Thursday February 16, 2017

Tonight on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report…

Is America boiling to an Arab Spring temperature?  Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey says yes in the linked piece at The Daily Caller.  We recently hosted Daily Caller Editor, Scott Greer on the Hagmann Report and if you missed that interview you can catch it here.

Christian Datoc wrote an exceptional piece, also at Daily Caller, that analyzes where President Donald Trump stands (about neck deep) in the garbage left by the Commander-In-Kenyan, “Jihad” Barry Obama.

Question: is the Wall Street Journal the last decent news outlet to fall into the global sewer of fake news?  WSJ has produced multiple headlines over the past 72 hours that would lead readers to believe that the resignation of General Michael Flynn is somewhere on the magnitude of Water Gate, clear up to September 11th 2001.

If you missed Doug’s opening remarks during the first half hour of last night’s broadcast, please take a few minutes to review them.  This is proving to be a case of a fake news cover up in search of a crime.  Doug was on his A game last night as he took this whole ridiculous fake stream narrative to the Hagmann woodshed.

The Russians are indicating that they have had enough of NATO war posturing, shrill accusations from the libtard left and the public indictments from the Hillary Clinton camp that they are behind every drunken blunder the Democrats seem so adept at stumbling into.

Dave Hodges poses a question that is on many Trump supporters’ minds and it is simply this: President Trump, why are there still chemtrails overhead? Chemtrails are arguably the most demonstrative and ludicrous dividing line between those with eyes to see and our Fox News-head brethren who, as yet, just don’t get it.  Look up!

Catherine Frompovich writing for Intellihub poses another very serious, very sobering question: with all of the evidence screaming for proper vetting, regarding global child trafficking and pedophilia rings, why does MSM refuse to cover the allegations?  These info babes and Ken Doll boat anchors have kids too, right?

And I apologize in advance for dropping this one on you, but it’s just too rich to miss.  Friend of the Hagmann Report, Josh Caplan, over at Vessel News, posted this article that lays out a truly bizarre case of the smugglers’ blues: a woman was popped at Dulles International Airport carrying thirteen pounds of horse genitals in her suitcase!

Tonight starting at precisely 7:00pm EST, Doug and Joe Hagmann welcome return guest, fellow truth-sleuth and host of The Common Sense Show, Mr Dave Hodges back to Hagmann HQ.

Dave has been covering a number of topics this week, with an emphasis on the inconvenient facts that led to the folks in Oroville, Marysville and Yuba City, California holding their collective breath.  Dave will spend all of hour one with us this evening, covering the waterfront.

At 8:00pm EST tonight, join me in welcoming a true Hagmann Report favorite, CERN expert and frontline investigator, Mr Anthony Patch.

Anthony Patch has quite a bit of new data to update us with and has experienced some significant blowback as he pursues the prismatic facts surrounding CERN.  Mr Patch will spend hours two and three with us, ,via Skype video.  You do not want to miss this interview.  Anthony has limited his availability toward media outlets lately and we are blessed and honored to bring him on board.

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