Wednesday March 8, 2017

Tonight on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report…

Privacy is dead in the United States of America.  Your life is under a powerful lens, eyeballed by entities that you don’t even know exist.
In 2013, Doug Hagmann did an exclusive report about the new pedestrian traffic lights that were being installed in Las Vegas; lights that serve as an artificial intelligence Robocop, essentially collecting revenue for the city that never sleeps from hapless tourists that were dumb enough to visit Sin City in the first place.

CNN, the clown car fake news network reports today that FBI Director James Comey stated, “there is no such thing as absolute privacy anymore.”  Thus far, what our citizen journalist colleagues are able to ascertain via Vault 7 is that this report from CNN is akin to a stark in-house review.  Those of you who have been with the Hagmann Report for awhile know that the connections between CNN, the CIA, Anderson Cooper and the whole fake news narrative are deep and easily proven.

No one can make sense, as yet, as to what is contained in the Wikileaks data dump that is Vault 7, but be sure to join us in hour one on Friday March 10th as we launch an investigative series headed up by Andrew Kerr, as well as Doug and Joe Hagmann.

Please take a moment to review this article published by The Daily Mail and featured prominently at  Weeping Angel is the sinister name, borrowed from “Dr Who,” that reportedly utilizes Samsung televisions to monitor British and American households.  But do not fret, Samsung promises that this Big Brother monitoring is only there to enhance available marketing choices based on your behavioral preferences.


New friend to the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Josh Caplan, founder of the explosive news curation platform, vessel, reports this morning that Stephen Hawking is calling for world government to (get this) combat an imminent global robotic takeover.

If you missed Josh’s recent visit with Doug and Joe, you can access it here.  The conversation offered great insight and analysis into the Trump Administration and the array of attacks coming at President Trump from every leftist organization with five bucks and a website.

In 2015 Doug, Joe and I discussed on air the bizarre move made by Walmart in the Pacific Northwest, whereby numerous older stores were closed and Super Walmarts were built less than a block away.  Granted, that wouldn’t even warrant a mention, news-wise if it weren’t for the fact that in Washington and Oregon, the older buildings were then converted into massive indoor marijuana farms.


It provides sad social commentary: in the 1990’s charming, established, and often well liked “mom n pop” shops were crushed by the big box retail model, headed by Walmart.  After 20 years of providing a generic shopping experience, the big box store has devolved into the bigger box store while many consumers’ standards are lowered by the decriminalized mass production of weed; conveniently produced where the lawn furniture was once displayed.  But take heart,     The Daily Sheeple reports today that over the next three years, marijuana production will create 300,000 new jobs in the US.

Question: will the libtards immediately adopt their tired excuse for dangerous open border schemes by campaigning for more “undocumented workers” to harvest all of the mass produced weed?  After all, growing, harvesting and manicuring buds falls perfectly under the “they’re just doing jobs that Americans refuse to do” mantra.


Join us at precisely 7:00pm EST at Hagmann HQ as we blast into Wednesday with three return guests who will cover a fascinating spectrum from: Vault 7, to The Gospel, false prophets to the Satanic divide and conquer strategy that the Devil has weaponized against the church.


7:00pm EST  Everyone at Team Hagmann is excited to welcome to her second appearance on the Hagmann Report, fearless purveyor of real news, mega-YouTuber,Lisa Haven.

Lisa’s website, Lisa Haven News, is a great first stop in the morning and is book marked on everyones’ devices at the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.  Most of our audience probably recognize Lisa from her enormous body of investigative reports at her Official YouTube Channel, Lisa Haven News Network.

Lisa Haven is an independent Christian news analyst and one of the top contributors on She is also author of and runs her own youtube channel (Lisa Haven) with tens-of-thousands of views per day. Digging deep and finding truth is what she lives for. Her passion is to spread truth no matter where it lies. She covers everything from martial law, to FEMA camps, to end time bible prophecy, to government documents and much more!

Before launching her journalism career, she wrote many bible studies and lead women ministries for a number of years. She will also complete her ministry degree at International School of Ministry this year.

8:00pm EST  Welcome back to the Hagmann Studio, via Skype video, return guest and big voice for Jesus, Rashad Gibson.  Rashad busted out the Gospel bigtime on his debut appearance just a few weeks ago.  Normally we would wait at least a few more weeks, but demand for a continuance was enormous.

Rashad is a former member of the United States Air Force, deployed with the US Army First Air Cavalry (combat deployment) to Pakistan.

Mr Gibson is a deliverance minister and his wife is a surgeon at Yale.  He has served as an interim pastor in New Jersey, ministers to juvenile delinquents and conducts a thriving online weekly Bible study.  Rashad intends to speak on demonology and the demonic oppression and possession that we see in the streets today.  Rashad Gibson published a phenomenal book that he will tell us about titled The Deception of Eloquence.


9:00pm EST  He certainly garnered a big response when he joined us back in December and now he is back: Mr Justin Peters of Justin Peters Ministries.  If you would like to hear Justin’s first outing on the Hagmann Report, you can access it here.

Justin ministers powerfully in spite of a physical disability that requires the use of a wheelchair.  Regarding this he wrote:

“As stated above, I do have a moderate case of Cerebral Palsy. God has used my handicap to keep me dependent upon Him and to help shape me into the man He wants me to be (a work in progress for all of us). That my Cerebral Palsy is a part of my ministry, there can be no doubt. However, it is not the center of my ministry. As an invited guest to your church or ministerial endeavor, I pledge that I will never under any circumstances use my handicap to emotionally manipulate your people for money and/or decisions. I have seen this tactic employed by some; it will not be employed by me. Any decision based upon emotion alone is a false decision.” ~Justin


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Saddle for battle.  Tonight is going to rock on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.



Jon Robberson is the Producer and Associate Editor for the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.  Follow him on Twitter.

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