Tuesday March 21, 2017

Tonight on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report…

We are all very excited about tonight’s program.  This will be one to be remembered for a long while to come.

7:00pm EDT  Join everyone at Team Hagmann in welcoming debut guest, FBI Special Agent (ret.) Joseph D Pistone aka Donnie Brasco.


7:00pm EDT  Former FBI Special Agent Joe Pistoneaka Donnie Brasco joins us for his debut appearance on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

Donnie Brasco was the alias of Joseph Pistone, an undercover FBI agent that infiltrated the Bonanno crime family.

In 1976, FBI undercover agent Joseph Pistone successfully infiltrated New York’s Bonanno Mafia family. Going under the name of “Donnie Brasco”, Pistone became close to several Mafia members during an assignment that lasted five years and the information he amassed over that time led to hundreds of arrests.

In 1974, Joseph D. Pistone was transferred to New York and assigned to the truck hijacking squad of the FBI. There were five to six major hijackings per day in the New York City area and intelligence sources indicated that all were somehow tied to various Mafia families. The FBI organized a six-month undercover operation, known as “Sun-Apple” to infiltrate the fences. The FBI gave Pistone a new identity as a small, but successful, jewel thief and burglar called Donnie Brasco.

Pistone went to school to learn about precious gems, and the FBI set him up with an apartment in New York and one in Florida, while his family lived in another part of the country. He targeted bars and restaurants he knew were frequented by certain mob members until one day he got into a conversation with Benjamin ‘Lefty’ Ruggiero.

Ruggiero had worked as a loyal foot soldier for the Mafia for 30 years and killed 26 people in total. Brasco impressed him and the two joined forces as business partners, with Ruggiero becoming his mentor and sponsor—if Brasco let the family down Ruggiero would pay with his own life.

An average day would start with checking in with Ruggiero, Brasco’s captain, and then hanging out in a bar or nightclub trying to think of new ways to make money or advancing up the Mafia ladder. Brasco always worked with the same people and never asked what other members were doing or even who they were. Too many questions were viewed with great suspicion and this rule complicated his undercover role and contributed to its longevity.

During his time undercover Brasco was ordered to commit four contract killings. There was no question of refusal, so Brasco would either manipulate himself out of the hit at a later date or, if that proved too difficult, the FBI would stage a fake killing.

He was able to see his wife Maggie and their three daughters once every three or four months for a day on average. Discussing the outlines or ramifications of the case would have been a breach of security, so his family had no idea what he was doing, which took a tremendous toll on their relationships.

On July 12, 1979, the head of the Bonanno family, Carmine Galante, was shot dead. A war broke out between the rival leaders within the family, which quickly split into two factions. In May 1981, Napolitano and Ruggiero killed three of the top members of the opposition and then Napolitano ordered Brasco to kill Anthony “Bruno” Indelicato.Brasco and the FBI planned to arrest Indelicato before the day of the hit, but they were unable find him. Because of this incident and the shooting war being waged between the families the FBI decided to end the operation. Brasco argued that he should stay until December when his membership into the family would be decided, but the FBI disagreed. The Mafia put a contract out on Brasco’s life for half a million dollars.

Pistone and his family still live under secret identities in an undisclosed location. In 1986, he retired from the FBI and he currently works as an FBI consultant and lectures internationally. He’s also the author of several books and the co-owner of a production company.Two days after the FBI pulled Brasco out of the operation they informed Napolitano that he had been working undercover. It was not long before Napolitano’s death was ordered. On August 17, 1981, accepting his fate, Napolitano gave his favorite bartender his jewelry and the keys to his apartment so that his pet pigeons could be looked after. On August 12, 1982, his body was found in a creek on Staten Island. Another Bonanno boss, Joe Massino, was found guilty of ordering his death in 2004.On August 30, 1981, the FBI arrested Ruggiero for his own protection, the same day that a contract was put out on him. He was sentenced to serve 20years in prison, but was released on parole in 1992. On Thanksgiving Day 1995, Ruggiero died of cancer in his New York home. He was 72.The evidence collected by Brasco led to over 200 indictments and over 100 convictions. New York Mafia families have instituted new rules to thwart future undercover penetrations. Before a new member is made a soldier he must kill someone, and two family members, instead of one, must vouch with their own lives for him.

9:00pm EDT.  Set your calendar.  Set your alarm.  Tie a string around your…iPhone, because we are super stoked to welcome bestselling author, international speaker and Evangelpreneur, Host of The Josh Tolley ShowMr Josh Tolley.

Before we touch on Josh’s smash book (a book that I cannot recommend highly enough) we need to take a quick look at what is going on over at The Josh Tolley Show.

Since the program’s inception, Josh’s millions of viewers and listeners, worldwide, have come the expect Josh and his team to bring an objective and prescient presentation of news and events that are, frankly, controversial.  Controversial because they start and stop with a criteria that has fallen into unpopular, PC driven dislike over the past couple of decades.  The truth.

Recently, The Josh Tolley Show tackled the fake news narrative regarding the “refugee” crisis.  A globalist contrived crisis sparked first in Iraq, then in Syria and spun up in the fake stream media to play Americans’ emotions, in order to obfuscate the truth.  Simply stated, the Obama State Department and Department of Homeland Security have been caught redhanded not only admitting undocumented persons from known state sponsors of terror into the United States; they have been issuing Social Security Numbers and Passports to these persons without any vetting whatsoever.

The Josh Tolley Show, through their investigative findings, nailed the corrupt perpetrators of Federal Immigration crimes.  Josh is not big on government cronies who would compromise the safety of your family and spend your welfare state tax dollars to perpetuate a narrative that is at best Pollyanna ideology and at worst a breech in national security.

YouTube censored videos that contained critical information about these felony crimes and in order to best understand tonight’s information, click here to access the Josh Tolley Facebook page where the censored content can be accessed.

Without divulging too much, suffice it to say, the Hagmann/Tolley interview is not infotainment.  It is mission critical information that is affecting you today.  Doug, Joe and Josh will pick the story up from here. There will also briefly touch on Josh’s ground breaking book that is described below.

Josh grabbed lightening by the tail when he developed the inspiration for his smash book, Evangelpreneur.  The basic idea is that as a child of the Living God, you were not born into captivity, but rather into the freedom that the blood of atonement provides.  So does your cruddy going nowhere job feel like freedom?  Or slavery?

You may be pulling against God’s perfect plan for your life and not even know it!  Honestly Josh’s book is a must read.  I repeat: MUST READ.  It simply combines the Great Commission to spread the Gospel, with freeing yourself to do so, by cutting the hamster-wheel job loose.


To reiterate: we added Josh to this week’s lineup because his producer contacted the Hagmann Report with critical information that Josh will share and analyze, in detail, with Doug and Joe.  In conclusion, the Hagmann and Hagmann Report has always enjoyed a warm relationship with Josh Tolley and the Josh Tolley Show and we stand shoulder- to-shoulder with his top notch organization; especially in the midst of the censorship matrix being imposed on the new media.

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Saddle for battle.  Tonight is going to be an unforgettable, instant classic on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

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