Hi friends! I am moving into a new arena – live video broadcasts! DrMikeLive.com is launching September 10, 2018 at 6pm EST! This is something I’ve considered doing for the last year and have reached the conclusion that now is the time. Why now? After over three years of recording interviews with great guests on Soaring Eagle Radio, I believe the time is now to begin addressing issues we face as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ in real-time utilizing video. It is a natural progression for this vision the Lord has given me. Soaring Eagle Radio will continue in its current format as well.

I see situations arising daily that need a strong biblical response. My plan is to make this a weekly one hour program – Monday’s from 6pm – 7pm EST. The format will be interactive, meaning you get to participate!

I am asking for your help with a few of things. One, please let your friends know about this new program. Let’s build a core group of people who desire to hear the information I will provide and who will share this information to equip and encourage others.

Two, if you would like to be added to an email list to receive access to the online forum where you may participate in the live discussion, chat behind the scenes with other believers, make connections with other believers, and build networking opportunities across America, then please send me an email saying you would like to be added. Please send your request to pastormike@cclohio.org

Third, I need your help in making sure drmikelive.com remains a powerful voice for Christians and America without interruption. As you know, the media giants are deliberately shutting down and censoring viewpoints they disagree with. That means at some point drmikelive.com will not be available on the social media platforms. Therefore, we will be airing drmikelive.com from our own platform and not relying on the social media platforms. We will have a presence there and you may catch the program on platforms like Facebook but I am not depending on other media for the viability of drmikelive.com.

So, what I need you to do is repost each episode on your media sites. You may upload them to other hosting platforms such as YouTube and Real.Video if you have a page or presence there. By doing this we are making sure that the censors have to work much harder to silence us and we are expanding the footprint and impact of each program. God’s people perish for a lack of knowledge! Let’s be sure that doesn’t happen on our watch!

Fourth, please repost this announcement to your social media several times over the next three weeks. I hope to have a very large list of people who join us weekly for the program.

Finally, please continue to pray for me and my wife Kathy. Our Father has blessed us abundantly with opportunities to do many things and drmikelive.com is an exciting new effort that we believe is going to elevate everything else Father has assigned us. Kathy and I appreciate your kind financial support as we launch this effort. You may support us on drmikelive.com or any of our other ministry sites such as:

Thank you for your friendship, encouraging words, and prayers. Let’s make our stand with Jesus Christ, for His glory throughout the earth!

The blessings of life in Christ be upon you and your loved ones!


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