We are not alone in the universe. Sounds like the beginning of a science fiction novel doesn’t it? In this case it is a statement of fact. The Bible presents itself as a supernatural book which from Genesis to Revelation makes the case that mankind occupies space and time dimensions but is certainly not alone.

The truth is mankind is primed to embark on a revised reality which promises to turn everything we thought we knew on its head.

SER 80 is my conversation with publisher, author, and researcher Doug Woodward.

Doug’s brief bio

He is the noted author of several books including “Lying Wonders of the Red Planet,” “Uncommon Sense,” “The Next Great War in the Middle East,” and a co-author of “Revising Reality: A Biblical Look Into the Cosmos” which is the subject of our conversation today.

Doug’s website here.

Click here to listen to Pastor Mike Spaulding interview Doug Woodward on Soaring Eagle Radio!

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