From its earliest days, Hollywood had a purpose. A singular purpose consisting of many shades of the same color. Promote ideas. Influence the masses. Normalize the abnormal. Beginning with the pioneers of motion pictures Eastman and Lumiere, billions and billions of dollars have flowed in and out of Hollywood resulting in the production tens of thousands of films and television shows shoveled out to the masses for consumption. The people have always sought an escape from the reality of their own lives, and Hollywood has always been there waiting with something for everyone. Genres to include action films that glorify violence, science fiction films that explore the possibilities of an altered reality, and the feel good romantic “chick-flicks” that portray the ins and outs of modern-day relationships are chock full of effective propaganda messages meant to change the viewers mind about a whole host of social and moral topics.

Morality. The term is defined by Websters as principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior; also a particular system of values and principles of conduct. What is morality from Hollywood’s perspective? Let us cut to the chase. There is no morality in Hollywood. Programming depicting the opposite of morality is on display for all to see on demand. Streaming services now make it possible to watch movies and television shows whenever the viewer wishes, creating a 24 hour a day window into a world centered around a common message. Do whatever you want. Whenever you want. You don’t even have to leave your couch. Sure, spend all day watching endless hours of images and story lines that pollute the mind and conscience of the eager onlooker with pictures of violence, degradation and abuse of other humans, sexual perversions, and a very long laundry list of other well designed attacks on the core of what a civil society is built on. Standards of decency have been replaced with sub-standard, misleading, alternative platitudes that aggrandize the notion that the worship of self overrides the worship of our Creator.

The catalog of filth produced over the last century by Hollywood is more than vast. Titles such as “The Last Temptation of Christ” denigrated the validity of Jesus Christ. “Eyes Wide Shut” glorified the worship of Lucifer and the promotion of satanic sexual rituals. These films presented a stark and blunt delivery of the message of the adversary – there is no perfect risen savior who is the Son of God and Do What Thou Wilt. Films like these are extreme examples of the cache of assaults leveled by Hollywood since its inception against Christianity. The foundation of Christianity is the acceptance of Jesus Christ and the concept that one must give up the idea of self worship and believe in and rely solely on the sacrifice of a Messiah come to Earth as a man, crucified for the sins of mankind, rising from the grave after three days and ascending back into Heaven with God, as the only basis for man’s salvation. The message of Hollywood is antithetical to the idea that there is something greater than ourselves, that there is a need for salvation. The existence of Hell is portrayed in hundreds of films and television programs, but the process of how one ends up getting there is vastly and purposefully overlooked by the producers of content coming out of Hollywood. Occasionally, an anomaly in the form of a feel good Christian themed production makes an appearance on the big screen, but even then the revenues for these watered down depictions of Christianity line the pockets of the same producers and production companies that pump out the content that is slandering and maligning the Christian faith.

The Aleister Crowley/Anton Levey brand of Satanism has long been frowned upon by the majority of mainstream entertainment consumers. Human sacrifice, blood-letting, and other forms of satanic rituals do not make for a palatable viewing experience for the majority of the population that spend an estimated $2,000,000,000,000 globally on an annual basis as of 2016. Yes. TWO TRILLION DOLLARS ON MOVIES AND TELEVISION. Don’t be fooled, outright depictions of satanic practices are readily available should one wish to find it, however, the producers in Hollywood know that to continue to promote the worldly anti-Christian message that they have been selling for over a century, it must come in a more “family friendly” package. Enter the New-Age of entertainment.

New Age is the candy coated version of Satanism centered around the idea that self-awareness leads to enlightenment and a higher knowledge of the universe and the meaning of life. Does this sound familiar with some fateful choices made by certain people in the Book of Genesis. The same deceptive lies of Satan are still being smoothly massaged and artistically camouflaged into virtually every film and television show being presented to the global market for entertainment. Themes that normalize witchcraft can be seen in TV shows like Supernatural, The Originals, and Once Upon a Time show young, hip, attractive people in situational dramas where the occult and occult practices are a central theme and normalized as an everyday existence in the lives of the characters. These shows would be the far end of the satanic spectrum available today on cable and network platforms. More subtle messaging can be found in shows like the ones found on Netflix promoting all types of non virtuous, immoral themes with some new age/luciferian concepts mixed into many of story lines. This link shows the top 75:

It is no secret that box office numbers have declined over the last few years with the advent of platforms like Netflix and Hulu, but Hollywood still has produced several titles recently that also push a New Age cloaked version of self worship and finding a higher, more spiritual side of ones existence.

“The Shape of Water” depicting human and animals in an unnatural relationship, which the Bible calls bestiality, received the award for best picture recently at the Oscars. “Call Me By Your Name” is a depiction of a young boy involved with an older man, making a relationship between the two look like a love story instead of a borderline example of pedophilia. Movies with a “coming of age” theme as in “Moonlight”, “Call Me By Your Name”, and “The Florida Project” all contain an underlying theme based in a gnostic ideology of “finding your own way” and “examining your heart.”

The bottom line is very simple. Hollywood has always been and will always been the propaganda arm of the Cabal, which in tandem with the mainstream media, controls everything we see and hear. Whether the message is blatant and in your face, or subtle in ways that tug at the heart-strings of the viewer, the agenda is always the same. When one uses objectivity to examine this issue, there is a clear motive behind the majority of the productions coming out of Hollywood both film and television. We don’t need a Savior, you can do it yourself. Don’t pursue a relationship with God, rather chase your own happiness and enlightenment because this life is all there is. Do not worry about eternal salvation, live it up here on earth and collect all the treasure you can while you are alive. The message has been cleverly packaged to cater to men, women, and children of all ages. This is the new age of entertainment.

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