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The election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States means big changes are coming to the policies put in place over 8 long years of the previous  administration. Both domestic and foreign policies will be examined as to their effectiveness and value to the United States. Of utmost importance to me is the reestablishment of right relations with Israel. The antagonistic approach shown previously must be replaced by an outstretched hand and cooperation between the United States and Israel.

On this episode of SER I speak with Leslie-Ann Stoffel about her work of highlighting the only democracy in the Middle East.


Leslie-Ann Stoffel is a pro-Israel advocate and is the Israel & North American Donations & Community Relations representative for United With Israel. She is a regular contributor to The Jerusalem Post, United With Israel, The Times of Israel, Israel National News and The Jewish Press. She is the host of Real Clear Israel Radio where she discusses news from Israel and around the world.

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