Wednesday May 3, 2017

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7:00pm EDT  Join premiere father/son investigative team, Douglas J Hagmann and Joe Hagmann, live from the Hagmann Studio.  Many of you remember the Monday and Tuesday evenings in March when we ran debut guest Angela Warren back-to-back.  Many of you also remember why. For an unfortunately similar reason we are welcoming back Liz Crokin at the top of hour one.

Liz Crokin began her journey at the University of Iowa where she received a bachelor’s in journalism and political science. She took advantage of living in the first-in-the-nation caucus state to work on John Kasich and George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns. Her experience landed her an internship working for Bill O’Reilly at Fox News Channel and then to Washington DC where she interned for the State Department’s White House Correspondent which planted her in the White House daily.

Liz Crokin is the award-winnning author of Malice and has worked as an investigative journalist, columnist and senior editor for various publications. Her work has been featured in the RedEye Edition of the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times: Splash, Us Weekly, In Touch Weekly, Star, Marie Claire, National Enquirer and Elite Daily.
Liz also worked on two presidential campaigns and in the White House. She’s currently a regular contributor with the New York Observer and Townhall.


A quick post show debrief regarding Liz’s visit with us last night.  As Producer, Jon Robberson suggested on air, Liz and the Hagmann Report are in informal negotiation as to how we can best help her to remain as relevant, vocal and public as possible as she navigates unforeseen circumstances.

7:30pm EDT  Welcome debut guest and multiple NYT Bestelling author, whose recent book Indestructible joins the pantheon of great pieces of World War Two literature.

John R. Bruning is the author and collaborator on many bestselling books. His latest work, Indestructible: One Man’s Rescue Mission That Changed the Course of WWII, is forthcoming from Hachette Books in October 2016.

 Bruning’s other books include Outlaw Platoon with Sean Parnell (William Morrow), House to House: A Soldier’s Memoir with David Bellavia (Free Press), How to Break a Terrorist: The U.S. Interrogators Who Used Brains, Not Brutality, to Take Down the Deadliest Man in Iraq with Matthew Alexander (Free Press), Shadow of the Sword: A Marine’s Journey of War, Heroism and Redemption with Jeremiah Workman (Ballantine), and The Devil’s Sandbox: With the 2nd Battalion, 162nd Infantry at War in Iraq (Zenith).

Bruning has consulted for museums in both the U.S. and Europe, and for computer companies such as Sierra Online and Microsoft. He has helped produce more than a dozen historical documentaries. He lives with his family in Independence, Oregon.

8:00pm EDT Welcome longtime friends of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Mr Derek Gilbert and Mr Stephen Quayle.

You stand on a battlefield, surrounded by an enemy that you’ve been told doesn’t exist.

This is a classic example of a PSYOP–a mission to change what you believe by feeding you information that’s inaccurate, incomplete, or an outright lie.

The Great Inception shatters this illusion. Bible stories you’ve known since childhood are shown for what they are: Accounts of supernatural battles between God and the gods.

In this paradigm-shifting book, Derek Gilbert shows that the Bible is anything but a boring list of thou-shalt-nots; it’s an epic tale of war between God and the rebel gods who want to steal His throne before He restores humanity to its rightful place in the divine council.

Derek P. Gilbert hosts SkyWatchTV, a Christian television program that airs on several national networks, the long- running interview podcast A View from the Bunker, and co-hosts SciFriday, a weekly television program that analyzes science news with his wife, author Sharon K. Gilbert.

Derek is the author of the novels The God Conspiracy and Iron Dragons, and a contributing author to the nonfiction anthologies God’s Ghostbusters, Blood on the Altar, When Once We Were a Nation, and I Predict: What 12 Global Experts Believe You Will See by 2025.

He’s been a speaker at Bible prophecy conferences in recent years, focusing on the prophetic implications of Dominion theology and the transhumanist movement.

To schedule an interview with the author please email

The Great Inception will have you reading your Bible with a fresh pair of eyes.

The Great Inception reveals:

  • The long war between God and the pagan gods of the Bible
  • The importance of holy mountains—and the mountain where the final battle of the war will be fought
  • Why the Tower of Babel was not in Babylon
  • The historical Nimrod and his reason for building the Tower of Babel
  • Where God led His heavenly army into against battle the chief god of the Canaanites
  • The true identities of Satan and Apollyon, king of the demons in the abyss
  • What God may have meant when He told Abraham about “the sin of the Amorites”
  • Why the Red Sea crossing was a literal battle between God and Ba`al (and why a Canaanite god was in Egypt in the first place)
  • The startling connections between the Titans of Greek mythology, the biblical Nephilim, Rephaim and Anakim, and the people who have been trying to destroy Israel for 3,500 years
  • Where and how Jesus did battle with the rebel gods
  • How the moon-god of ancient Babylon is affecting the world today
  • Where Armageddon will be fought (and why it’s not where you think)
  • And a possible end-times scenario that includes the most diabolical double-cross in historyTo schedule an interview with the author please email

8:00pm EDT
 Welcome back to the Hagmann Report, great friend and confidante, veteran truth sleuth, Mr Steve Quayle.  Steve will be joined by Derek Gilbert for an unforgettable conversation.

