“The idea of heaven is Christianity’s way of creating hell on earth.” Marilyn Manson

“Hell does not exist – what exists is the disappearance of sinful souls.” Pope Francis

Evil malingers around humankind, and has, since the moment the serpent beguiled Eve, but today it is manifest and walks among us.

Corrupted Culture

We exist in a fallen world and live in a failing country.  Sub rosa cultures, aggressively adopted by leftist relativists and their mainstream media cohorts are corrosive, dark religions previously relegated to inner urban American dystopia now infiltrating suburbia, the Christian Church and your home.

In 1989 and 1990 the rave culture immigrated from

London and Tokyo to San Francisco and New York.  A few years previous, Goth darkened the grunge world with the emergence of Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson.  Marilyn Manson, the preacher’s kid who contracted for fame through demonic brokerage and stated “I want to end Christianity through music.”

Preeminent Demon-TV Network, Showtime, offers Sex Devil, Penny Dreadful and Lucifer.  Your kids and grandkids are not only absorbing such rawly debased deception; they are allowing the slow kill of five decades of controlled conditioning to normalize that which until recently was flatly refuted by a formerly decent society.

Praising A Fiery Destiny

Drudge Report featured a headline that states, “Burning Man Sells Out in 30 Minutes.”  The massive satanic conclave that fronts as an EDM (electronic dance music) experience and art festival convenes at the Neo-Necropolis known for a few weeks each summer as “Black Rock City.”  Today, the San Jose Mercury News reported that in under thirty minutes, Burning Man promoters sold 26,000 tickets at $425 apiece.  That totals 11 million, fifty-thousand dollars, or $6,138.88 per second.  Tickets sales nearly crashed Twitter.

Drudge Report struck again with a piece about a new art installation that just landed in our nations capitol, No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man.  Burning Man is a particularly troublesome event that exemplifies the enormous chasm that is the manner in which Christians and nonbelievers interpret the exact same thing.  To the vast majority of the lost, Burning Man is a creative juggernaut, a living art gallery and one heckuva party.  However to those who have been lost in the rave culture and come through a Damascus moment, it is clearly an assembly of officers in Satan’s Legion who influence the lost to participate in a neopagan orgiastic dope fueled frenzy.

Black Rock City, Burning Man, Nevada:

The location of the annual Burning Man event, Black Rock City, is in Northern Nevada, a bumpy dusty ride from Reno.  It is not a city in the chartered, municipal sense of the word.  It is more like a quasi-Old Testament gathering of nomadic tribes from all over the world.  A quick glimpse at the number of YouTube channels that are wholly dedicated to the event indicate that it has become akin to a pilgrimage for those who are lost in the depths of The Enemy’s darkness.

The Haj, Mecca, Saudi Arabia:

Sojourners who hop a plane from Perth or Seoul in search of the ultimate party are stumbling down a life-path that leads to the exact same terrifying fate as awaits every Muslim, making the once-in-a-lifetime-mandated Haj.  As demonstrated above, the aerial optics of the two points on Hades’ Atlas are disturbingly similar in the bizarre centrifugal shape that relates to ancient witchcraft symbolism.

Axis-Mundi or “the Keyhole”

Upon entering the event, in order to complete the journey that is in essence an entirely spiritual undertaking, one must pass through the Axis-Mundi, or the keyhole as it is referred to colloquially.  In her book, Theater In A Crowded Fire, author, Lee Gilmore writes the following:

“The placement of the Man at the BRC’s center readily evokes what historian of religion Mircea Eliade called the axis mundi-a symbolic manifestation of the sacred center of the cosmos and the location of hierophany-the eruption of the sacred into the profane world.”

Bible believing Christians should immediately realize that when examining this event, “the eruption of the sacred” is the exact antithesis of the Biblical definition of “sacred.”  Words matter.  Upon passage through the Axis-Mundi, every single one of God’s individual creations have willingly placed themselves into an epicenter of demonology as potent as the ominous black structure that millions of Muslims encircle annually.

