Sgt Tim

Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Often overlooked in discussion of the George W. Bush presidency is the fact that in 2000, he campaigned on a platform of less military intervention and nation-building. After almost a decade of military interventionism and adventurism by the Clinton presidency, which saw actions taken primarily in Africa, the Middle East, and the former Yugoslavia, the American people were tired of playing police to a world that was growing increasingly more chaotic after the collapse of the bi-polar world system of the Cold War. Certainly, that campaign platform took a major back-burner following the actions on 11 September, 2001. No matter your opinion on those attacks, the persons responsible, or what exactly happened that day, it cannot be denied that in the days and weeks subsequent to that event, and the general feeling in the country, it would have been practically impossible for George W. Bush to follow his initial foreign policy platform. People can say what they wish of George W. Bush, but my personal opinion is that he likely believed in the platform. However, being surrounded by globalist hawks within his administration that saw the opportunity to establish a new enemy for the US military, and thus, secure funding for a major buildup in military spending and just cause for military action, he was not allowed to follow that policy. Whatever the case may have been – and none of us outside of his inner circle really will ever know for sure – after that fateful day in September, the American people also cried out for a response to the attack.

In looking at the policies put forward by our newly-elected president, I see some similarities with the policy that Bush campaigned upon. Less interventionism, more policy directed at bringing America off its course of parity with the rest of the world. His policies have drawn the ire of the very people that have fought to bring this system of global economic parity into play, a plan that has been in the works for much of the last 70 years. With so much work having gone into this plan, it cannot be expected that these architects of a world order constructed upon a theory of global Marxism will simply vanish into the night so quietly.

Already, we see tensions heating up around the world in the form of Chinese and Iranian saber-rattling with Chinese warships testing US resolve on statements made regarding islands in the South China Sea and Iranian missile testing.  We see tensions at home with paid protests (riots) funded by those that are key players in the globalist system. Politicians that were funded in part by these same elements present themselves as stumbling blocks to his efforts to “Make America Great Again”. Attacks from those that see his policies as putting an end to the agenda they have worked so many years upon try unendingly to paint him as an asset of Vladimir Putin, all the while mocking Russia as far more backward than what it actually is. From the dying corporate media to politicians and agitators, the message is clear: they will not allow the agenda to be stymied without a fight.

In 2000, it took those same powers until September, 2001 to put a plan in motion which would draw George W. Bush from his platform of non-interventionism. With the speed and ferocity that Donald Trump is moving with over the first weeks of his presidency, how long do you think it will take those powers to draw the US into an attack that will derail his plans? As the attacks upon his character, his policies, and his overall platform prove to only move the American people more resolutely in line with him, what plan will those that seek to thwart the renewed American spirit devise to disrupt the resurgence in American exceptionalism?

These are the actions that we must be aware of, and we must guard against. Simultaneously, we must stay vigilant of any relenting on the part of Trump to the globalist agenda, and support his actions against it. We must continue to pray for our country’s new leadership, that they be given discernment to act in accordance with what is good for the American people and in accordance with the Word. Much needs to be done – but we cannot let the size of the work before us impact our resolve. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and even the largest boulder may be broken with steady strikes from a pickaxe.

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