Thursday February 9, 2017

Tonight on the Hagman and Hagmann Report…

Street anger persists, this time around, in Arizona.  The problem is not that millennials are in the streets making noise.  The problem is that the foreign national, the illegal (yeah, I said it) whose deportation they are attempting to prevent, was charged in 2008 with using a Social Security number that was not hers.

Ten years ago I worked with a guy in Hollywood named Ray.   Unbeknownst to Ray (himself a first generation Mexican-American) a Mexican National used his Social Security number for several years, and by the time Ray discovered what was going on, he and his wife and their newborn baby had a huge family problem; Mr Illegal failed to pay close to $20,000 in taxes from a job at Burger King.

Ray joked “I don’t even eat at Burger King!”

Ray repeatedly spent his lunch break at Disney talking to the IRS and the California State Franchise Tax Board, trying to explain that he is not the guy behind the nine digit number.

Their response, of course, was “Oh yes you are.” The powers-that-be were not, as I recall, empathetic or very proactive in helping Ray mitigate the issue.

Over the past several days I have opined
strongly about the riots that the fake stream media term, “protests.”  Allow me to clarify a point: I am the first guy in line to correct an injustice.  Or defend the defenseless.  And I am no fan of the police state.  But what drives me batty about these rioters, vandals and instigators of violence is that they are so ill informed.  In fact, make that just plain dumb.

Given a minute or two with each of the loud mouths in Arizona, I would tell them Ray’s story and ask them if they would be okay with what happened to Ray, happening to them.

Sad thing is, many of them are so deeply delusional under the Satanic social justice deception, that more of them than not would still try and block the deportation of Gudadlupe Garcia DeRayos.  The bottom line is that she created hardship for whoever is the legitimate holder of the Social Security number that she used.  In fact, whether intentionally or unwittingly, she committed fraud and felonious impersonation.

Last point regarding Arizona: it is a Constitutional Carry state with the exception of Maricopa County (Phoenix).  Could that be, in part, why the optics out of Phoenix look different than the meltdown in Berkeley?

Tonight at 7:00pm EST join Senior Editor of the Hagmann Report and Senior Contributor at Canada Free Press, Mr Douglas J Hagmann, as we welcome to his debut appearance on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, National Director of Gun Owners of America, Mr Larry Pratt.  Mr Pratt will spend the entirety of hour one with us.

The primary question on everyones’ minds: do average Americans need to start packing heat?  Another pressing question that we hear often: why do the dozens and dozens of crimes, including murder and rape, that are deescalated or prevented by a lawful gun owner, go completely ignored by the lame scream media, while they busily craft their drive-by narrative that would have us believe that an AR-15 simply sprouts legs and kills indiscriminately?

Doug will also pick Larry Pratt’s brain regarding the supposition surrounding reports of President Donald J Trump’s possible changes in Federal Gun Laws.  Is full intrastate reciprocity for concealed carry holders a real possibility?  What about the possibility of corralling gun-hating states like Kalifornia, New York and Ill-inois to dump their ridiculous gun laws under the legal preeminence of the US Constitution?

Be sure to stick around for hours two and three this evening, beginning at 8:00pm EST as we are honored to be rejoined by friend of the program and prolific writer, Dr Michael Lake.  Dr Lake is the well known author of The Shinar Directive and The Sheeriyth Imperative.

Doug has not only read both of Dr Lake’s books, they helped him better understand how scripture intersects with the headlines.  If you are unfamiliar with Dr Lake’s work, you are in for a treat; he brings a level of intelligence and discernment to any conversation that you just don’t hear everyday.

Lastly, a quick note on the technical difficulties last night: Tech Eric stayed in the studio until quite late fixing the issue.  It was not a DDoS attack, at least not that we can identify, but rather an issue with the internet service provider.  When you think about it, what we are able to do every night was so astronomically expensive just five years ago as to be impossible to all but well moneyed networks.

Tonight’s program promises to be one of those, what I like to call, pen-and-notepad type shows.  We will see you all at 7:00pm EST on one of our three live platforms.  Stay safe until then.

Jon Robberson is the Producer and Associate Editor of The Hagmann and Hagmann Report. Follow him on Twitter.

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