Tuesday August 8, 2017

Tonight on the Hagmann Report…

7:00pm EDT The new media is under brutal attack by the Silicon Valley tech tyrants who continue to cry over the blowout loss of the would-be Commander-in-Witch, Hillary Diane Rodham “THE YAK” Clinton.  Joining Doug and Joe to discuss the issue, none other than hit show host, Josh Tolley.

Josh and his team at The Josh Tolley Show have been on the frontline, investigating  globalism and the Islamic agenda for years.  Tonight Josh will apply his critical thinking expertise to dialogue with Doug, Joe about the censorship measures that are designed to silence the programs that you rely on for information, as well as the gridlock in congress, the RINO agenda and will Wasserman-Schultz or the Awan Brothers ever perp walk across main stream media.

Since the program’s inception, Josh’s millions of viewers and listeners, worldwide, have come the expect Josh and his team to bring an objective and prescient presentation of news and events that are, frankly, controversial.  Controversial because they start and stop with a criteria that has fallen into unpopular, PC driven dislike over the past couple of decades.  The truth.

Josh grabbed lightening by the tail when he developed the inspiration for his smash book, Evangelpreneur.  The basic idea is that as a child of the Living God, you were not born into captivity, but rather into the freedom that the blood of atonement provides.  So does your cruddy going nowhere job feel like freedom?  Or slavery?

You may be pulling against God’s perfect plan for your life and not even know it!  Honestly Josh’s book is a must read.  I repeat: MUST READ.  It simply combines the Great Commission to spread the Gospel, with freeing yourself to do so, by cutting the hamster-wheel job loose.


8:00pm EDT Welcome return guest, Gregory Mannarino.

Gregory Mannarino writes the following for those of you unfamiliar with his work:

About me: for those of you who do not know who I am or what I do, my name is Gregory Mannarino. I am an active/full time trader of the capital markets with a world-wide following.

I started my financial career working for the securities and trading arm of the now defunct Bear Stearns before the dot-com bubble.

I have published several books pertaining to finance, global economics, and equity trading.

I am the creator of The Evolution System, a cutting edge technical trading system which is light years ahead of any other trading system ever created. “Options Trading: A Simple, Effective Way To Hedge Your Trades. Includes A New Technical Trading System.” 

I publish several very popular financial blogs including one onSteemit, and a YouTube channel with tens of thousands of subscribers from all over the world.

I hold a medical degree.
I served in the United States Naval Reserve Medical Service Corps. Having attained the rank of Lieutenant.

I have been (and continue to be) interviewed by some of the best in the business (Zero Hedge) (Greg Hunter USAWatchdog) (Alex Jones INFOWARS) (The Pete Santilli Show) (FutureMoney Trends) (Caravan To Midnight With John B Wells) (SGT Report) and many others.

I have been published on virtually every financial site on the web., and I am very proud to say that I have many thousands of loyal followers worldwide. 

Another project if mine is called TRADEGAME, a FREE video series on how to trade options-click HERE.


9:00pm EST it is time, once again, for Tuesdays with Stan.  Stan Deyo is an international speaker on myriad topics including: the location of the Garden of Eden, ancient archeology and the deep state New World Order Agenda.

Stan’s wife, Holly, is the author of one of the top shelf prepper books of all time, Dare to Prepare.

Stan Deyo prepares a fantastic, interactive study tool that compliments his hourly appearance with us.  To access Tuesdays With Stan Show Images page, simply click the link.

As always, on behalf of Team Hagmann, we thank you for your continued support, your trust in us and most importantly, your prayers, as we navigate these crazy days together.  Folks, with the edition of Jon Robberson as the full time Producer, the subsequent 300% increase in monthly guests and just the bandwidth alone, every little bit helps.  At this time, WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Saddle for battle.  The Hagmann Report is available every Monday through Friday at 7:00pm EDT on three live platforms.

Jon Robberson is the Producer of the Hagmann Report.  Follow him on Twitter.

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