Wednesday February 8, 2017

Tonight on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report…

Are we living the Book of Daniel?  People communicate across the globe in fractions of a second.  Terrestrial knowledge is on a vertical trajectory, so steep that no one person or group can stay on top of it all.  Take a quick look at any airport, anywhere, and it’s obvious that we are all running to and fro.
And like sinister, quiet mission creep, technology (Greek, technos) enriches our lives commercially and binds us to vague memories of privacy and chains us to complete spiritual slavery.

Facebook’s resident pirate, New World Order toady, Mark “I stole it all” Zuckerberg announced that he will cut the check in order to develop and implement (wait for it) brain implants.

Not to be outdone in the Silicon Valley race for surveillance supremacy, Google is putting the finishing touches on AI technology that recreates human faces from scrambled pixels, thus reinstituting facial recognition capabilities against those who wish to remain anonymous.

Funny, all of that money and effort and the TSA still accidentally lets hunting knives and firearms though the gate and all of the facial recognition software in the world is quickly thwarted by Black Bloc and Antifa with a $2 black bandana.  A Jesse James solution to a George Orwell problem.

The intersection of the surveillance grid that takes a back seat to other more obvious examples of privacy lost is within the medical field: health care, dental, Big Pharma and mental health.

Need a prescription for Vicodin because you just had your wisdom teeth removed or a massive root canal?  Better hope you do not have the same name as anyone else in the country with an addiction issue.  Nearly every state utilizes a medication tracking data base that will flag you and prevent you from obtaining the medication that your doctor or dentist prescribed.  And the Feds are not too far behind.

So there you are, swollen face, gum line on fire and experiencing pain that you can see, but it’s 7:00pm at Walmart and a taxpayer funded algorithm just informed a $9 an hour employee that in spite of your health care professional’s after care instructions, you are riding the lightening on Tylenol.  But hey, Big Brother just wants what’s best for you.

Here’s a little twisted irony: there are no questions asked, no hassles created, no “sorry ma’am but our policy states…” when you hand the same pharmacy a prescription for potent SSRI’s, antidepressants or any stripe of the rainbow of psychotropic drugs.  You know, the drugs that supposedly drove every non-Muslim mass casualty shooter to pop a spring and kill complete strangers.  Anyone else here smell the backside of a bull?

Tonight join Senior Editor and thirty year veteran investigator, Host of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Douglas J Hagmann promptly at 7:00pm EST.  Doug is cutting together our killer interview with last evening’s guest Mr Robert David Steele and it will post to our YouTube channel shortly.  If you missed last night’s broadcast, it is available in its three hour entirety here.

At precisely 8:00pm EST tonight, Team Hagmann welcomes return guest and dynamite contributor to the Hagmann Report, Mr Jon Rappoport.  Mr Rappoport is himself a many decades seasoned investigator and his articles of late have focused on essentially two topics: scandalous medical and psychiatric tyranny or the street riots that the fake stream media blandly terms “protests.”

Jon is the founder and Senior Editor of No More Fake News and his articles post daily at Hagmann Report.  Mr Rappoport is also the author of the breakout Matrix trilogy.  These titles sit on the top shelf at Hagmann HQ.

In hour three this evening, beginning at 9:00pm EST, the Hagmann and Hagmann Report and The Voice of Evangelism present our good friend and spiritual mentor, Pastor David Lankford.

In private discussion with Pastor Lankford last week, I asked him if he would be willing to ear mark one of his weekly messages on our show as “Questions and Answers With Pastor Lankford.”  He not only agreed but indicated that it would be a great blessing to interact directly with the viewers and listeners.

Therefore, the last Wednesday of the month will feature Pastor Lankford reviewing and answering listeners’ emails as well as taking phone calls.  Doug approved the change-up and we anticipate launching the Q&A program this month, on Wednesday February 22, 2017.  There will be a dedicated email that may be utilized to contact Pastor Lankford with your questions and we will share it with you later this month.

Lastly, please keep our team in your prayers.  Joe is stricken with the same bug that Tech Eric has been fighting.  I am 3,000 miles from the studio, on the other side of the country, and I too have been sick for three weeks.  Who knows, maybe we are all hacking up last year’s chemtrails?

Folks, the upcoming four weeks on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report are jam packed with a fine blend of hardcore, recognizable Hagmann favorites and brand new voices and perspectives from phenomenal new guests like: Gary Hunt, Sofia Smallstrom, Rashad Gibson and George Webb.
We have a few ongoing favors to ask because we are all working significantly longer hours and lately doing so in less than tip-top health.  If you typically access the Hagmann and Hagmann Report via Global Star Satellite Radio or Blog Talk Radio, please take a moment to visit the official Hagmann and Hagman YouTube Channel and subscribe.

We are committed to raising our YouTube profile to indicate a subscriber base at least remotely equitable to our audio platform metrics.  In plain English, YouTube rips us off in the numbers department and the only way to combat the scam is for all of you to exercise your strength in numbers and position this crucial platform where it belongs; which is a lot higher than what the public YouTube numbers demonstrate.

Think of it like the recent election of President Donald Trump: the fix is in and the only way for us to prevail is to post numbers that are too big to mess with.

Lastly, if you are able, please do what you can to help us mitigate the overhead.  I am not going to burden you folks with specifics, but our team has tripled in the past 18 months and the studio power bill is well north of $1000 per month; just for electricity!  A few bucks a month, from even a modest slice of our listeners, makes a huge difference as does choosing our sponsors when shopping within the market for their products or services.

God bless each and every one of you.  Have a powerful and productive day and remember fear and faith cannot coexist.

Jon Robberson is the Producer and Associate Editor of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report. Follow him on Twitter.

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