Friday February 10, 2017

Tonight on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report…

A very special Team Hagmann “thank you” to last night’s guests, Larry Pratt, National Director of Gun Owners of America and Dr Michael Lake, author of the The Sheeriyth Imperative.  If you missed yesterday’s broadcast, it is available on our YouTube Channel here.

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Last night, Larry Pratt made a number of astute observations.  One of which contextualizes perfectly what we are seeing over the past 48 hours in: Los Angeles, Phoenix, Murfreesboro and Salt Lake City.  Most medium to large metropolitan areas in the United States are (and have been) controlled by the Democrat machine for half a century or more.  Consequently, professional victims often prevail over police departments and city governments imbued with two or three generations of cover-your-ass culture.

In Murfreesboro last night, an obese collect-the-check type of guy stood up at a town hall meeting and stated (in reference to Trump’s campaign promise to “repeal and replace” Obamacare)

“I HAVE to have coverage in order to make sure that I don’t die… and you want to take away this coverage?”   “Better messaging on health care?”  Yet more proof that half of this country is bought, sold and paid for (literally) by the Luciferian deception, euphemistically termed “identity politics.”  Oh, and let us not forget who foots the bill: the taxpayer aka YOU.

Death?  Geez this guy’s disposition sounds serious: cancer?  Nope.  Heart Disease?  Nope.  Well, not yet.

Actually, this orange shirted fellow is on death’s door, without Obamacare, because he is fat.  He is, in fact, grossly obese.

Translation: the government must continue to steal money from YOUR paycheck and rip off your family with exorbitant health care premiums (if you can afford them at all) because this guy cannot put down the donuts and Diet Coke.  And that, folks, is how half of the country interprets things these days.

If you are a big ball of blubber it’s not your fault; those Lil Debbies leap from the package and straight down the hatch.  And the rest of us pick up the tab.

Another day, another dollar, stolen by the Feds at gunpoint.  And don’t dare question the “altruism” of the ignoramus leftists, or you are “body shaming.”

Same with illegal entrance into the country.

It is not poor Guadalupe’s fault that she crossed the border, stole some innocent American’s identity and dropped two anchor babies that qualify her for yet more tax dollars.  Big surprise here, I cannot find a single sentence in MSM print, as of this morning, that even mentions the unidentified individual at the other end of the equation; the person who is dealing with identity theft.  Another day, another five dollars; paid to mitigate a problem that you did not create.

Ditto for firearms.

Muslims, who have zero business being in the United States, are certainly not to blame for Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and San Bernardino.  Nope, it’s the guns that killed innocent Americans.  Better yet, fellow tax payer, it’s your fault that the incidents occurred to begin with: because you are intolerant!

Another day, another unlawful background check, further twisting your Second Amendment right into a fiat priviledge.

Tonight at 7:00pm EST you are invited to a ringside seat at Hagmann HQ as we circle around a question that is bugging everybody.

Are the court systems in the United States meeting their lawful mandates?  Or are they spinning off of the reservation by misusing the bench and making law?

In hour one this evening, stalwart supporter of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Gregg Jackson will check in and he is bringing a large bandolier of ammo with him.

Those of you familiar with Gregg’s passion, the defense of the unborn, know that when it comes to calling out the thinly veiled politicking of control-freak judges, Gregg knows his stuff.  Hang out with Gregg, Doug and Joe and you will be better advised as to what is happening across the country as activist judges legislate (opine) from the bench.  The other two branches are equally guilty.  Why?  Because they accept these court opinions as law.

Gregg will deliver a concise, effective call to action and his Twitter account may be assessed here.

Hours two and three this evening, at 8:00pm EST, welcome debut Hagmann guest Mr Gary Hunt.  Gary is a teeth-of-the-beartrap journalist who covers Federal overreach, land grabs and tax payer funded murder since the mass casualty event that immolated the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.  Mr Hunt also is a regular contributor at Hagmann Report and his recent articles are available here.

Talking points for this evening with Gary Hunt, from Outpost of Freedom:

  • Federal land grabs: Bundy, Malheur, Sugar Pine and Utah.
  • The cold blooded murder of LaVoy Finnicum.
  • The Bundy Trial in Nevada.
  • Greenmail; what is it and what does it mean?
  • Lawfare.  Doug and Gary will extrapolate and dissect this tactic that is designed to hurt and even kill alternative digital media and citizen journalism.

As always thank you for your time, your prayers and your trust is us as we navigate the swamp and eagerly anticipate being there when it drains, reporting fearlessly on the criminals mired in the mud that they created.

The Hagman and Hagmann Report is available on three live platforms and begins promptly at 7:00pm EST.

Jon Robberson is the Producer and Associate Editor of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

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