I’ve said it repeatedly for years – Antifa and Black Lives Matter are Communist organizations whose real goal, stated plainly in their literature is the destruction of America as a free nation, destruction of our economy, and the destruction of “white America.” Their end goal, however, is the destruction of the true Church. They are stupid enough to believe they can actually do that. They will never succeed in defeating the true Church. They have managed to expose the apostates among us such as the cadre of Leftists in the SBC, TGC, TFG, and other neo-Communist fronts posing as evangelicals.

Join me tonight at 6 pm EST for my conversation with author Calvin Fields as we discuss his book, “The Hypnotic Communist: The Satanic Seduction of America.”

Live here on Facistbook, Twitcommunist (@ccpastormike), and CommunistTube (Dr. Mike Spaulding), and of course on our website

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