Friday February 24, 2017

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Our national culture and much of the values that connect us with our heritage are diminishing and may soon be melancholy memories.  We cannot sustain much longer living on the fumes of fires that were built and lit by generations past.  The fight for our country is not over.  It is not (to quote Churchill) “the beginning of the end.  It is perhaps the end of the beginning.”


The Daily Mail reports that Univision intends to broadcast a fake news program that will include reenactment of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando in early summer of 2016.  Joe Hagmann and I did an analysis of this tragedy on the Hagmann Report last June and if you missed the program you can access it here.Ever notice how the parties that you couldn’t wait to bring your brand of debauchery to back in the day look like repugnant pits of hell when you have even a small modicum of discernment?  Mardi Gras.  Burning Man.  Carnivale, in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro.  These optics look like they were filmed smack dab in the pits of hell.  And victims of the madness are as young as ten.


Chris “Pimp Daddy” Cuomo has not only proven his foul demonic oppression once again, this time we can make a perfectly reasonable argument that oppression has given over to possession.  So, let me get this straight Pimp Daddy Son of Legion, if my twelve year old daughter is not cool with viewing a grown man’s genitals in a public restroom (or any-the-hell-where else), then it is her problem?

Question, Hagmann Family, how on earth are we going to cohabit the same country with these delusional and extremely wicked reprobates?

Last night, in hour two, Coach Dave Daubenmire blasted all of the Christian Facebook junkies and said, “We don’t need a ‘friend list’.  We need an ‘ENEMIES LIST’.”  Folks it is not your job to be buddies with the Cuomos of this world.  You cannot have it both ways: are you going to worry about loving the reprobate Pimp Daddy?  Or protecting the freaked out twelve year old girl?  If you spent more than one tenth of one hot second trying to answer that question, SEE YA.


The Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts wants you to get healthy!  Yes, they are offering Black Metal Yoga classes where you can stretch out, limber up, praise the Devil and bang your head.




Lastly what would Friday be without a creepy story about wannabe witches, real witches and casting National spells on President Donald Trump?  Elle Magazine reports that among other civil protests (or riots) many self styled or real deal witches around the land are uniting to cast a powerful spell on 45th President of the United States, Mr Donald J Trump.  President Trump needs your prayers more than ever before.


Tonight, at 7:00pm EST, father/son investigative team, Douglas J Hagmann and Joe Hagmann welcome longtime friend and dedicated sponsor of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Dr Ted Broer.  Dr Ted is the founder of Health Masters and the host of The Ted Broer Show, which airs immediately after the Hagmann Report on the Global Star Radio Network.


9:00pm EST.  Set your calendar.  Set your alarm.  Tie a string around your…iPhone, because we are super stoked to welcome bestselling author, international speaker and Evangelpreneur, Host of the Josh Tolley Show, Mr Josh Tolley.

Josh grabbed lightening by the tail when he developed the inspiration for his smash book, Evangelpreneur.  The basic idea is that as a child of the Living God, you were not born into captivity, but rather into the freedom that the blood of atonement provides.  So does your cruddy going nowhere job feel like freedom?  Or slavery?

You may be pulling against God’s perfect plan for your life and not even know it!  Honestly Josh’s book is a must read.  I repeat: MUST READ.  It simply combines the Great Commission to spread the Gospel, with freeing yourself to do so, by cutting the hamster-wheel job loose.

As always, all of us at Team Hagmann thank you for your continued trust in us as we navigate the darkened swamp together.  We know that your time is valuable and we are honored that you choose to spend it with us.  We broadcast every Monday through Friday from 7:00pm EST through 10:00pm EST on two live audio platforms and via video live stream on YouTube Live.

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And that is exactly what we intend to do.  See you tonight.  7:00pm EST.

Jon Robberson is the Producer and Associate Editor for the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.  Follow him on Twitter.

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