Thursday February 2, 2017

Tonight on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report…

To say that the temperature around the frontline media today is running hot would be an understatement.

Berkely, California is front and center and tonight we are going to open up the mic and blast the militant left with both barrels of grand pappy’s 12 gauge.  Is it just me or are we getting pretty damn close to “enough is enough”?

Optics out of the San Francisco Bay Area
pose more legitimate questions than answers:

  1.  Where was the Berkeley Police Department?  Was a stand down order issued?  If so, by who?
  2. How can UC Berkeley justify such an obvious lack of preparation when a noted controversial speaker was scheduled to address of group of conservatives in the epicenter of the historic libtard armpit of California?
  3. Who dropped the ball in the UC Berkeley Campus Police Department that resulted in 10 officers cowering in a corner of the Martin Luther King Jr Student Center, appearing on MSM as befuddled and scared?
  4. Why do 9 out of 10 daily news viewers in the US have no idea who Black Bloc are and yet they riot with incremental, military precision, utilizing Roman Candles, fire extinguishers, 2 inch thick dowels rods and side cutters?  Seriously, who brings side cutters to a “protest”?
  5. How can a world famous city, a city that hosted hundreds of protests and demonstrations, excuse the viral image of an unconscious man laying in a pool of his blood, on Telegraph Avenue, surrounded by militant rioters and not a cop in sight?

Join us at 7:00pm EST this evening as we throw open the studio doors at Hagmann HQ and bring in four guests who are going to straight up blow you back in your chairs.  Doug Hagmann is tuned up.  Joe Hagmann is tuned up.  Tonight we are going nuclear against this crap.  In three words: we’ve had it.


In hour one evening, we are super stoked to engage Chad B., founder and host of one of the hottest new YouTube platforms out there, Insurgency Broadcasting.  Chad is young, smart and wickedly energetic.  He is of Lebanese descent and has a perspective on the Islamic invasion and deception that you would be wise to pay close attention to.  If you have enjoyed hearing from our recent Millennial citizen journalists then you are going to love Chad.

Hour two this evening is one of the most profoundly historic  blessings that we have received in the history of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.  At 8:00pm EST, please welcome former Secret Service Agent to five presidents, including former First Lady, Jackie Kennedy, Mr. Clint Hill.
Mr Hill is the last surviving member of the JFK Presidential Detail who rode those horrific miles on the Stimmons Freeway between Dealey Plaza and Parkland Memorial Hospital on Friday November 22, 1963.

We are equally blessed that Mr Hill will be accompanied by Lisa McCubbin, who co-authored his brilliant publication, Five Presidents.

Clint Hill and Lisa will cover the tragedy in Dallas but we are in store for much more, as Mr. Hill’s career spanned five Presidential Administrations from President Dwight D Eisenhower through Richard M Nixon.  Agent Hill concluded his service as the Director of Vice Presidential Protective Detail for then Vice President Spiro Agnew.

Promptly at 9:00pm EST we are joined by founder and National Director of Oath Keepers, Mr Stewart Rhodes.  We originally scheduled Mr Rhodes to present his point of view and share his thoughts with all of you regarding lawfare.  Stewart holds a degree in Constitutional Law from Yale and is a former US Army Airborne Ranger.

However, in light of the maelstrom in Berkeley last night, we would be stupidly remiss if we failed to focus on what is happening across our land as the drums of civil war beat with deeper and louder thunder.  As a valued friend of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Stewart agreed to give ya what he’s got.  He is knowledgeable, direct and you want to make darned certain that when SHTF comes you are as near as possible to Oath Keepers.

A quick note to all of the Hagmann and Hagmann military veterans, active duty military personnel, EMS, police, fire, reservists and National Guardsmen, including retirees: please investigate the Oath Keepers.  They are the boots on the ground guardians of the document that was crafted to protect your God given rights, The United States Constitution.  All of us at the Hagmann Report stand with every chapter of Oath Keepers and we are honored to count many members among our friends.

Folks, today is one of those days when it is all moving hard, fast and in about a million directions.  How do we manage?  Where do we find the working end of this wet, knotted rope that is the cultural clash strangling our land?  There is only one source that is never changing.  One source that does not bend to news cycles, political passion or Soros money.  That source is the source that saves man from his fallen disposition; the same disposition that foments violence and calls it a “protest”.

We will see you this evening at 7:00 pm EST.  The Hagmann and Hagmann Report broadcasts live on three platforms.  The link to our program can be found here.

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