Approximately a half hour ago, we received word at The Hagmann Report Studio that by threatening to delete a popular conservative YouTube channel, the Tech Tyrants tossed yet another critical member of the truth movement onto the Nazi Brownshirts’ bonfire.

Veteran journalist, Infowars Bureau Chief for Washington DC, best-selling author and highly valued Hagmann Report guest, Dr Jerome Corsi is no longer on YouTube.  His channel is still active, but the content is no longer there.

The recent pathetic attempts to silence the Independent Media are another resounding hammer on the anvil of those who are determined to forge a yoke of police state cuffs around our throats.

It will not work.

Over the past ten days, we have witnessed the demonic denial of voices from all over the world who dare ask questions that are not only legitimate inquiries regarding recent horrific events, they are often the simple concerns of innumerable Americans, as expressed by underfunded Patriots.

They are the laborers.  They are the content creators.  They are those responsible (in aggregate) for the November 2016 election of 45th President of the United States, President Donald J Trump.  Three generations of Citizen Journalists and blogosphere-established Journalists are bravely standing in the gap that widens every time that CNN compromises their FCC license with another puff piece story of pure pablum.

This is payback time, from the reprobate Silicon Valley, 39-gender clowns who cannot win arguments in the marketplace of free ideas.  So they simply shout “Shut up!”…or they call you a racist.  Or homophobe.  Or Islamaphobe.  Or, fill in the blank.

This is vengeance, exacted on everyone and anyone who the, in Santa Clara County, perceive to have played a role in the brilliant Trojan Horse battle strategy that successfully employed the tools that they built to put the man who we wanted into the office of President of the United States.  

They said she couldn’t lose.  She did.

They said he could never win.  He did.

And it’s payback time.

I will bow my head this evening before I go to bed.  I will pray specifically for: Laura Loomer, Jack Posobiec, The Doctor of Common Sense, Richie Allen, Ron Johnson, David Seaman, Liz Crokin and the man who all of the previously mentioned have looked to for over three decades.  He is a man who has consistently demonstrated his unwavering dedication to disseminating  truthful information, penning strong words of motivation and yes, infusing Patriots who still love The United States, with inspiration, Dr Jerome Corsi.

That is how Doug and Joe Hagmann, licensed Private Investigators from Erie, Pennsylvania grew from a Blog Talk Radio account, two folding chairs and a card table, to one of the New Media platforms that is blessed with an enormous and incredibly intelligent global audience. It is a very simple commitment to telling the truth to the best of our abilities, encouraging our guests to do the same and sticking to what the lame stream media lost a long time ago: integrity.

At The Hagmann Report, we will not be silenced.  We will stand by those who are under attack and we will utilize the resources that God has entrusted to us to amplify the voices that all of us know we can count on to tell us the truth to the best of their ability and commensurate to their vetting capability.

Do any of us want to live in a world where truth is silenced by a vexatious, reprobate few?  Are any of you okay with two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s on the menu for dinner?

At The Hagmann Report, we will push back against the Satanic alliance that is a Communist corporate-state oligarchy.  We need only look back seventy five years to see what happened the last time an industrious, cultured, Christian nation allowed the voices of the masses to be silenced by the evil intentions and actions of a wicked few.

Jon Robberson is the Producer of The Hagmann Report.  Follow him on Twitter.

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