Christians have a responsibility to pursue truth where ever it might lead. That means we will need to begin to think on our own and not swallow everything presented to us as truth. And here’s a news flash folks, much of what people hear from their pastor week after week is sorely lacking in the truth department. I liken the sermons from most of America’s pastors today as a bunch of cotton candy – sweet to the taste, but dissolves almost instantly and you’re left with rotten teeth and an upset stomach as a result of eating too much of it. This is especially true when it comes to what many refer to as the Millennial Generation. They have a strong disposition against phony sermons and phony Christians.

Thankfully there are many faithful Bible teachers, researchers and podcasters that are doing the heavy lifting once only done by America’s pastors. One of those people is my friend Sam Johnston, the host of the Sharpening Report. Stay tuned for our conversation in this episode of SER.

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