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Senior Editor, Outlaw Patriot News

Brothers and sisters, I humbly come before you with these words of warning, of a possible, and some would even say probable, disaster that is being prepared for the people of the United States. While I say this, I want to also be clear that I do not know for sure that it will come to pass, but as you will deduce, not only are elements of this plan already being put into motion – and have been in motion for some time – but certain elements have been staged for a very real threat that could bring this country to its knees within moments and in a manner through which would take our country unawares. It is a threat that would never need a single shot fired by our enemies, but the people themselves will destroy the nation for them, and then beg for foreign troops to restore order. I do not write these words to strike fear into anyone, but simply as a warning that you, dear reader, might prepare yourself for the eventuality. Do not be fooled – those that mock our Lord are not our friends and the communists openly mock the Most High. For this reason, do not believe that the communist Chinese are our allies or friends – they are deceivers and deception is a tool of the enemy.

May the Lord turn the weapons of our enemies against them, and lay low those that seek the destruction of our nation. Though many be turned from and cut off from Him in these days of turmoil within our country, may He remember the faithful and hear their pleas for time to restore our republic! – Sgt Tim

We live in a truly wondrous age, do we not? A time when people can speak not just across a room or city, but across continents, seeing their counterpart in live video feed with hardly any delay whatsoever. We can order goods within the comfort of our home that will not only be delivered, but in some cases, will be delivered to your doorstep within a matter of minutes to hours. We can communicate ideas through audio, video, and even print media that can be distributed across a multitude of platforms, and in today’s age, we can even earn a living doing nothing but communicating those ideas and our opinions.

Of course, there are dangers. The internet is a wonderful tool for learning and communication, but it also leaves vulnerabilities as those that understand the use of it and the technology behind it can easily intercept, gather, store, and manipulate the information for their own ends. And in a world that is growing ever closer, with not only communications flying around the world on the internet, but also a dependency by countries in an interwoven economic structure on the internet, and with the infrastructure of whole nations depending upon the internet for ensuring the public safety – it leaves a gaping security situation that is ripe for the picking for an adversary. And this is exactly what could almost be called a prophetic book on military strategy in the 21st century pointed out…

In 1999, two colonels in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, wrote a book on military strategy whose title is usually translated as “Unrestricted Warfare”. The primary goal of the book was to lay out a strategy by which a nation such as China could defeat a technologically superior opponent (such as the United States) by employing means other than direct military confrontation, and instead using a variety of means that would bring the nation down. The book covered four main means by which to achieve this, lawfare – the using of international and national law against the nation itself, economic warfare, network warfare – better known today as cyber warfare, and terrorism. It could be said that the authors were years ahead of their time in laying out a grand strategy for use by the Communist Party to combat the greatest foe of communism, the United States.

As has been well documented, lawfare is already in full swing by the newly crowned leader of the globalist world order, China, after its admission to the World Trade Organization in December 2001, following years of building and hard work by the Clinton administration – and other administrations before his. I name the Clinton administration because despite earlier administrations helping the process along, it was the Clinton administration that was instrumental in creating the optimal path by which the Chinese economy could grow through masterful deception. In May 1993, reversing course on a campaign pledge, Clinton announced that the US would extend “most favored nation” status to China. This removed tariffs on Chinese-made goods, flooding US markets with cheaply made products that sold for even less than US-made products (and yes, back then, there were plenty of US made products). US companies could no longer compete, and in the double whammy of economic destruction, Clinton opened the doors for further globalist policies that would move US industrial production overseas. He played the American people by telling them that the new economic structure of our nation would move from one in which low-paying labor jobs would be traded overseas and Americans would occupy an industry of ideas, with our children going through higher learning and expanding upon innovation, the days of Americans building products were over – we would simply invent and design the products that would shape the world. It sounds good, but even as Clinton was opening the doors for American industry to depart, in October of 1998, he signed a new copyright law, the Copyright Term Extension Act, that would ensure that innovation in this country would stagnate. Under the auspices of protecting intellectual property (and by the assertions of many, at the behest of Disney), the new law stifled innovation across the board by hoarding invention and creation in the hands of the very few. How is this lawfare? Because for some reason, and what that reason is and was could be debated, the Clinton family is beholden to China, and thus, they worked the legislative system in China’s favor. And, yes, I know that it was a Republican Congress that passed these bills to Clinton’s desk for him to sign, but never for a moment forget this – both parties are compromised. I agree more with conservative rhetoric, but I recognize it for what it is – empty words of those seeking to get your vote. I may support candidates from either party – I supported Donald Trump, but that was because I believe that he gives us the greater chance of turning this around, and I knew that if Hillary were elected we would be in World War III with Russia very quickly.

