As an endorsement to the new book “Leaving Mormonism” Dr. Stuart McAllister recently wrote:

“For anyone with family, friends, or contact with Mormons and the Latter Day Saints movement, many questions arise. If you are from a traditional or conservative Christian background, you find yourself struggling to reconcile the claims made by those within Mormonism with what the Bible and historic Christianity both teach and claim. Despite the insistence that we are all talking about Christian thought and ideas, as soon as one explores, compares, and considers carefully the actual claims of Christ, they stand in stark contrast to Latter Day Saints teaching and claims.”

My guest on this episode of SER is Dr. Corey Miller, President of Ratio Christi and one of 4 authors of the new book, “Leaving Mormonism.” Stay tuned for our conversation next in this episode of Soaring Eagle Radio.

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