Wednesday October 25, 2017

Tonight on The Hagmann Report…

7:00pm  Join premiere father/son investigative team, Douglas J Hagmann and Joe Hagmann for a half hour of news, updates and commentary live from The Hagmann Studios.

7:30pm EDT Join us in welcoming our continuing sponsor, owner of Ready Made Resources, Robert Griswold.  Robert is a longtime friend of the Liberty, Constitutionalist and Patriot movement, as well as The Hagmann Report.

Ready Made Resources provides a wide spectrum of necessities for preparedness minded families.  This will be an informative half hour as Robert intends to discuss optics and night vision gear, with an emphasis on such gear as a significant force multiplier.  Our featured Ready Made Resources product this evening is the Anytone Oblitr-8R Radio Kit, with study guide.

Grab your notepad because Robert will also touch on the importance of communication capability in an SHTF scenario.  Having worked a a security contractor, worldwide, from Africa to Europe, Asia to The Middle East, we are blessed every time that Mr Griswold can budget time to instruct us in the science of proper prepping.

8:00pm  Welcome debut guest Patrick Burns.

Patrick Burns is a former U.S. Marine, a retired U. S. Special Agent and a writer. He’s investigated criminals and terrorists throughout the world, including leading an anti-terrorist unit in Iraq while embedded with the U.S. Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He’s the author of The Coin Store: A True Story of Drug Cartels, Mobsters, Cops and Agents, an amazing story about an ingenious billion-dollar worldwide money laundering scheme that swapped stolen mob gold for Pablo Escobar’s dirty cash.


9:00pm Welcome Pastor Paul Begley is excited about salvation. His gifting lies in evangelizing and Bible prophecy. By the grace of God, thousands have come to Jesus Christ through this ministry.

Pastor Paul is a fourth generational preacher, following after his father, grandmother and great grandfather who was blessed to be a part of the Azusa Street Revivals.

Pastor Paul was ordained by Dr. Lester Sumrall in the LeSEA organization of South Bend Indiana and studied at Indiana Christian University as well as under Pastor Charles Begley at the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, IN.

Pastor Paul hosts a weekly telecast of the “Coming Apocalypse” with Lesea Broadcasting Network. This reaches over 23 million homes.

Pastor Paul is also reaching the world through his internet ministry on Youtube as PaulBegley34 which has millions of views and thousands of subscribers.

As an internet radio talk show host, Pastor Paul broadcasts, “Coming Apocalypse” on Blogtalk Radio and New Livestream Monday – Friday from 12noon – 2pm ET and Sunday Night LIVE from 7pm – 10pm ET.

Pastor Paul has pastored for the last 32 years in the Starke County area of Indiana and currently co-pastors with his father, Charles Begley, at the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, IN. Pastor Paul also sings praise and worship and has recorded gospel CDs called “Pastor Paul Begley Country Gospel” and “Wayfaring Stranger”.

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Saddle for battle.  This is going to be one seriously killer week on The Hagmann Report.

Jon Robberson is the Producer for The Hagmann Report.  Follow him on Twitter.

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