The principles of lawfare are also practiced by the Saul Alinsky-ites and various other groups that are working to bring this country down. I am sure they have also read this book on military strategy and see the value of the system that these two colonels wrote of. We clearly see it now in frivolous lawsuits and copyright infringement claims against the free and independent media. Personally, I wonder with China being recently crowned the lead nation of the globalist order how much of this is not being orchestrated by the communist Chinese, and how much of it they are funding together with George Soros. Is Soros also beholden to the communists? We already know how much he loves totalitarian regimes with his work for the Nazis against his own people in World War II.

These laws and the work done in the 90s also set the stage for the economic warfare angle. Thanks to the removal of tariffs, the communist slave labor system, and the currency manipulation of China, the US trade deficit to China for 2016 was $347 billion. China holds $1.059 trillion of US debt. And that is after selling off a good chunk of what it once held. China has gone on a buying spree of US companies, to include American media companies. In fact, it is increasingly targeting more and more assets in the US. Thanks to the destruction of US manufacturing, a war with China would be difficult to fight merely in terms of the loss of products on store shelves. For all intents and purposes, China already owns the US. This is something I am sure Xi Jinping reminded Donald Trump during their recent sit-down, which is likely why Trump stated it would be the most difficult visit he would have coming up, and why suddenly many of his priorities shifted profoundly from domestic economic stimulation to international war.

Then we have terrorism. I would not doubt that China is heavily involved in funding and arming terrorist groups around the world (not that we ever get any reporting on anything terrible China ever does from our MSM…hmmm…. wonder why?). However, when we break down terrorism to its most basic element, it is the use of fear to achieve a political goal. And we need look no further than the Chinese client state of North Korea as a clear example of the use of threat of nuclear war to achieve political goals. What political goal of the Chinese would this play into? Well, it certainly brought Trump, who as a candidate was defiant before the globalist, communist Chinese, to the negotiating table, did it not? He is even talking now of not designating China a currency manipulator, which is preposterous that any communist system does not manipulate its currency. It must to stay competitive against capitalist systems. It also ensures increased defense spending and a shift away from domestic priorities to national security. As I stated in two recent articles (found here and here), the true challenge before the Trump administration would be not to fall into the trap of the Bush administration and abandon domestic goals over foreign adventurism, and that China has held for some time the view that the only way to achieve true global communism is through violent revolution and world war. And anyone that thinks that they abandoned that line of thinking when Mao died is a fool.

And that brings us to the last toy in the bag of tricks – network warfare, or as we call it today – cyber warfare. Through coordinated attacks across the spectrum of our financial services and markets, our infrastructure, communications, and transportation, our nation could be brought to a stand-still. When you look at our society today, the reliance on the internet, electricity, and all our various devices – and the rage that builds if there is the slightest interruption – this would spell widespread chaos that would very quickly build to complete collapse. Add in the prospect of compromise of various military networks, and there would be no way to deploy or control military forces to quell the violence or defend our borders. While it might have taken 3 days in the past for society to completely breakdown, I would estimate that in today’s age that breakdown would be greatly accelerated and we would likely see violence and looting within hours of such a grid shutdown. And we are aiding in the threat to ourselves…

