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After about a month of flirting with the psychologically important 20,000 number (humans like zeroes and that means the algorithms that control price action also view them as significant), the Dow Jones Industrial Average was finally able to break above that level. The primary explanation being tossed out by the obsolete media, who previously pounded the table trumpeting that a Trump election would signal economic Armageddon, is that Trump is now seen as being serious about his infrastructure spending, regulation cutting, and domestic investment. While that line of thinking is neither here nor there because there is still no sound monetary structure or price discovery mechanism, at least these commentators have realized something important: President Trump is absolutely serious.

The Don sure has his hands full, but isn’t wasting any time with getting down to business signing one executive order after another and swiftly shredding Obama’s legacy. Meanwhile, back on the left, outrage has turned to utter shock as the barrage of memos from the White House continues at a blistering pace. Each day more are signed and plans for more are announced. This deluge is proving tricky to cover for the obsolete media as it’s difficult to coordinate talking points that quickly when the White House is no longer disseminating them directly to their editorial staffs. Every attempt they make to discredit the President has ended up backfiring, and soon they will lose what remains of their credibility and relevance.

You’ll have to pardon the interjection. I’ve never seen anything like this in my lifetime and I couldn’t help but comment. More on that when I appear on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report tomorrow night from 7:15pm to 8:00pm.

Back to equities for a minute. How much further can the current Ponzi bubble be stretched? I suppose that if it can be extended to 20,000, then it can proceed as far as the currency printers and manipulators see fit. Previously, I had been expecting to see the total undoing of the current economic paradigm of fraud and theft without anything in the background to cushion the fall. What was on the horizon was supposed to be an epic destruction that would result in not just paper wealth and jobs but human life as well. However, thank God there has been a significant shift in the spiritual, economic, and political winds.

Will the current economic system collapse? Yes, that is still inevitable. The all important aspect, even above specific timing, is how it will happen. President Trump is desperately and heroically attempting to rebuild the physical, manufacturing economy at a breakneck pace because that is the only thing that will sustain us in the new global economic paradigm of sound money and real global cooperation. Unfortunately, any progress that can be made, no matter how substantive, will not be able to cushion the blow completely. The debt is still the problem and derivatives are still the mechanism for systemic failure. The global debt saturation and the petrodollar must be dealt with if we are to see true economic prosperity that opens the way for billions more to be lifted out of poverty.

It will still be a messy process and will result in a decline in the standard of living for those Americans who aren’t pre-positioned in hard assets, but it no longer has to be catastrophic. The wild card here is the occult elite. They likely still have the ability to pull the plug, but their action likely wouldn’t achieve their intended end. The theory goes that they can and will crash the economy in order to blame it on President Trump so that they can become ascendant once again. While it is important to be watchful for such scenarios, my hypothesis is that they wouldn’t be able to get away with it. Their spells don’t work anymore. Their propaganda is ineffective. Even a false flag wouldn’t likely have the same persuasive effect even if it is still a dangerous possibility. Civil disobedience is a legitimate prospect, but since it’s virtually all astroturfed I’d expect it to burn brightly but quickly. I don’t think the left has the constitution to push through a full-fledged civil war. Cowards don’t make good footsoldiers in prolonged campaigns. All that remains would be the literal nuclear option, but pinning that on Trump seems nigh impossible.

Theoretical speculation aside, what should we do from a practical standpoint? Continue to accumulate assets that will be favored in the new paradigm and divest yourself from assets that won’t. That means gradually build positions in gold, silver, and – if you’ve done your homework and believe in the technology – bitcoin. Use this time to build, to grow, to learn, to get out of debt, to protect your children’s inheritance, and to glorify the name of the Lord.

Folks, it looks like we just might make it out of this one alive – at least for now. When the reset occurs it will sting, but it most likely won’t be as fatal as what was previously staring us in the face. Dow 20,000 is still a completely meaningless marker unless you’re a professional trader extracting profit from equities, in which case keep doing your thing. Press in to God, be patient, build your stacks of real assets, stay watchful, speak the truth, advocate for freedom, and take your seat at the table for what could just be the next global Renaissance. Stay tuned for more as time unfolds. This world is changing at a dizzying rate, so it’s possible that the outlook could change as we move forward. But for now:

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