“There are times in life when those of us who refuse to be herded into the cattle car of convenient thought, those of us who have no interest in parroting our favorite news-heads can barely rest.  This is one of those times.”  Jon Robberson


“These are the times that try mens’ souls.” Thomas Paine, American Crisis


For those of you who have been tracking my attempts to chronicle the YouTubeFacebookTwitterGoogle New Media Saturday Night Massacre, starting with an analysis of the trouble that the Tech Tyrants caused Dr Jerome Corsi and followed by a presentation of two hypothesis as to why the socials are silencing us, I want to say “Thank you.”  There will be a subsequent part to said efforts and it will post early this week.

Today’s work is different.  Today’s work is our opportunity at The Hagmann Report to throw open our doors, brew a pot of coffee and welcome three patriots to our platform who have been both generous and kind enough to join us on The Hagmann Report recently.

In Their Own Words: Jim and Angie, Victurus Libertas

On May 10, 1933 student groups at universities across Germany carried out a series of book burnings of works that the students and leading Nazi party members associated with an “un-German spirit.” Enthusiastic crowds witnessed the burning of books by Brecht, Einstein, Freud, Mann and Remarque, among many other well-known intellectuals, scientists and cultural figures.

For the past week, the Google Gestapo has been digitally burning tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of digital books throughout its YouTube video platform.

Within the last 36 hours, the google gestapo has burned over 1100 of our digital books. Some were short stories, some were heart wrenching memoirs of abuse captured during interviews and some were poetic novels of justice and sovereignty.

All were personal, and all were created and shared with love and good intent for mankind.
We had amassed close to 70k loyal followers, our videos viewed 16 million times and within one fell swoop, an evil regime allowed artificial intelligence to make the decision to burn our channel from the pages of history.

If this does not alarm you, it Should.

If you don’t think this will continue to happen, it will.

If you don’t think they are coming for your guns, they are.

Folks, you don’t need to be clairvoyants to know what happens next or at the least, what the plan is. You need only go back to your history books or perhaps read a novel by George Orwell that many of you are familiar with… titled 1984.

Read that book and you will be a prognosticator. You will know what’s to happen next. You will know what the plan has been for quite some time for the citizens of this country and the world.

In the meantime, we are not giving up. We will continue posting on this channel for now, mainly for the ease of posting on Patreon and for our loyal followers that are hesitant to leave YouTube.

You will also find Angie and I on, Bitchute, Steemit, DTube, Minds, Gab, Facebook and Twitter.   We want to thank all of you for your continued support.

If and only if you have the means to support us via Patreon or PayPal, it would be much appreciated while Angie I regroup and gather our thoughts and form a strategy moving forward.

A special thanks to all those that have and will support us financially, past present and future.

“We will not be deterred, we will not be defeated, we will prevail. God Willing
Have a wonderful day, May God Bless You All”  Jim & Angie, Victurus Libertas



In His Own Words: Jake Morphonios, Blackstone Intelligence Network

I’ve been investigating and reporting on rogue activities by the CIA and other rogue intelligence agencies for 17 years.  My professional background is investigation, including years working as a financial crimes investigator for a major bank.
In 2013, I shared detailed information on the US State Department’s transfer of weapons to Libyan mercenaries working in Syria.  This reporting resulted in a swift takedown of my first YouTube channel – three bogus community standard strikes in rapid succession.
And, just this week, my second YouTube channel has been taken down in similar fashion.  I had over 135,000 subscribers and my reports received in excess of 2 million views per month. My work is meets the highest standards of professional journalism.  I use quality sources, often double-sourcing my information. YouTube has no justification to consider my reporting a violation of any standard.
I’ve been quoted by the likes of the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and more than two dozen other mainstream news outlets just since October.  I’ve been filmed for documentaries by several large news outlets, including the largest news channel in Russia.  To take down my channel simply because certain parties don’t like the information I’m revealing is an outrageous assault on free speech and freedom of the press.
This recent social media Purge that has tried to silence masses of independent journalists appears to be the largest attack on the first ammendment in the last century. The lurch toward totalitarian control of information is absolutely spine-chilling.
Not only have these censors tried to silence my reporting on the internet, but in the last six months I have been subjected to repeated acts of harassment, property destruction and death threats.  I’ve been threatened with lawsuits by members of the Deep State twice.  My tires have been slashed 7 times.  I ran two men off my property late at night after they fired a gun outside my home.  I have had paramilitary goons try to physically intimidate me at a movie theater. The FBI is working with a German national who tried to set me up in a multi-million dollar scheme to defraud the US government.  And just yesterday, I had to chase a lunatic off my property with a baseball bat.
To those who might challenge my claims, I have published many photos, video and audio recordings and police reports to verify my statements regarding this harassment.
The lengths to which these people go to intimidate journalists like me is frightening.  I now have weapons distributed around my house and home surveillance cameras to keep an eye on my property.  At times, I do fear for my life.


Fortunately I, Jon Robberson, have been through a few of these shaky, sleepless times, previously, having lived through the mind-blowing intra-agency SHTF drills of 2013, in Los Angeles.  During this period my mom and I were discussing a sick dog that she owned and our conversation was interrupted by a baritone male voice that repeated (as though dictating) our two previous sentences while we were on the phone!  I assure you all, my mom remembers this as well as I do.  It was early 2013, in Pasadena, California.  It was the day that I kissed my privacy goodbye.

It was in the Obama Regime era when I stopped on a desolate street corner one evening, looked heavenward and stated with a quivering voice:

“Lord, I am willing to be Your servant.  This is scary to me because I am the most willful person I know.  But there is no doubt in my mind that we are slowly sliding into war and even if it cuts my life short, there is no way that I will serve the enemy of liberty, The Constitution, gun rights; the ENEMY of Christianity. Theses people are reprobates and baby killers.  If they start coming after us, I am going after them.”

An electric shiver sizzled down my neck, my muscles contracted and the power surge racing up and down my spine was instantaneously quenched by the feeling of cool water flowing from my tailbone, up, into my brain, bursting like an ice-spray and suddenly my thoughts were clearer than I can ever recall them being.

A few months later I met the Hagmanns.

A few years later, I produce the show.

This is The Lord God Almighty answering that feeble entreaty of five years ago.  Believe me, it has nothing do with who I am, as a man.

I conclude the information that is published above, at 6:09am EST on a Sunday morning for two reasons:

  1.  So that all of you will understand that the three Patriots whose words I am presenting have (in their own ways) been through a similar moment.  And…
  2. 2.That I take zero credit for the position that I currently occupy as an intersection of data and acquaintanceship with such an enormous cadre of the brilliant minds whose work we all learn from, are inspired by and motivate us to get up off our butts and fight!

This is for the future of The United States of America and I not only welcome reposting of this article on your websites or social networks; I implore you to get this out everywhere even if it means slapping it on automobile windshields.

Failure to act and act now means that you are a Summer Soldier and a Sunshine Patriot and with all due respect, may your chains rest lightly upon you.


Victurus Libertas contributed to this article.  Follow Victurus Libertas on Twitter.

Jake Morphonios contributed to this article.  Follow Jake Morphonios on Twitter.

Jon Robberson is the Producer for The Hagmann Report.  Follow him on Twitter.

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