On the Objective

Our mission is to encourage, exhort, and motivate members of the Remnant Body of Jesus Christ to play their positions, pursue their unique callings, and stand their ground in our generation. On the Objective is a network aimed at examining our world from a Biblical viewpoint and tracking significant global developments. We are engaging with our brothers and sisters in the battle for our faith, while extending shelter to those still lost so that they may come to know redemption and peace through Jesus Christ.


The Amateur Society is dedicated to creating an open environment where anyone can sharpen their cognitive tools in order to conduct truth-directed inquiry.



Soaring Eagle Radio is an interview, news, commentary, and opinion program hosted by Mike Spaulding.



The Transforming Word is the Bible teaching ministry of Pastor Mike Spaulding. The program is heard on radio stations in Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, and Louisiana and is available as a podcast through iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker or by listening on www.thetransformingword.com.

Remnant Radio Network


Remnant Radio Network is a collaboration of dozens of former Watchmen who now recognize the hour is late and the time for sounding the alarm from the rooftops has passed.

Our team of blog contributors and podcast guests along with the hosts are passionate and have been called to train up and equip the Remnant People to stand up during the evil times in which we currently live.


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