Thursday August 3, 2017

Tonight on The Hagmann Report…

7:00pm EDT  Join premiere father/son investigative team, Mr Douglas J Hagmann and his son, Mr Joe Hagmann for a full hour of news, analysis and commentary live from Hagmann HQ.

8:00pm EDT  Welcome Steve Quayle along with fellow researcher, writer, film producer and featured speaker at the True Legends Conference, L.A. Marzulli.

Steve is the former editor and publisher of Survival Quest and Security and Survival Chronicles – monthly newsletters which dealt with perilous events and how to prepare for them.

For the past seven years, Quayle has articulated the need for Americans to be aware of bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Upon publication of Breathe No Evil, Quayle upstaged mainstream media by years spelling out detailed effects of bioterrorism. Prior to publication of Breathe No Evil, Quayle went on record predicting a major chemical or biological attack in a large world city. Three weeks later, the Aum Shinrikyo cult released nerve gas in the Tokyo subway.

Steve continues to shout from the rooftops, his concern for the massive loss of life due to lack of civil defense and preparation in the public and private sectors. Breathe No Evil was written as an antidote for fear informing people of the necessary steps to take prior to biological and chemical terrorism.

We invited Steve Quayle and LA Marzulli to join us this evening because along with Dr Tom Horn, Timothy Alberino and many other highly trained investigators from multiple countries, their fact finding efforts developed explosive news that informs some of the biggest questions in the history of humanity.

Additionally, without spiritual nourishment and discernment, none of us have any hope whatsoever of remaining healthy, proactive and potent in this fight.

L.A. Marzulli joins Steve Quayle to present new data and investigative findings this evening on The Hagmann Report as well as September 15-17, 2017 at the True Legends Conference.

Please note: tickets to the once-in-a-lifetime event, the True Legends Conference are almost sold out.  To learn more, simply click here.


8:00pm EDT – 10:00pm EDT   Plan on sticking around for the full show as we welcome longtime Hagmann Report guest and great friend of the show, Mr LA Marzulli.

Mr Marzulli joins Steve Quayle for two full hours that promise to Unveil True History.

If you missed our super hot July 6th show with LA Marzulli simply click here.

Tonight, LA will touch on his  most recent installment in his Watchers series, Watchmen Chronicles.

He will also punch out a powerful tag-team information filled presentation, based in part on his recent fact finding mission, along with the Genesis Six Team, to Peru.



Jon Robberson is the Producer of The Hagmann Report.  Follow him on Twitter.

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