Derek Gilbert’s broadcasting career dates back to 1980 in Galesburg, Illinois, and included stops in Peoria, Little Rock, Saint Louis, and Philadelphia. With the advent of the Internet, he began producing and hosting the web radio programs A View From the Bunker and P.I.D. Radio, which he co-hosts with his wife, author and analyst Sharon K. Gilbert — also a member of the SkyWatchTV team.

Derek and Sharon co-host SciFriday on SkyWatchTV, a weekly look at science and technology news through a Christian lens.

He’s authored the novels The God Conspiracy and Iron Dragons, and he is a contributing author to God’s Ghostbusters, Blood on the Altar, I Predict, and When Once We Were a Nation. He’s a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, prefers glasses to contacts, and sings the high part in gospel and barbershop quartets.

Derek has always been fascinated by the way things work. It was evidence for the authenticity of the New Testament documents that awakened him to the spiritual battle raging around us. It is this battle that inspires him.

8:00pm EDT  Doug and Joe welcome back to the Hagmann Studio, friends of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Mr Steve Quayle and Mr Derek Gilbert.

Grab a cup, a pen and a notepad as we hit the skinny pedal on the right with Hagmann and Hagmann Report favorite, Mr Steve Quayle of

Steve agreed to check in for all of hours two and three and we are all awaiting updates on the Antarctica Deception, as mapped out in his wildly popular, Empire Beneath the Ice.

Stephen Quayle is a nationally known radio host (Survive2thrive and Coast to Coast), photographer and author of a number of important books including Breathe No Evil, a primer for understanding bioterrorism, first published in 1996. Additionally he has authored: 

  • Angel Wars – Humanity hangs in the balance, with secret, powerful forces aligned against it.
  • Giants – Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations
  • LongWalkers – The Return of the Nephilim 
  • Blueprint For Survival
  • Investment Perspectives on Precious Metals
  • Aliens and Fallen Angels: The Sexual Corruption of the Human Race
  • Genesis 6 Giants: Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations

Steve is the former editor and publisher of Survival Quest and Security and Survival Chronicles – monthly newsletters which dealt with perilous events and how to prepare for them.

For the past seven years, Quayle has articulated the need for Americans to be aware of bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Upon publication of Breathe No Evil, Quayle upstaged mainstream media by years spelling out detailed effects of bioterrorism. Prior to publication of Breathe No Evil, Quayle went on record predicting a major chemical or biological attack in a large world city. Three weeks later, the Aum Shinrikyo cult released nerve gas in the Tokyo subway.


Steve continues to shout from the rooftops, his concern for the massive loss of life due to lack of civil defense and preparation in the public and private sectors. Breathe No Evil was written as an antidote for fear informing people of the necessary steps to take prior to biological and chemical terrorism.


9:00pmEDTPastor David Lankford. straps on his Biblical Battle Rattle.Pastor Lankford is the founder of the Voice of Evangelism and the official pastor at Team Hagmann.

David Lankford is a servant of the Lord, scriptorian, dynamic preacher and excellent speaker. He is the host of “The Voice of Evangelism,” an international radio program and available for revivals, crusades, mission trips and can fill in for pastors on the weekend if they need to be away.

Before his recent resignation as pastor of The Derita Church of God, in Charlotte, North Carolina where he served for over 15 years he held the office of State Evangelist for 7 years.

Following a one year sabbatical, Pastor Lankford surrendered his credentials in 2002 with the Church of God, Cleveland, Tenn. and in that same week planted a new non-denominational Church called Family Worship Center, along with an A.C.E. Christian School in Stanley, N.C.

The church completed its second phase in August 2008 with a new 12,000 square foot worship center.

Pastor David Lankford is no longer pastoring but has felt the calling of God leading him back into full time evangelism. He is presently fulfilling the position now as a full time “Evangelist”. Great things are presently happening.

Pastor David Lankford is an old-fashioned, anointed man of God who the Lord is greatly using in this hour to proclaim the word, make appeals for true repentance and to help bring healing into the body of Christ. He is known as a student of the word and quotes many scriptures in his messages. He is a man of prayer, fasting and spiritual integrity. His devotion and demeanor naturally cultivates a desire in the lives of others to serve the Lord wholeheartedly. He will be a blessing to any congregation he is afforded the opportunity to minister. The Voice of Evangelism is an International Christian radio ministry that is heard around the world. The International Radio Ministry began July 6, 1998.

As always, on behalf of Team Hagmann, we thank you for your continued support, trust in us and most importantly, your prayers, as we navigate these crazy days together.  Saddle for battle.  The Hagmann and Hagmann Report is available every Monday through Friday at 7:00pm EST on three live platforms.

Jon Robberson is the Producer of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.  Follow him on Twitter.

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