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Monday 5.15.17

7:00pm EDT  Return guests Commander Emmanuel Khoshaba and Colonel Sargis Sangari join premiere father/son investigative news team, Douglas J Hagmann and Joe Hagmann to deal with the Syrian Theater of the World War between globalism and national sovereignty.

Lieutenant Colonel Sargis Sangari is without a doubt one of the most interesting guests we have had the honor of hosting in the five plus year history of the program.  Lt. Col Sangari’s biography is equally extensive and unbelievable.  Below is an excerpt of his complete bio.  Also, if you would like to familiarize yourself with Mr Sangari, simply click here for to review his last visit with Doug and Joe.  His life, life’s work, passion for the Kingdom of Christ and resume read like a screenplay for the next installment of the Jason Bourne series.

Lieutenant Colonel Sargis Sangari was born and raised in Rezaiyeh (Urmia), Iran.  He immigrated to the United States in 1980 at age ten after the Iranian Revolution.  LTC Sangari received a two-year Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship and began his Army service in 1994 after graduating from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, earning a Bachelors of Science in Political Science and receiving a commission in the Infantry.  After completing the Infantry Officer Basic Course, he was assigned to 1st Battalion, 506 Infantry Regiment (Air Assault), Camp Greaves and Camp Giant Korea, where he served as a two-time Rifle Platoon Leader.  Upon his departure from Korea, LTC Sangari was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 24thInfantry Regiment, Fort Lewis, Washington, serving as a Rifle Platoon Leader, Mortar Platoon Leader, Headquarters and Headquarters Company Executive Officer, Battalion Motor Officer, and Battalion S3 Air.  LTC Sangari deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Croatia in support of Operation Joint Endeavor as the principle staff advisor for Chief of Staff Military Operations for U.S. Forces and National Agencies force protection for Implementation Forces (IFOR) and Stabilization Forces (SFOR) and the theater safety officer for all of Theater SFOR.



8:00pm EDT  Doug and Joe continue the discussion with analysis of the two hotspot regions in our world today: Syria and North Korea.  Minus the hot flash of the Trump/Comey firing last week, months of the news cycle have left most Americans wondering where the other shoe will drop, the Middle East or the South China Sea?


9:00pm EDT Joshua Caplan is the founder and Senior Editor of the hottest news aggregate site in town, Vessel News.  Josh joins us from his home in Montreal, Canada.  This is Josh’s third appearance on the Hagmann Report.  If you missed his recent analysis of the censorship smackdown that left alternative media in a bloodbath last week, it is available here.

Josh always brings a unique and vibrant perspective to the superstar problems prevalent within any given news cycle.

Vessel News runs proprietary software that monitors over 600 news feeds and Josh works around the clock to bring split second happenings from around the world right to your computer or mobile device.  Josh Caplan has quickly become a favorite guest at Team Hagmann.



Tuesday May 16, 2017 

7:00pm EDT  Join Doug and Joe for news, analysis and commentary to be supplemented with a quick visit with Producer of the Hagmann Report, Jon Robberson, in-studio.  You will want to catch these few moments because Team Hagmann intends to discuss the recent changes to the show as well as comment on what we have in store for the remainder of 2017 and beyond.

7:30pm EDT  return guest and valued friend of the Hagmann Report, Mr Patrick Wood, founder of Technocracy News.Patrick Wood is the author of Technocracy Rising  ands checks in to bring us up to speed on what schemes the globalists just moved forward, off of the back burner and do not know what to do with, absent a Hildabeast Administration.

Couple of issues to be addressed: who is Parag Khanna?  Why should we care who he is?  What are these rumblings about 86ing the US Senate?  Are you serious?!

Also, there are a group of Phd cockroaches who think the US Constitution, as a living document, needs to be submitted to The US Supreme Court for revision!

If this sounds completely cuckoo that is because it is.  For more on optical dissonance, check out my recent article on this site.  And going into tonight’s program, remember this: globalists are master connivers who play on your desire to fit in and love  “mother earth”.  Well, there is no “mother earth.”  There is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Gaia is not mother earth.  Gaia is a Druidic principality.  A demon.


9:00pm EST it is time, once again, for Tuesdays with Stan.  Stan Deyo is an international speaker on myriad topics including: the location of the Garden of Eden, ancient archeology and the deep state New World Order Agenda.

Stan’s wife, Holly, is the author of one of the top shelf prepper books of all time, Dare to Prepare.

