Tuesday June 13, 2017

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7:00pm EDT  Douglas J Hagmann rejoins the Hagmann and Hagmann Report along with his son and cohost, Joe Hagmann as we welcome return guest, Tara McCarthy live from London.

Tara McCarthyaka Reality Calls was brought up in a part of London, UK, that could be accurately described as SJW heaven.  She was heavily, and I mean heavily, indoctrinated by leftist rhetoric from a young age.  Her fiancé and she had the option to settle anywhere in Europe or the UK, but they chose the USA largely because it has the first and second amendments still mostly intact.

Disclosing unpopular, or unknown truths is Tara’s primary motivation for bringing the topics she discuss in her videos to light.  Tara believes that every one of us has a duty to our countrymen to inform ourselves about difficult and controversial topics and that the more truth is known, the better off we will all be.

Tara cohosts the immensely popular podcast, Virtue of the West, along with another Hagmann Report favorite, Brittany Pettibone.

Team Hagmann wishes you both every success and we are here to support your efforts as we all hang together or surely we will hang separately.

Tara joins us this evening to report on the June 8th elections in Britain and give us all her boots-on-the-ground perspective from London regarding Brexit and the recent spate of terror attacks.


8:00pmEDT  It is a blessing and an honor every time that Team Hagmann hosts veteran citizen journalist and truth-sleuth, Jon Rappoport.  Mr Rappoport is the founder and director of No More fake News, a frontline news site that he registered with said domain 16 years ago!  Now that’s prescience!

Jon Rappoport has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for over 30 years.  He is the author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX.  Jon has written articles on politics, health, media, culture and art for LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, Village Voice, Nexus, CBS Healthwatch, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.

Jon has hosted, produced, and written radio programs and segments in Los Angeles and Las Vegas (KPFK, KLAV). He has appeared as a guest on over 200 radio and television programs, including ABC’s Nightline, Tony Brown’s Journal (PBS), and Hard Copy.

In 1982, the LA Weekly submitted his name for a Pulitzer prize, for his interview with the president of El Salvador University, where the military had taken over the campus.

In 1994, Jon ran for a seat in the US Congress from the 29th district in Los Angeles.  After six months of campaigning, on a very small budget, he garnered 20 percent of the vote running against an incumbent who had occupied his seat for 20 years.

In 1996, Jon started The Great Boycott, against eight corporate chemical giants: Monsanto, Dow, Du Pont, Bayer, Hoechst, Rhone-Poulenc, Imperial Chemical Industries, and Ciba-Geigy.  The Boycott continues to operate today.

Jon has lectured extensively all over the US on the question: Who runs the world and what can we do about it?  Since 2000, Jon has operated largely away from the mainstream because, as he puts it, “My research was not friendly to the conventional media.”



9:00pm EST it is time, once again, for Tuesdays with Stan.  Stan Deyo is an international speaker on myriad topics including: the location of the Garden of Eden, ancient archeology and the deep state New World Order Agenda.

Stan’s wife, Holly, is the author of one of the top shelf prepper books of all time, Dare to Prepare.

Stan Deyo prepares a fantastic, interactive study tool that compliments his hourly appearance with us.  To access Tuesdays With Stan Show Images page, simply click the link.

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Jon Robberson is the Producer of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.  Follow him on Twitter.

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