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This is the first article I have written in some time. To be honest, I have thought long and hard about just hanging all of this up, going back to keeping my thoughts and understandings to myself, keeping my head down, and prepping myself and my family up for what’s to come. As of July, due to a number of personal issues I had going on, I had deleted Outlaw Patriot News on WordPress and the Outlaw Patriot social media presence. I pulled out of what little spotlight I had and was set on not writing or appearing on any show any longer. While some will think they know this or that as to the why this happened, I will reiterate that there were many reasons why, and leave it at that.

However, those that have followed my writing for some time know that I feel I was called to provide greater clarity to those with eyes to see and ears to hear, to help them understand some of the undercurrents at work within our nation at the social, political, and cultural level. At times in the past when I have not obeyed this calling, I have been kept awake until I got the thoughts in my head out “on paper”, so to speak, or awakened in the middle of the night and not been able to get back to sleep until I got it all out. Perhaps if I were called to do this, then the Lord in His mercy understood that I needed some time to work some things out in my personal life, in my professional life, and that I just needed a break from all this that is happening around us daily.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been feeling that nudge once again to start writing. Though I have watched events unfold, I have kept “silent” without providing context and reason to it. However, this tide of events continues to gain momentum, speeding – hurling – ever faster towards a conclusion that is not that far off in the distance. Like a man standing under a streetlight a block or two away, you can make out the form, but not look it in the eye just yet. But you can see him there, and no matter how you turn your head or squint your eyes, you can’t make out much more than his presence. But you know he is there…

As many of you know, I live in South-Central Texas. A little more than a week ago, on Saturday, we were told that Harvey was bearing down on us, threatening to bring flooding – not to the extent we have seen in Houston – but flooding just the same. As I went to bed on Friday night the local news was calling on the storm to hit here early Saturday morning and stall out over us, dumping between 6-15” of rain to an area that floods out after 2”. What many don’t realize is that not only is there the hard-packed dirt and clay that they have spoken of so much on TV down here, but also there isn’t much in the way of drainage systems throughout much of this part of Texas. That is because we don’t see that much rain. Of course, when we do get it, we usually get the full year’s worth of precipitation over the course of a couple of rainfalls. But that’s getting too far off track.

That particular Saturday morning, I got up, much like I always do – put on coffee and then stepped out for the first smoke of the morning (one of the few old vices I have yet to kick). I stepped out my front porch, which faces North, rubbed the sleep from my eyes, lit the cigarette…took in that first drag of smoke in my lungs. I had already noticed that the wind was blowing fairly hard (I would later find out it was a consistent 25-35 mph, with gusts up to around 40-45) but the rain they had predicted to hit at around 7am had not come in yet. It was a slow sprinkle being blown about by that wind (and honestly, throughout most of Texas we get harder wind than that during a typical Spring storm).

But as I took in that drag and stepped out further from my porch out into my lawn to get a closer look at the clouds that I had noticed were moving quickly across the sky from East to West, I saw it there…A rainbow to the northwest from my house, stretching across the Texas Hill Country. Despite not having seen any news yet that morning, I knew in that moment that we were going to be fine. This is not meant as any kind of slight or offense to my Texas brothers and sisters in Houston – it’s just that I knew that up here, further North, we were going to be fine when I saw that rainbow. And it kicked me in the gut…He remembered His promise to us. Yet I have failed to keep my promise to Him. And so here I am, a week later…pounding away on my keyboard at the dining room table as my wife watches TV.

However, I fear that what I bring before you now is something that you likely will not want to hear. The truth is often an unwelcome visitor, especially in the days in which we currently live. But it must be told, nonetheless. And that truth is this – if we continue to do the things as a nation that have led us to the point where we are today, America will never be great again, no matter what man holds the office at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I see it day after day on social media…the division in this country based on countless lines that have been drawn on the hearts of the people of our nation. Too many people have bought into the false left – right, conservative – liberal, Republican – Democrat paradigm. It is false because no one is completely left or right, or any of those other things. Take myself, for instance…on most issues I come down on the advertised “right” side of things…but there are certain issues on which I fall on the side which is the advertised “left”.

