By Sgt Tim

Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Over the past few years, the United States has experienced an increase in the number of civil unrest incidents. From the protests turned violent in Ferguson to this past weekend’s events at UC Berkley, it seems that the fabric of these once United States is coming undone and fraying at the ends. With articles like this one from the Associated Press, with its more subtle hints, to the out and out hit pieces in the mainstream media – not just on President Trump but on the conservative right as a whole – the press is pushing the idea that people are in a state of unease over the actions of our new president and the political climate in general. In truth, by raw numbers, perhaps there is need to be uneasy, but the truth is that across the country, something far more sinister is at work here, and has been at work for many years to get us where we are now. I ask you to bear with me to the end of this article, and to hang in there, as I have come to understand that my thinking is not always linear on these topics, and for some of you, this may take you further down the rabbit hole than you have ever been…

In order to fully understand what is unfolding before us and how this is the culmination of years, even decades, or work on the part of those that kiss the hidden hand behind the scenes, we have to go back and forth temporally, and look at the factors that have gone into the planning. Some could definitely point at this and say it is certainly the result of coincidence and unintended consequence that led us to this point. However, I don’t believe in coincidence theory, and though it most definitely is the consequence of action taken, I believe that it is hardly unintended.

The first stop in our time travels take us back to the presidency of one William Jefferson Clinton, or perhaps we should call him by his birth name William Jefferson Blythe III. Bill would earn a Rhodes Scholarship, interestingly enough – why interesting? Just take the purpose behind the scholarship in the words of the man that provided for it, Cecil John Rhodes -” to promote civic-minded leadership among “young colonists” with “moral force of character and instincts to lead”, for “the furtherance of the British Empire, for the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for the making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire.” That is, indeed, quite interesting, wouldn’t you say? Especially that part about bringing the world under British rule and recovery of the United States…Hmmm…At any rate, I think that one would be hard pressed to find another president in recent history that pushed the globalism agenda more than William Jefferson Clinton. Through the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement, military intervention in the break-up of the former Yugoslavia, and other actions both at home and abroad, Clinton pushed an agenda that set the stage for where we are now. Specifically, NAFTA led to a mass drain of manufacturing from the United States, and together with his propping up of the Communist Chinese economy through continued designation of “most favored nation” status, enabled even more manufacturing to be pushed from the US homeland and into foreign lands.

How does this affect where we are now? Real unemployment actually sits somewhere around 10% of the country. Over 46 million families rely on food stamps to supplement income to provide for their families. With the massive drain of jobs enabled through the globalism agenda, we have a tragic number of American families that are out of work. Idle hands do the devil’s work, and in this case, perhaps they are doing the work of those that wish to continue to tug at the fray along the edges of this nation. Through the loss of manufacturing, less families are able to provide for their children – to include a college education that our children are now indoctrinated into thinking they need for even the most menial of jobs. With less and less prospect of finding meaningful work in a bleak job market, these young people are then ripe for indoctrination through the media and the colleges (right in line with the old Communist plan of taking over the media and education sectors to shape the minds of the young towards their ends) which teach a mixture of race-based hate and class politics that would have made the Supreme Soviet of the Cold War proud. Now, “political action” organizations come along and offer to pay for protesters to show up, in order to spur more of a turn out at their events. The kids see an easy paycheck, holding up signs and chanting along, and thanks to the indoctrination at their schools, perhaps even believe in the cause. The cameras show up to record the reality show-like drama and through their lines of questioning further stoke the emotions that are already running high.

Now, let’s look at yet another scenario. Perhaps you remember, or perhaps not, that during the Iraq war when our military was desperately needing more soldiers to send into the fray, they lowered standards to the point that the military began to have a very real problem with servicemembers that either had a past history of criminal gang activity, or that were active in those gangs and were still allowed to join. Almost every military member I know becomes a slight bit jaded by the end of their time in the military. For some, one tour in the military is enough, and for those of us that stick it out to retirement, while we love the people we served with, there is definitely some saltiness there towards the bureaucracy that oversees the military services. You take someone with that kind of violent criminal background, you enhance their knowledge with war-fighting tactics, you make them salty towards what they see is representative of our government, and then you turn them loose back into the criminal world – and you should expect that they will turn that knowledge back on you.

