Enough. It is enough…

Please take three minutes to read everything.

We must reason together now. God has called you to live in this generation. He has made you for a specific purpose. Do you know what it is? Do you know that He has called you to live a supernatural life and to bring glory to the name of Jesus? Are you pressing into the Lord for the strength and faith to live according to His will?

Enough of the bickering. Enough of the personalities. Enough of the division. Enough of the selfishness. Enough of the nonsense!

Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters: choose this day whom you will serve and waver no longer between two opinions. Is God who He says He is? Are you who God says you are? Who is more likely to be right, you or God?

We live in a pivotal moment, and we all have both the potential and the duty to glorify God through our decisions and actions. Right here. Right now. Every day. All the time.

We don’t take that responsibility seriously. We fight against ourselves. We scheme for our own benefit. We ignore evil all around us. We absorb an interesting hypothesis and then fit all the evidence to support it. We could never be wrong. We delight in viewing others as ignorant. We turn away from the lost nearest to us. We aren’t praying like we must. We aren’t in the Word like we must. We aren’t worshipping God like we must. We aren’t living like we must.

We must open our eyes fully. Not only to become aware of pervasive institutional corruption along with unabashed evil birthed and maintained by spiritual wickedness, but also to understand that we are responsible for every single decision we make. Moreover, we are responsible for what we chose not to do.

Enough of not taking our responsibility seriously!

For those who are not followers of Jesus: today is the day of salvation. Cry out to Him and receive the free gifts of salvation, the Holy Spirit, and newness of life.

For those who are feeling overwhelmed: press in to the Lord and be overwhelmed by His presence. Jesus has overcome the world, and if we are overwhelmed by Him then the world loses its hold.

For those who are down the rabbit hole: just because something is possible or corresponds to your preferred theories doesn’t mean that you close yourself off to other explanations.

We must get this right. Right here. Right now. Truth matters.

Don’t take your responsibilities lightly. We will be held accountable for it all. Everything matters to God. How are you spending your time? What manner of words are you speaking? Are you consulting and following the Holy Spirit? Have you completely surrendered to God’s will? Do you trust His timing?

Enough of the vitriol. Enough of the cowardice. Enough of the unforgiveness. Enough of the ineffectiveness.

Enough is enough!

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