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I have been very busy over the past couple of days with things going on in my personal life. My daughter graduates high school tomorrow, and so that brings its own bit of high stress situations. But I have also put off writing this article, because it is not one that I particularly wanted to write. I despise the topic, and within the tangled web of deception, there are certain elements of my own personal history that I must stare down.

No, I have never leaked classified information. In the 20+ years that I have held a security clearance, I have never had so much as a security incident. No, I am not a Bernie Sanders supporter – socialists and their lies of utopia make me nauseous after witnessing firsthand what socialism does to a country and people in my many trips to the former Soviet Union.

What I am referring to here is my own writing and persona online, and how quickly all of it turned and was used against Ms. Winner when she tried writing a check that her fourth point of contact couldn’t cash. My own social media activity and how that, in the event of some kind of terrible series of unfortunate events, how it would play out across social media and in the mainstream media to build a narrative to get “likes” and ratings rather than telling anything resembling the truth. And how my own criticism of this or that politician or policy would soon be thrown out into the court of public opinion and before any statement was made before a jury of my peers, the public would have me hung on the town square.

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