Stan wants to educate and inform as many of you as possible.  Consequently he faithfully creates a Show Images page at his mothership website in order to offer visual representation of his topics and remarks.  You can access Stan’s Show Images Page by simply clicking the link.


Wednesday May 17, 2017

7:00pm EDT Join us for half an hour of news, commentary and analysis with premiere father/son investigative team, Douglas J Hagmann and Joe Hagmann.  Also in this segment, we are joined by our Director of Social Media, Jackie Hagmann.

7:30pm EDT Join us in welcoming our brand new sponsor, owner of Ready Made Resources, Robert Griswold.  Robert is a longtime friend of the Liberty, Constitutionalist and Patriot movement.

Ready Made Resources provides a wide spectrum of necessities for preparedness minded families.  This will be an informative half hour as Robert intends to discuss optics and night vision gear, with an emphasis on such gear as a significant force multiplier.

Grab your notepad because Robert will also touch on the importance of communication capability in an SHTF scenario.  Robert also intends to discuss situational awareness.  What is is?  Why is it important?  And how does one apply practical situational awareness to day-to-day living in order to enhance your personal safety and the safety of family and friends?

8:00pm EDT  Welcome debut guest Misty Griffin.  Misty Griffin currently lives in the south western United States where she is working towards her masters degree in nursing. She lives with her husband of eight years and their dog and two cats. She left the Amish a little over nine years ago and has never regreted it.

Misty’s breakout book, Tears of the Silenced is (and has been) selling steadily since its publication.

In this memior the author writes in detail about the horrors she sustained at the hands of her mother, stepfather and the hands of the Amish church. After her mother meets up with her step- father when she is at the young age of four, she and her younger sister are whisked away from their father to begin a life of solitude and sorrow. Here they are succumbed to severe physical and mental torture, sexual abuse and isolation from the rest of the world. Day by day Misty and her sister are brainwashed into believing that dressing and living like the Amish is the only way to get into heaven.

Fourteen years later after unspeakable torture and constant threats against their lives Misty and her sister are taken to an Amish community in rural Minnesota. Here they learn german, are made to change their names and eventualy become baptized members.
Eighteen year old Misty breathes a sigh of releif no longer haveing to fear her stepfather will kill her. This is short lived however when she finds herself refuseing to be silenced. This ancient tradition in wich Amish sex abuse victims are made to forgive their atackers and continue to live life as normal. If the victim refuses to be quiet about the incident they are paid a visit by the ministers in which they are harshly reprimanded and if they still refuse to be silenced they are shunned.
Her intrest include Humantarian work, hiking, animals, writing poetry, crafts and embracing life with a positive attitude. She firmly believes that the impossible is more attainable than most people think and that no one should ever agree to be silent about harm that has become them or someone else.

9:00pmEDTPastor David Lankford. straps on his Biblical Battle Rattle.Pastor Lankford is the founder of the Voice of Evangelism and the official pastor at Team Hagmann.

David Lankford is a servant of the Lord, scriptorian, dynamic preacher and excellent speaker. He is the host of “The Voice of Evangelism,” an international radio program and available for revivals, crusades, mission trips and can fill in for pastors on the weekend if they need to be away.

Before his recent resignation as pastor of The Derita Church of God, in Charlotte, North Carolina where he served for over 15 years he held the office of State Evangelist for 7 years.

Following a one year sabbatical, Pastor Lankford surrendered his credentials in 2002 with the Church of God, Cleveland, Tenn. and in that same week planted a new non-denominational Church called Family Worship Center, along with an A.C.E. Christian School in Stanley, N.C.

The church completed its second phase in August 2008 with a new 12,000 square foot worship center.

Pastor David Lankford is no longer pastoring but has felt the calling of God leading him back into full time evangelism. He is presently fulfilling the position now as a full time “Evangelist”. Great things are presently happening.

Pastor David Lankford is an old-fashioned, anointed man of God who the Lord is greatly using in this hour to proclaim the word, make appeals for true repentance and to help bring healing into the body of Christ. He is known as a student of the word and quotes many scriptures in his messages. He is a man of prayer, fasting and spiritual integrity. His devotion and demeanor naturally cultivates a desire in the lives of others to serve the Lord wholeheartedly. He will be a blessing to any congregation he is afforded the opportunity to minister. The Voice of Evangelism is an International Christian radio ministry that is heard around the world. The International Radio Ministry began July 6, 1998.

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