It is fairly simple to find out who is leaving the military on what dates, their backgrounds, and their proclivities. It would be fairly simple for one of these “political action” groups to get this information and put it to their own use. With them openly advertising on platforms such as Craiglist for paid protesters at rates of $9 an hour up to daily pay rates, what do you think they would pay for someone with warfighting credentials?

As someone that has observed military training at various levels and in the militaries of several countries, when I look at video footage of some of these protesters, Black Bloc in particular, I see the same kind of coordination that is central to military training. Reacting on muscle memory, working in well-coordinated groups, and performing your duty so that the next group can move up to complete their objective in well ordered movements, almost as if practiced through repetition in training – these are hallmarks of military actions. And the video clearly shows this. By utilizing these provocateurs in unwitting coordination with the paid “flashbang fodder” protesters, the political action groups create layers of activity that make it very difficult to pin down to one single leadership chain, similar to the way terrorist cells operate. This also serves to have the normal protesters make statements across social media, representatives of the group to make media announcements, and the whole while deny any connection to the activities of the “anarchists” that took the peaceful protest across the threshold to full blown riot.

That being said, what is the outcome of this activity? One thing that I immediately notice in this loose collection of incidents is that they always occur in metropolitan areas (where, by the way, the vote was predominantly for Hillary Clinton, which shows the level of pervasiveness of the indoctrination and lack of ability to think for oneself) where gun control is highly restrictive. Aside from Ferguson, there has been little in the way of this kind of activity within the US heartland (the fly-over states) where this activity would likely be put down in short order. But even in these liberal strongholds, like San Francisco, Portland, and so on, people are beginning to grow tired of these disruptions to their lives. Enough is enough…but what will they do? Because, obviously, if nothing is done and the riots continue – that is not a solution. If government officials cave to this activity, it is no solution, and rioting will continue when these organizations do not achieve their goals. If citizens take matters into their own hands, which I believe these organizations want, it could very well lead to an extreme escalation of activities, which is also not a solution.

What needs to happen is that law enforcement needs to go after these groups. Terrorism is loosely defined as violence as a means of achieving a political goal. By that definition, the activities of these groups are terrorism. Designate the groups as such, pursue and prosecute those that are involved in the incidents, and go after them in much the same way law enforcement has gone after organized crime. Break down the groups, the actors and players, and go after those that are providing the funding to these groups. As much as the media likes to portray the influence of Russia on the elections, or as many on the right like to point out, the influence of the DNC and media on the elections, the truth is that these groups, many of them headed by George Soros, have meddled not just in the elections, but in the entirety of the governing process. This needs to come to an end, and designation of the actors themselves as terrorists, the networks as terrorist groups, and those that fund it as financiers of terrorism would be the way to end it.

The election of Donald Trump to the post of president of these United States spurred many to say that we had entered into a reprieve given to us by the Lord. Perhaps this is true, perhaps it is not. The more I see what is going on around this country, I do still believe we have been given a reprieve. However, the purpose of this reprieve is not to sit back and get fat and complacent. We have been given a small amount of time (that could come to an abrupt end at any moment) in order to call more from their slumber and join the ranks of our side and to prepare. As we are witnessing, the enemy is moving mightily through the easily manipulated to sow chaos and destruction into our midst. At any point, the reprieve could be cancelled. Those of us that are faithful need to work even harder to be examples for others to follow, to shine the light of truth onto the darkness of deception, and to encourage one another to play their position that we might all in spiritual coordination execute the plan of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Join me in this endeavor…pray for one another, encourage one another, and be an example for others to emulate.

God bless each and every one of you that reads these words.

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