Not so long ago people who regularly discussed the accelerating movement for global government were dismissed immediately as alarmists and even worse. My how the times have changed.

Global government is now the darling of the enlightened among us. Organizations that seek global unity, peace, and collaboration seem to spring up by the dozens yearly. There is a very impressive list of well known, wealthy, and famous people who are now advocates of open borders, the elimination of the laws of sovereign nations, and the right of the earth’s inhabitants to migrate to wherever they desire without interference.

What is often not reported on is the underlying new age spirituality that permeates most of these global organizations. Many Christians rightly question these movements and their beliefs about the future of mankind. Unfortunately large numbers of Christians are joining forces with the globalists who are attempting to create a utopia right here on earth.

This episode of SER is a conversation with author and researcher Carl Teichrib about his research and his soon to be released book, Game of Gods.

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