Age (of the Church).  Some may disagree with that statement but this writer stands by it.

Yesterday the world and the Aghdam Family lost a disgruntled YouTuber who allowed a demonic reprisal strategy to overtake her better judgment.  And innocent people eating lunch were shot.  She chose the path of violence to mitigate her displeasure when the Silicon Valley Tech Tyrants told her to shut up and qualified her fitness videos as too racy.

Rick Wiles, Ed Szal and Doc Burkhart, along with Fior Hernandez and dozens of others who bring Trunews into living rooms, earbuds, hearts and cars, all over the world, will not be silenced and they will not only successfully navigate around the dirty ditch that the leftist relativists at YouTube tried to steer them into, under the power und unction of The Holy Spirit they will expand.  They will, as Doug Hagmann is fond of saying, “saddle for battle” in order to answer the call that we hear so often from Coach Dave Daubenmire, “Play your position.”

President Donald Trump cannot save you or your family.

The Lord God Almighty, in His loving omnipresence, His sanctifying omniscience and His unrivaled omnipotence is your only hope for the discernment that decodes these days of lies.

Through the reports of more innocent blood running down school hallways and corporate patios, reports that often blame inanimate objects rather than the wicked human spirit; convenient yet false messages pandered to the public by reporters who flagrantly trot out high school students to engage in identity politics, through half-baked virtue signaling and opposition shaming.  This is what mainstream news has allowed itself to become.  It is worthless to any and all who pursue the truth.

Time is short.  The harvest is great but the laborers few.  We must work now, while is is still light, because soon darkness will descend, when no man can work. And with each hour that passes, the sky above our world darkens ever so slightly,  bringing us to the time that Jesus stated, only The Father knows.

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