Thursday October 26, 2017

Tonight on The Hagmann Report…

7:00pm  Welcome debut guest and one of the only citizen journalists doing any actual investigating in Las Vegas, Laura Loomer.

At a September 12 book signing in Manhattan, Loomer posed as a fan looking to get her copy signed, before asking the unsuccessful presidential candidate a series of questions — live on a Periscope video:

“The American people would really like to know what happened to your 33,000 emails? What happened in Benghazi? What happened to the millions of dollars that were supposed to go to the people of Haiti? What happened to Seth Rich? What happened to your health, Hillary?

Clinton laughed off the first question but eventually told Loomer that she was sad she believed things that weren’t true. (In this writer’s opinion, the only thing sad in the aforementioned statement is that anyone in The United States still gives a damn what any Clinton thinks, writes or says.)

After over 300,000 people watched Loomer’s video of the encounter, she made the American conservative-media rounds, appearing on Infowars and Fox Business, the latter introducing her as “Laura Loomer of Rebel Media.”

Then on September 16, Loomer showed up at a Costco in Brookfield, Connecticut, to try and confront Clinton at another signing. This time, police were waiting for her outside. They eventually let her enter the store but informed her that tickets to see Clinton were sold out. And last Saturday, Loomer showed up outside a library in Chappaqua, New York, with a bullhorn, chastising parents for bringing their children to see the “enabler of a sexual predator.

Loomer defends her tactics as effective.

“No one [gave] a sh*t about voter fraud in New York City until I put a burqa on and was offered by an election official [Clinton aide] Huma Abedin’s ballot on election day.”


Loomer, who says she attributes about 33 “suspicious deaths” to the Clintons, is now working with fervent vigor and journalistic prowess in Las Vegas.

She is one of precious few who are actually putting their lives on the line to make public the bits and pieces of the truth, as she tirelessly works the phoniest story in the age of modern “journalism”.

Laura Loomer’s work ethic, style and courage are such a rare characteristic among the drive-by media in the post-truth narrative era of fake-stream-media BS antics and plastic faced teleprompter “presstitutes” who spew nonsense mixed with a hybrid of Bernaise/Goebbels propaganda; designed to replace critical thinking with hyper- emotionalism.

Please support Laura’s work and throw a few bucks her direction via her newly launched crowdfunding accounts on Patreon and conservative-based.  Please consider this and pray over it: without your assistance and without Laura Loomer, we would know almost nothing about what happened in Las Vegas.  I am personally making a donation right now.

“I’m trying to weaponize citizenship journalism. I’m trying to make it a weapon that people can use to hold people accountable,” she says.

At The Hagmann Report, we could not agree more.


7:30pm  Join premiere father/son investigative team, Douglas J Hagmann and Joe Hagmann for a half hour of post-Loomer analysis and a debrief as we parse through the murderous fog of 58 souls in Las Vegas and 58,000 unanswered questions.

8:00pm  Welcome debut guest, Amy Knight, author of Orders to Kill.

Ever since Vladimir Putin came to power in Russia, his critics have turned up dead on a regular basis. According to Amy Knight, this is no coincidence. In ORDERS TO KILL: The Putin Regime and Political Murder (Thomas Dunne Books; on sale September 19, 2017), the KGB scholar ties dozens of victims together to expose a campaign of political murder during Putin’s reign that even includes terrorist attacks such as the Boston Marathon Bombing. Russia is no stranger to political murder, from the tsars to the Soviets to the Putin regime, during which many journalists, activists and political opponents have been killed. Kremlin defenders like to say, “There is no proof,” however convenient these deaths have been for Putin, and, unsurprisingly, because he controls all investigations, Putin is never seen holding a smoking gun. But Amy Knight offers mountains of circumstantial evidence that point to Kremlin involvement.

Called “the West’s foremost scholar” of the KGB by The New York Times, Knight traces Putin’s journey from the Federal Security Service (FSB) in the late 1990s to his subsequent rise to absolute power as the Kremlin’s leader today, detailing the many bodies that paved the way.

She offers new information about the most famous victims, such as Alexander Litvinenko, the former FSB officer who was poisoned while living in London, and the statesman Boris Nemtsov, who was murdered outside the Kremlin in 2015, and she puts faces on many others who are less well-known in the West or forgotten.

Knight shows that terrorist attacks in Russia, as well as the Boston Marathon bombing in the U.S., are part of the same campaign. And she explores what these motives and murders mean for Putin’s future, for Russia and for the West, wherein America Donald Trump has claimed, “Nobody has proven that he’s killed anyone….He’s always denied it.…It has not been proven that he’s killed reporters.”

9:00pm  Welcome debut guest, Josh Dean.  Josh Dean is a correspondent for Outside, a regular contributor to GQ, Popular Science, and Bloomberg Businessweek, and the author of ShowDog, and The Life and Times of the Stopwatch Gang and the book: The Taking of K-129: How the CIA Used Howard Hughes to Steal a Russian Sub in the Most Daring Covert Operation in History.

Here is a brief run-down on what Josh will cover with Doug Hagmann and Joe this evening (and it doesn’t get much better than this):

  • Nuclear-armed Soviet submarine K-129  SINKS in the Pacific
  • In the early hours of February 25, 1968, a Russian submarine armed with three nuclear ballistic missiles set sail from its base in Siberia on a routine combat patrol to Hawaii. 
  • Then it vanished.As the Soviet Navy searched in vain for the lost vessel, a small, highly classified American operation using sophisticated deep-sea spy equipment found it—wrecked on the sea floor at a depth of 16,800 feet, far beyond the capabilities of any salvage that existed. But the potential intelligence assets onboard the ship—the nuclear warheads, battle orders, and cryptological machines—justified going to extreme lengths to find a way to raise the submarine.
  • Project Azorian, a top-secret mission that took six years, cost an estimated $800 million, and would become the largest and most daring covert operation in CIA history.
  • After the U.S. Navy declared retrieving the sub “impossible,” the mission fell to the CIA’s burgeoning Directorate of Science and Technology, the little-known division responsible for the legendary U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird spy planes.
  • Working with Global Marine Systems, the country’s foremost maker of exotic, deep-sea drilling vessels, the CIA commissioned the most expensive ship ever built and told the world that it belonged to the reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, who would use the mammoth ship to mine rare minerals from the ocean floor.
  • In reality, a complex network of spies, scientists, and politicians attempted a project even crazier than Hughes’s reputation: raising the sub directly under the watchful eyes of the Russians.

A very special Hagmann Report “Thank You” to Bill McIntosh and Ocaso Media for arranging both Amy Knight and Josh Dean for this evening’s program.

At Team Hagmann, we love you, Bill; you have been (and remain) a critical instrument in bringing guests like Clint Hill, Serpico and “Donnie Brasco”.

During my tenure as the Producer of The Hagmann Report, Bill McIntosh consistently sets the bar of par excellence; not only for The Hagmann Report, but for all of our friends, friendly competition, counterparts and you, the viewers and listeners.

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Saddle for battle.  This is going to be one seriously killer program on The Hagmann Report.  Tonight’s program will become an instant Hagmann classic.

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