Margaret Mead, a famous anthropologist once said “Children should be taught how to think, not what to think.” In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler utilized the young people of Germany as propaganda puppets in order to communicate his vision for Germany. These young people were part of a group called “Hitler Youth.” This group of young people ages 13-18, were part of a master plan concocted by an evil dictator to capture the hearts and minds of a country through an indoctrination plan. The plan consisted of subverting the political discourse of the day with messages and demonstrations that supported the Nazi regime and its viewpoints.  Hitler believed that the key to the longevity of the Nazi movement was convincing a generation of young people that they were being patriotic by advancing these ideas of Nazi dominance and the need to exterminate lesser populations. Hitler believed that by using young people as the ministers for this warped theology as time moved forward, there would be a lasting impact on society as a whole.

Fast forward to current day America. A mass shooting happens in a school in south Florida. The media is quick to amplify the voices of a select group of teenagers involved above and beyond those of other teenagers involved who are not so eager to push a narrative. Overnight this group of carefully chosen teenage mouthpieces are shepherded into a national spotlight and become instant poster children for a movement dedicated to removing weapons from the hands of Americans.

Celebrities rushed in with adulation and hard cash to crown this new clique of young people as the voice of all American youth demanding gun control. Millions of willing teenage followers jumped on the gun control bandwagon in what is in essence a global game of “Simon Says.”

What was portrayed as an organic birth of ideas flowing from these young people, has since been exposed as being nothing more than a group of young, impressionable individuals being used as pawns by a much larger, more experienced faction of adults hell bent on taking the guns from law abiding gun owners under the guise of making America safer from gun violence.

In the days since the February 14th shooting that took place at Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High School, the national conversation has evolved from stricter gun control to include elimination of items such as bump stocks, enhanced background checks, to an all out call for the repealing of the 2nd Amendment. John Paul Stevens, a retired supreme court judgment, echoed this very point in a recent statement.

The argument and debate over gun control laws versus the constitutional rights of American citizens did not begin on February 14th nor will it conclude anytime in the near future. The forces at work to control the world and install a New World Order complete with a singular government in power know that they cannot complete this task with an armed population who is willing to die to protect their constitutional rights. But why kids? Why is this faction of individuals who make up the CABAL using kids to minister propaganda and push for social change? The answer is pretty clear. Collectively, the youth of this generation have been empowered though various processes within the home and in their environments outside the home, a systematic evolution of entitlement that has taken several decades.

It all began in the early 1960’s with the removal of prayer from the schools. This is when the great plan for a New World Order really kicked into gear.  Beginning with the removal of God from a school age child’s daily life, the 1960’s saw the appearance of the Beatles with their catalogue of songs promoting love and self examination and an emerging drug culture that diluted and warped the minds of a generation of young people.

Since then, over the last 50 years, the family unit has been dismantled in a methodically planned and effective process thought out by those at the highest levels within the CABAL. Traditional family units have been replaced with single mothers doing the best they can to raise their young. The model of dad going to work to bring home the bacon while mom raises the children is for the most part a thing of the past.  With the increased amount of debt incurred by families in the quest to keep up with the Jones, many households require two breadwinners sometimes with multiple jobs in order to maintain some standard of living and provide all of the things that kids clamor for these days. The system of debt slavery keeps both parents working feverishly and little time is left to be an integral part of the lives of the children. There is an endless stream of advertising directed at children and teens, and the casualties in this battle for the mind of the adolescent consumer is none other than the parent working tirelessly to make their children happy and satisfied, all the while accumulating more debt, creating a death spiral leading to the decline of the family unit.

Sometime around the early 2000’s – there was a major shift in many youth athletic programs to take the process of scoring and declaring one team the victor in a contest, whether it be soccer or baseball, off the table. Removed. Completely. Every child is a winner. Every child gets a trophy. Couple that with the emergence and popularity of social media platforms, the Internet, smart phones, and targeted film, television, and music programming directed at the younger generation promoting adult themes in disguise, you have a recipe for a monster. The entitled teenager.  Many parents have become a best friend to their teens. That is a broad brush statement, yes it is. However, it is the broad spectrum that must be addressed.

There are plenty of parents that still raise their kids in a traditional manner teaching them right from wrong and to be respectful. However, the majority of teenagers today are raising themselves with no guidance whatsoever except television, social media, and the peer pressure from their friends. They can be easily molded and motivated with socially acceptable, politically correct maxims and now they are being fueled with words of affirmation and encouragement from the adult hidden forces that seek the re-engineering of our society and the constitutional traditions that it was built on.

Before we lend any credence to the young social justice warriors, should they not gain some experience in life? What happened to gaining credibility and wisdom through battling the challenges of going to college, getting a job, and raising a family? It now seems as if teenagers that shout the loudest are somehow given a platform to shout louder, and it has become politically incorrect to challenge any of their positions.

Emboldened by dark forces with an agenda set on changing the world into a self centered, do whatever you want whenever you want existence, these teenagers have been thrust into an arena of adult conversation, and most of them are lost without their smart phone or a list of pre-prepared talking points.

We, as a society, stopped raising children. The raucous images of sex and violence that kids today are bombarded with have changed a generation of children into premature grown-ups. The music produced today, full of outright anarchist points of view of get what you want when you want it, is the fuel that feeds the fire of teenage ego and demonstrative rebellion against authority and social norms.  In short, we have a population of individuals under the age of 20 that think they know what is best for themselves and for the rest of us, having skipped over the normal learning process of trial and error that breeds confidence and common sense in a person’s life. They have no problem shouting down grown adults and when the roles are reversed they claim to be kids and should be shown some grace. The adults have become the children and the children have become the adults. America is headed for a crash and burn situation if this trend is not curbed and or stopped completely.

We do not need teenagers full of vim and vigor to tell us all how to live or what the maxims of societal existence should be. We need more kids that say “Please” and “Thank-You”. We need more kids that respect authority. We need more kids that go to school to learn and grow as well-rounded individuals. We need more kids that go to college, join the military, or even get steady jobs and begin to actually contribute to society. We need less kids that are so weak minded they cannot see the damage they are doing to our society by allowing themselves to be used as mouthpieces to promote ideas and concepts that are contrary to the Constitution of the United States.

Only a ignorant person cannot correlate the history of Hitler Youth and Nazi Germany with what is happening with our young people and how they are being used to move the collective conscience of our society today. The nefarious actors who wish to destroy America are actively pursuing the youth of our nation because these kids are vulnerable. Many of them are clinging on to the affirmation provided by the security of strength in numbers much like gang members find when surrounded by like minded individuals. These young people have no business being pushed and sometimes jumping into the deep end of the pool with professional political commentators and career politicians, who understand the impact of policy decisions, and debating as equals on serious social issues such as gun control.

These kids should be allowed to grow up first. They should be allowed to experience life as a child while they can. They are easy targets for the CABAL because youth today more than ever are susceptible to group think and will go along with the crowd no matter what the direction. Whether it is eating laundry detergent, dabbing, or Snapchat streaks, the evidence points to the majority of teenagers willing to follow instead of critically thinking for themselves and making appropriate decisions. Until we see a dramatic reversal of individual maturity and the increase of a real world skill set possessed by more of today’s teenagers,  the adults in the room should handle the heavy lifting of making policy decisions that affect society as a whole. A platform, a microphone, a packaged set of ideas, and a fat check from a special interest group does not qualify a child to lecture adults on anything. It’s time for the adults to be adults and kids to be kids again.

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