Thursday, September 28, 2017 on The Hagmann Report….

8:00pm EDT  Welcome Steve Quayle who brings to all of our listeners a litany of mission critical information that was slated to be presented at the True Legends.

Steve is the former editor and publisher of Survival Quest and Security and Survival Chronicles – monthly newsletters which dealt with perilous events and how to prepare for them.

For the past seven years, Quayle has articulated the need for Americans to be aware of bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Upon publication of Breathe No Evil, Quayle upstaged mainstream media by years spelling out detailed effects of bioterrorism. Prior to publication of Breathe No Evil, Quayle went on record predicting a major chemical or biological attack in a large world city. Three weeks later, the Aum Shinrikyo cult released nerve gas in the Tokyo subway.

Steve continues to shout from the rooftops, his concern for the massive loss of life due to lack of civil defense and preparation in the public and private sectors. Breathe No Evil was written as an antidote for fear informing people of the necessary steps to take prior to biological and chemical  attack

Folks please pray for Steve. Whether helping Doug and Joe get the show off of the ground in 2011, or simply writing some checks that frankly, I couldn’t cover, to families left bereft as all of their possessions are under chest high to ceiling high in the Texas flood zones.  Imagine if we had 5,000,000 Christians donating their time and money to those in need, rather than spending their time ranking os Steve, who, much like Ronald Reagan quietly wrote check to total strangers in order to obey Jesus’s admonition is Mathew.

Among the topics Steve will cover on this critically important broadcast are issues that were not addressed at the True Legends Conference in Branson. Consider this a vital spiritual “epilogue,” including:

1) When I started in radio 25+ years ago
the Lord had me tell the people the 2
most precious commodities during the
end times would be fresh water and
edible food.

2) That when all the world’s major
volcanoes started erupting
simultaneously this would be a sign that
the Great Tribulation was starting.
Also, when cannibalism became world
headlines the Tribulation had begun.

3) The Great Tsunami’s will take place in
different parts of the coastlines globally
resulting in the disappearances of
coastline land masses.

4) Global ash fall due to the simultaneous
eruptions of the world’s once dormant
and active volcanoes will result in
unprecedented weather changes, with
seasons disappearing and bringing
about global famine.

Steve submitted a five page Google doc when we booked this program and you will want a pen, notebook and your Bible standing by sin order to absorb and ultimately apply the information that Mr Quayle brings this evening.

9:00pm EDT  It’s been too long but in hour three tonight, we will open the phone lines to hear from you.

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