Here is a quote from my good friend Chris Baucom:

“How do citizens deal with a government that will not back its own constitutional laws, never-mind the birth rights of its own citizens? The insanity is inconceivable. Do people really believe our leaders are going to break up their own power quotient under scrutiny only obvious to those willing to look past MSM? They’ll never capitulate. The debate is over. If it’s your right, then you don’t need permission. Our Founders knew that. It only took the dark ages, misery, disease, starvation and loss of life to arrive at the cross roads of courage, opportunity, and God inspired genius. Our Constitution is second only to the Bible, of which it is decisively based.”

That is a great word of encouragement from Chris and a timely reminder in these dark days.

Stay tuned for my conversation with Chris Baucom in this episode of SER.

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