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Monday February 6, 2017

We kick off the week at precisely 7:00pm EST on three live platforms.  In hour one, father/son truth-sleuths Douglas J Hagmann and Joe Hagmann have a lot to cover in the introductory half hour, before we welcome Christian Motivational Speaker, phenomenal author and abortion survivor, Melissa Ohden.  You read that correctly: abortion survivor.


Melissa Ohden graciously agreed to spend hour two with us as well, as she testifies to the myriad issues that God has allowed to challenge her, many of which culminated in her book, You Carried Me.  A special Hagmann Report “thank you” is on order to Karen Campbell, owner of Karen Campbell Media.

Hour three, beginning at 9:00pm EST we are blessed to welcome back to his 2017 debut appearance, Pastor Flip Benham.  Pastor Flip will teach on redemption and deliverance, from all aspects of the powerful sin that is abortion.  Flip is often recognized as the Dallas minister who led Norma McCorvey aka Jane Roe to Christ in 1995 and Flip features prominently in the tear jerker, page turner biography of “Miss Norma,”  Won By Love.

Tuesday February 7, 2017

Hour one this evening features news, commentary and analysis of the recent original articles posted to the Hagmann Report.  News cycles are moving with such blinding complexity, you will benefit from the Hagmann brand of analysis, live from Hagmann HQ.

Hour two, starting promptly at 8:00pm EST, we are
honored to welcome to his debut appearance on our program, former CIA analyst, Robert David Steele.  Mr Steele is the author of numerous publications, including Open Power, Electoral Reform Act of 2015 and The Open Source Everything Manifesto.

Hour three, at 9:00pm EST it’s time, once again, for Tuesdays With Stan, featuring resident experimenter extraordinaire, Mr Stan Deyo.  If you missed last week’s broadcast with Doug, Joe and Stan, you can enjoy it at your leisure here.



Wednesday February 8, 2017  Hour one this evening is the crucial midpoint of the working week news cycle.  Who knows what Doug and Joe will face, as they break it down and punch it out in classic HH style.


In hour two, at 8:00pm EST we are excited to be rejoined by recent guest and major contributor to Hagmann Report, founder and Senior Editor of No More Fake News, Mr Jon Rappoport.  When Jon checked in a few weeks ago, he blew the room away.  We immediately invited him back and he kindly accepted.

In hour three we are blessed with the message from his heart, through The Word of God and into your’s, Pastor David Lankford will preach it and preach it like it is.  Pastor Lankford and Kim Lankford minister daily through their YouTube broadcasts and all of the resources available at The Voice of Evangelism.



Thursday February 9, 2017  Oh boy, its time to talk about one of the most crucial unalienable rights possessed by every law abiding citizen in the United States of America, the Second Amendment.  Even if you’re not a “gun person” you will benefit greatly from hour one guest, President of Gun Owners of America, Mr Larry Pratt.  There is a lot of inquisitive energy around the studio, as we await our time with Mr Pratt.  His insights and decades of fighting at the frontline for the individual rights of all Americans make his message mission critical…even for non-shooters.

Hours two and three this evening, welcome return guest, pioneer thought scientist, prophecy powerhouse and author of The Shinar Directive and The Sheeriyth Imperative, Dr Michael Lake.  We eagerly anticipate spending some time with Dr Lake, as he has not been on the program for several months and the United States has undergone such drastic changes; changes that now lead the rest of the world in the struggle against the Satanic schemes of the global elite.  Doug Hagmann.  Joe Hagmann.  Dr Michael Lake.  This is going to hit!

TGIF!  Friday February 10, 2017  Tonight we dive deeply into issues that affect every one one of us, whether we realize it or not.  The Fourth Amendment.  The Fifth Amendment.  The Tenth.  First.  Second.  Tonight the Hagmanns sit down for their first ever chat with new contributor to the Hagmann Report, Gary Hunt, founder of Outpost of Freedom.  Gary Hunt is an expert on the Wars of the West: Bundy Ranch, Sugar Pine Mine and Malheur Preserve, among many others that have been underreported or completely ignored by the Fake Stream Media.

All of us at Team Hagmann wish you a blessed and bold week.  Prep up.  Stay strong.  Heads on a swivel always.  If you are able, please consider partnering with us so that we can, by God’s grace and in His authority, continue our present expansion as we move through 2017 together.

Jon Robberson
is the Producer and Associate Editor of The Hagmann and Hagmann Report.  Follow him on Twitter.

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