But as the divide is pushed further and further by a media that is bought and paid for by the very same interests that own the two major political parties (and isn’t it interesting that they have no problem talking about the problem of big money in politics, but don’t want to talk about the special interests that control their narrative?), each side steps up the narrative attacks on one another, demonizing and dehumanizing the other side that aids in the setup of events by the easily controlled (Lenin called them “useful idiots”) to further the emotional response that stirs ever more divide and attacks, continuing to turn the heat up on the slow boil that was initiated in the early 1900s, with the water growing warmer and warmer, and the political warfare inching closer and closer to hot warfare.

The American people have allowed themselves to fall into a trap that even our first president warned us about – division by political party – and they choose to stay comfortably in their slumber of ignorance, grasping on to this party or that one, rather  than realizing there is no two party system, and that it is the singular party system that allows for the continued plundering of not just our wealth today, but robbing from out of the mouths of our children as they borrow on the future to continue to feed the bloated beast that lurks just beyond the shadows.

The perfect example of this is something I also see play out day after day in social media, and across the mainstream and even alternative media (which oddly enough has ceased to speak of the one-party system with the election of President Trump, as if placing an “R” behind his name has somehow cleansed the Republican party of its sins). The question of why the rest of the Republican party won’t get behind President Trump’s agenda. The bantering-about of the name of “RINO” for people like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, and John McCain. The truth of the matter is that they are the establishment Republican party – a party that never wanted Trump as their candidate, any more than they wanted Ron Paul before him. Just because they didn’t go the route of the Democratic party and steal the election for the preferred establishment candidate means that they embraced the rogue, populist that took their party by storm.

If anything, the McConnells, Ryans, Grahams, and McCains are not the RINOs – they are what the party truly is, just as Clinton, Obama, Feinstein, and Pelosi are more what the Democratic party is than Bernie Sanders. No, Trump, Paul, Gowdy, and others are the true RINOs – those looking to reform a party that produces a platform not because they believe in it, but because they know that it will get them votes. In the end, the two parties are simply two sides of the same one-party coin, and they can’t allow a President, whether Trump or anyone else, to deride the plan of those that own them. And that is why no matter how hard Trump tries, he will not be able to bring his full plan into effect.

In the face of such truth, what is the solution? What can we, the people, do in order to try and turn the tide back? First and foremost, educate yourself. Not in the echo chambers of ignorance that disguise themselves as institutions of higher learning today. And no, I am not telling you not to go to college – but there is getting that piece of paper and then there is really educating yourself. You need to understand economics, history, and law. The people of this nation can no longer afford to have a shallow understanding of these topics and hope to right the ship. Placing band aids on the sucking chest wound that is our economy and the destruction of our culture will not work.

Second, you must stop demonizing and dehumanizing those that disagree with you. Whether by reaching out via social media, starting your own blog, or creating your own podcast, you have to reach out to those that have not yet made the conscious decision to arm themselves with information and give them the gentle nudge along the path to learning more. While we can all strive to learn more, ignorance is no reason for hatred, and I see more and more hatred spewed by BOTH sides each day. The only way we turn this around is by destroying the divisions based upon political, social, and ethnic groups, and come together as Americans.

Ultimately, we will sooner or later have to come to grips with the fact that both political parties will have to be abolished, and likely legislation banning the formation of future parties will need to be passed. Certainly, there is already reason to abolish the Democratic party now, after the debacle of the last campaign and the stealing of the candidacy from Bernie Sanders. This is no endorsement of him or his policies – I probably understand better than most of you what socialism does to a country after witnessing it firsthand throughout the former Soviet Union. However, he should have been the Democratic candidate. And don’t think for a moment that had he entered the White House, that we would not be witnessing the same situation in reverse as what we currently see with President Trump – the Democrats would not have played ball with him, either.

However, it must be understood that it has taken us many long years to get to the situation where we are now. It will take at least that long to get  back on the right track, perhaps more to heal the wounds that have been intentionally opened by those that seek to do their work in the darkest corners to thwart their fellow man. As I have said many times – freewill, or liberty, is one of the greatest gifts the Lord gave to us, perhaps the greatest after life. Our adversary does not have freewill, just as many that spew hatred have lost their freewill to a spirit of vengeance and anger, and this is why he seeks to work against us – to subvert our freewill. We must stand on the side of liberty if we are not only going to take our nation back, but also defeat our adversary. No heart can truly be won over to the Lord, unless it is freely given.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Steven Menking, Pastor Mike Spaulding, Steve Quayle, Doug and Joe Hagmann, and Jon Robberson for their support, kindness, friendship, and brotherhood over the past few weeks. Thank you, brothers, for everything!

  • Sgt Tim

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