The Temple of Care and the Immolating Effigy

As the name implies, the point behind Burning Man is to…burn the man.  On the last night of the event, 70,000 drug addled sheep who cannot recognize the still small voice of the Good Shepherd, congregate around a 25-30 foot construct of that year’s plywood, pine and oak timbers that are cleverly banged together to resemble a man.  The three story effigy ignites quickly and they are designed to undulate and writhe, to dance, as the flames roar through the seasoned lumber.  The difference is that as the man burns, there is absolute silence.

It Gets Real, Too Real

The rumors, the urban legend, is in fact no legend at all; but rather an incredibly heart breaking fact.  Aaron Joel Mitchell, 41 years old, suspected of dealing with the mother of bad acid trips, ran straight into the inferno.  He ended his life in front of 50,000 horrified people from all over the world.  A firefighter tried to rescue him and was gravely injured.

Incredibly, people who witnessed the self immolation, the demonic destruction of a man who was created fiercely in the image of God, people close enough to hear his final screams, bought tickets for 2018 as soon as they went on sale.

Burning Man is so much more than an art festival or even a multi day drug binge.  It is a celebration of the primary characteristic of Satan and the commodity that he deals in: murder and death.

Please note: I believe in a great, sovereign, mighty God who, in His absolute sovereignty, has unbounded love, mercy and grace that is renewed afresh daily.  I am in no way positioning myself as the judge of, or over, Aaron Mitchell’s soul.  I am merely the writer, the conveyor of this information.  He was air lifted to UC Davis and died upon arrival.  Whereas his last act on the earth was murder, the murder of himself, we know that Jesus forgave the thief in his last second of life because the thief called out to Jesus and acknowledged Him as The Christ and Savior.

No one reading this knows for certain what occurred between Aaron Mitchell and Jesus Christ through the final breaths that his melted lungs tried to breathe.  What we do know is that the Word of God is inerrant.  We know that Jesus Christ came to save us.  Every one of us.  We know that we do not possess the right to take our lives because we did not give life to ourselves.  This is critical baseline knowledge: God owns your life.  It is He who is supposed to determine your final second on this earth.

Monsters Among Us

Body Modification

Having lived in San Francisco in 1995-1997, I offer an observation as to how the aforementioned state of rebellion devolves further into a desire to slowly employ plastic surgery and reconstructive dentistry to alter oneself into something so frightening, at first blush we appear to share being bipedal and not much more.

99.9% of urban culture serves Satan.  Regardless of whether you prefer copious amounts of weed alongside old Bob Marley and Peter Tosh tunes, or you have capitulated into the dark recesses of the most outwardly worshiping bands, prostrate before Satan; if you are in a path that drives you away from God, you are following your daddy.  Satan.

But who does this to a fellow human being?  Is this legal?  And off so, who is profiting by altering an individual “made fiercely in the image of God?”

Plastic surgeons all over the country are performing the top eight hottest body modifications: tight lacing, pointed ears, subdermal implant, earlobe gouging, tongue splitting, corset piercing, scarification and Corneal (eyeball) tattoos.

There are Social Justice Monsters among us, everywhere.  They are the result of thirty years of parenting by popularity.  They are the result of the multi generational lies taught as truth in what used to be known as public school.  With your own eyes you have read the most horrific end result of what happens to a lost soul who makes his way to Black Rock City.  You have seen that a cottage industry has arisen and is making very good money to alter the faces of the little boys and little girls; the same faces that years earlier were the most precious thing that their parent had ever looked upon.

The End of the Age is near.  So near.  Pray the blood of Jesus Christ over your family and be ever vigilant when you witness those you know and love begin to show signs of withdrawal into dark places.  Most assuredly, those dark places are inhabited by others and those dark places are managed by the boastful, prideful light that God Almighty cast from heaven and who now demonstrates his hatred of God by vandalizing The Lord’s greatest love, His children.

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