In a bid to try and improve the relationship with China, Microsoft is building up to 4 “transparency centers” in China. Through these centers, Microsoft will give China the source code to Microsoft products. This is an effort to quell any worries on China’s part that Microsoft products have backdoors through which US intelligence agencies might be spying on their citizens (wonder where they could have gotten that idea…more on that later…). Now, think about any of the documentaries you might have seen of the Foxconn factories in China, or any number of the basically slave-camps that the Chinese government runs. They have 1.357 billion people. They build the clear majority of our technology products. They could literally build hacking factories where they run shifts of people continually testing our systems and finding the weaknesses. Now, it’s true that most of our server infrastructure runs on Linux systems rather than Windows, and Linux is more secure…. but with that kind of computing power, and the fact that most of our “IT specialists” are lazy – it would not be outside of the realm of possibilities that they could get in (or already are in – remember the OPM hacks?) and wait until the proper time to deploy cyber bombs to take down our critical infrastructure.

Now, the last time I mentioned Snowden in one of my articles, I took a good bit of heat for my insistence that he has done more harm than good to the security of this nation. While he portrays himself to be a hero of the people that revealed the information because “his conscience just wouldn’t allow him to keep it secret”, and there are literally millions that buy into it, the truth is far from that, and his “revelations” have made him possibly the most destructive single person to our security. As I stated some time ago on Twitter (I know shameless plug for my Twitter account!), he is the Klaus Fuchs of the cyber age. And perhaps more interestingly, he was in Hong Kong, CHINA from 20 May until 23 June 2013, and when the US filed a request with Hong Kong for them to detain him for extradition, the Hong Kong (Chinese) government states that the paperwork did not comply with requirements under their laws and allowed him to escape. Wonder what he gave them from those four laptops of information to buy that? I think if we all think about that, we can come up with the answer, and we can more clearly see that the information that Snowden released was less because he cared about you and me, but because he thirsted to break free of the monotony of being a glorified IT guy for the NSA, and when he saw information that he thought could propel him into superstardom while also getting back at those that had scorned him, he jumped at the opportunity for some excitement in his life. But when the consequences caught up to him, he looked to use the information to get out of Dodge.

But what is irrefutable is that the information that he provided even through public disclosure has enabled those that wish to do harm to our country to more accurately understand some of the intelligence collection capabilities that the US has and ways to defeat those capabilities. IF the Chinese do indeed at some point in the future launch a cyber-attack on the US, Snowden’s part in their ability to do so cannot be understated, nor his complicity in the destruction that will happen. Of course, in the end, the people will probably still insist that he was their champion rather than admitting that they had been deceived.

In conclusion, what we are seeing play out domestically and geopolitically is the machinations of a Chinese government, which still believes in the global communist revolution. Through the concepts put together by two brilliant military strategists, the communists, together with controlled groups within this country, are working to weaken what was once a behemoth of military and economic might, and as Reagan so eloquently put it – a shining city on the hill. We saw just last week three major economic centers of the US in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco have electric outages and since there has been very little reporting on the causes, it leads one to speculate that it could quite possibly be the result of a hack attack. And yes, I know, the San Francisco outage was supposedly due to a fire at a substation…ever hear of Stuxnet?

The point here, and why I listed cyber warfare last in this list, is that chronologically, this would likely be the coup d’ grace for the Chinese against US leadership of the world order. Even as the media points out that China is possibly working together with the US on the North Korea issue, let us not forget that China is a communist country – and that is antithetical to the virtues that we hold dear in this country of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. It is antithetical to the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And we cannot for a moment accept the communist Chinese as our allies or trust them as friends, because they have for years plotted our destruction and the implementation of a global communist revolution. Do you not see it playing out on our college campuses, in our newsrooms, and in our streets?

The time has come to truly and completely place cyber security at the forefront of our infrastructure plans. This together with a hardening of our infrastructure against EMP should be front and center in any plans of substantial infrastructure improvement, as Dr. Peter Vincent Pry has called for now for some time. The alternative is unthinkable in terms of the preventable loss of life and destruction.

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