Tuesday February 14, 2017

Tonight on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report

When it first entered the digital media vernacular, the term “fake news” seemed like a stab at the truth movement that would immediately be recognized as a feeble and pathetic attempt to shut up the global forum of ideas that cyber-communicate daily, in pursuit of the truth.


As it devolves, “fake news” has morphed into a classic psy-op projection of behavior, as the fake stream media fumbles around in the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, trying to find true north, a direction that they have steadily rejected since JFK was murdered.

Let’s take a quick look at the news cycle fakery pummeling us today.

Mike Adams nailed the delusional bureucrats to the wall in his piece yesterday.  As per usual, The Health Ranger made numerous astute points regarding the ongoing demise that is nearing a totally defunct breakdown in the state of California, as we look at the pending tragedy in Oroville, Marysville and Yuba City.


 The state government was aware of the structural issues pertaining to the highest (elevation) dam in the country for over a decade.  Their solution: do nothing until the story breaks (no pun intended).  Then cook up a maelstrom of (you guessed it) fake news.

Dave Hodges over at The Common Sense Show penned yet another article on Oroville and it is required reading for all of those monitoring this developing story.

 The dam has not failed, although the weather forecast suggests that failure is a very real possibility.  So why the fuss?  Because the underlying story is much bigger; bigger even than a thirty foot wall of water racing toward homes and businesses.  It is the story of a state given everything by God: agriculture, film production, aeronautics and Silicon Valley.  And yet, due to the delusion of prideful, liberal socialism it is a state that is (and has been) broke and upside down to the tune of $50 billion (give or take) since Arnold Schwarzenegger took the Governor’s Mansion from Gray Davis in 2004.


Moving on…the war on cash continues.  Jim Rogers is speaking out as has Zero Hedge.  India’s 1.1 billion cashless citizens are literally living proof that the bankster backed globalists have no intention of melting away into the woodwork of failed history.  Bottom line, they take the cash, they take YOUR freedom.

Apparently the worst people in the world are white Christians?  That is what they are teaching your kids at the exorbitant school that you are paying for.  Parents, please consider this question: why are you still footing the bill for the total communist indoctrination of your kids who you raised to believe in the way of scripture and America?  The holiday snits that soured the 2016 Christmas and Thanksgiving table are not going to calm whatsoever as long as your progeny continue to attend the classes of demoniac professors who gloat over them while wielding the authority of the GPA.

Lastly, the streets have been quiet for the last two or three days, as the seeds of the serpent scream “death” and the twisted souls of BLM, Antifa and the Black Bloc conduct SA Brown Shirt tactics, decrying… SA Brown Shirt tactics.

Sadly, these idiots have given over so completely to prideful “certainty” in their skewed perception of the future under President Donald Trump, that they bash heads, threaten the unborn and scream for whatever brand of identity politics and identity gripes fit their self characterization, without realizing what is so obvious to anyone with even a half teaspoon of discernment:

The first to go, once your Muslim-pet buddies build their numbers in the US (like they have in Flint, Michigan), Mister LGBTQABCDEFG is YOU.

7:00pm EST on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, we are pleased to welcome back to Hagmann HQ, a favorite return guest, UN Agenda 2030 expert, Debbie Bacigalupi.  Debbie will discuss the internal political and cultural agenda behind the big story in Oroville.  Her family ranch sits near the Klamath Dam and consequently Debbie has decades of experience dealing with Byzantine California politics regarding proper land use and management.  Debbie is also a Senior Editor at Technocracy.news.

8:00pm EST we are excited to welcome debut guest to the Hagmann mic, Mr Rashad Gibson, deliverance minister, online Bible study leader and author of The Deception of Eloquence.

Rashad intends to discuss demonology and the different aspects of how demons manipulate humans.  Rashad will cover the spiritual underpinning of the events we see daily in the news.  We have high expectations for this hour. It is not to be missed.

In hour three this evening, beginning at 9:00pm EST it’s Tuesdays With Stan.  Stan Deyo is a longtime friend of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report and will discuss a number of timely issues that affect us all, with an emphasis tonight on the mega disaster that stands a few raindrops from reality in Oroville, California.

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Jon Robberson is the Producer and Associate Editor of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report. Follow him on Twitter.

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