Friday February 3, 2017

Tonight on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report…

Anyone with two bits of common sense sees that we are on the greased edge of a very messy fight in America.  Why?  Because somewhere between a quarter and half of the crackpot left in the US are so overwhelmed with guilt, so riddled with poor self image, they have become apologists for a Satanic system, that is designed to dupe them and then destroy them.

Playground politics do not work in the real world.

“Well if we are just super duper nice to them, they will be nice to us.”
 Teach that to your first grader.  It is a solid fundamental in developmental behavior; for kids.

Radical Islam (forgive the redundancy) does not subscribe to the nicey-nice, cookies n creampop psychology of live and let live.  Islam means submission.  To what?  Nothing you want anything to do with.  In previous eras the aforementioned was so patently obvious, writing the words were a worthless waste of time.  Not so today.

What we witnessed, last night in New York City and the previous night at UC Berkeley, indicate that a significant portion of self loathing leftist jerks in this country are claiming to fight facism while employing Nazi tactics, underwritten by their Nazi daddy, George Beelzebub Soros.

The same crowd screams for the admission of “Muslim brothers” without proper vetting; simple, sane background procedures mandated by law.

It’s this basic: if BLM, Black Bloc and Anitfa agitators were to win (which they will not), their newly arrived Muslim buddies would not hesitate a single second to drown them like kittens in their perceived “melting pot” cuddle puddle.  Just ask France.  Or Germany.  Or Orlando.  Or Fort Lauderdale.  Or…

Tonight at precisely 7:00pm EST, we need all hands present and accounted for as father/son investigative powerhouses, Douglas J Hagmann and Joe Hagmann welcome to his debut appearance on the Hagmann Report, Mr Scott Greer.  Scott is an editor and columnist at the Daily Caller.  His work has appeared on the Drudge Report, RealClearPolitics, Fox Nation and Breitbart.  Scott will check in this evening to drop critical information contained in his new publication, No Campus for White Men.

A hearty Hagmann and Hagmann “thank you” to Michael Thompson and our friends at WND for facilitating this highly anticipated interview with Mr Greer.  As a side note, I received an email from Doug Hagmann this morning that read (in part) “I am almost done with Scott’s book.  Wow!”

It is worth noting that Doug started reading No Campus for White Men last night.

Get comfy and plan on sticking around for hours two and three this evening as we welcome well known pro life activist, former Director of Operation Save America, Christian TV personality and filmmaker, Randall Terry.  Randall checks in at 8:00pm EST for his debut interview with the Hagmanns.

This is how Randall explained his presentation to me a few weeks ago: as Christians we model our lives (or are supposed to) on what?  The Beatitudes.  The Sermon on the Mount.  The Book of Acts.  As the name implies, Christians are supposed to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

Muslims do the exact same thing.  In the exact opposite direction.  Their go-to is a phony baloney self proclaimed “prophet.”  A multiple felon: murderer, thief, extortionist, war monger and pedophile by the name of Muhammed.  You wont find the blueprint in the Quran.  You certainly wont find any admission of the above stated facts sneaking out of the duplicitous mouths of CAIR or the former Kenyan-In-Chief.  You must grasp what is in the Hadith.

Randall Terry poured a dump truck load of cash into the production of his pioneering new series of episodic mini-documentaries, What Would Muhammed Do?  You can and should watch episode one prior to this evenings presentation and it is available free on YouTube.

As my fingers clacked away on the keys this morning, I debated whether to opine on this topic.  So here it is: Islam, Muslim culture, their rat faced little “g” god, Big Mo, along with  his honkin’ Gonzo schnoz, have the exact same appeal to this writer as a delicious, nose-in-the-jug whiff of curdled milk, first thing on a Sunday morning.

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Have a powerful and productive day.  Let not your hearts be troubled.  Defend the defenseless.  Get ready.  Prep up hard and strong.  And never waver: fear and faith cannot coexist.

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