That is a loaded question for sure. Modern Christians have strong convictions when it comes to so-called worship music in the church. I say “so-called” because Christian worship has become almost exclusively thought of in terms of “worship” music. It is now believed that worship music is the vehicle for ushering worshippers into the presence of God.  This belief is a rather recent evolution in church thinking. Let me explain.

It is not uncommon today to hear those hired to lead congregations in corporate worship, say something along the lines of this – “Join us Sunday morning for an inspiring time of worship where you will enter into the presence of God.” Here is an actual flyer from a church that promised all who attend would encounter God. It said in part:

“Join us for dynamic teaching to set you on the right path, and inspiring worship where you can meet God and receive the energy and love you need to be a mover and shaker in today’s world. Alongside our teaching program are worship events which put you in touch with the power and love of God.”

This kind of superficial sales and marketing is unbiblical to the core. What kind of church leadership would make such an outlandish claim that everyone who attends will receive the energy and love they need to be successful in life, not to mention that their church staff has the ability to put people in touch with God’s power and love? This is nothing more than new age witchcraft.

The Bible states that there is one mediator between God and man, the Lord Jesus Christ. Only through Christ can we approach the Father. There is absolutely no biblical support for the belief that music in any way mediates direct encounters with God. That idea has been borrowed directly from pagan cults.

Friends, if you are in a church that gives much more time to the performance of music than to the teaching of the Bible, then you need to find another church. If the pulpit has disappeared but the stage lightening and special effects have increased then you are attending a show not a church service.

At issue here folks, is the fact that Christian worship as it is presented in far too many places today has become all about your experience. How did Christian music in our church services become about the experiences and feelings of those singing?  This is emotionally driven deception.

Our thoughts during the singing of songs must be directed to Christ and to God the Father and to all that has been done on our behalf. All glory and honor belong to God but when we chase the emotional experience and equate that with having experienced God we are grievously mistaken.

Remember friends that music in our church services is meant to honor and glorify God first and foremost. We must reject the modern idea that it is meant to provide an experience for us that we mistakenly equate to an encounter with God.

That is transforming truth.

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