Hi friends! Join me today on the live show as I welcome Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez.

Dismissed from his tenured position at Cal State Northridge and most recently from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for his unwavering stand exposing LGBTQ goals and abuse, Dr. Lopez states:

“Academia has no incentive to arrest social breakdown but many incentives to spur it…On the college campus the true work of political dictatorship and propaganda is carried out. If a party controls television stations, they can control the news and implant suggested messages in sitcoms, promos, and selective advertising. That’s a lot of power but it pales in comparison to academic hegemony. If a party controls higher education, millions of 18-year-olds move into dormitories and marinate in their ideology 24 hours a day, for four years or more, a reeducation camp enviable to any totalitarian regime.

The dormitory coincides with the age at which young men and women are contending with soaring hormones, the most gorgeous they will ever be, and lucky to have lots of extra time on their hands. It is the perfect time and place to lure them into an emotionally manipulative worldview that promises sexual open mindedness, love, unfettered marijuana, and carefree self-righteousness, while closing their eyes to most of the harsh realities and consequences that led human cultures to develop their strict notions of chastity, self-discipline, and industriousness.”

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