LARP (Live Action Role Play): a type of role-playing game where the participants physically portray their characters. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character.

In late October 2017, a mysterious anonymous person began posting cryptic yet intriguing statements and questions on a wide range of topics to the little known dark web board known as /pol/ . Everything from the use of military intelligence, to insinuations about elected officials, to the distrust of the CIA, FBI, and DOJ were addressed in these early posts. The long and short of the early posts made by the person or persons who would eventually become identified as “Q,” is that America is in trouble, and we need a group of anonymous participants on an obscure message board to help. A group of people with specific abilities to solve incredibly complex puzzles. A group of people with common qualities such as skepticism, pithiness, the ability to think critcally, debate openly, and arrive at conclusions in a collective hive of minds. A group of people who will stay focused for hours upon hours until a solution to a problem is found.  This group of people has come to be known as the Anons.

The designator “Q” has unique meaning. A person or persons having Q level security clearance would have access to the highest classifed information across the entire spectrum of governmental agencies.  Q security clearance is the highest level of security clearance available in the United States government. Q also indicated that Q is a group of people, most likely 5-10 individuals.  This is evident in the different writing styles of the posts made by Q.

The messages, which contain details known as crumbs, began to increase in depth with respect to the level of corruption in this world, and the Anons went to work compiling data gathered from across a myriad of sources across the internet to answer the socratic style questioning presented by Q. What is this? What is that? Why is this and that relevant?


Example of a popular meme:

There is a  multitude of people who believe that Q is in fact, close to the POTUS, and is dropping non classified information in the form of questions that the Anons must find the answers to on their own in a unbiased and self motivated manner. This communal search for verifiable truth driven by citizens seeking answers would then be much more beliveable and easier to accept by the general public than information coming from a government that most people do not trust to tell it like it is.  The validity of Q is something the Anons swear by.  Many instances of Q alluding to something that will happen in the near future is just one example.

Example: Q posts on November 14, 2017 and at the end of the post, closes with the Lord’s Prayer.

For as many who believe that Q is real and the process is helping to educate people about corruption in government, there are just as many who believe that the whole thing is a LARP. Or do they? Could there be an army of Internet warriors who are engaged in the efforts to discredit Q and the information that is being uncovered in this grassroots citizen led fact finding mission? Or are the doubters just that, doubters? It is a mixture of skeptics as well as hired digital assassins by those who do not want the truth to come out about the self serving, hidden Cabal that has been running the world behind the scenes while perpetrating alleged financial crimes, child trafficking and pedophilia, satanic rituals and the like.

Now, we have a President who is seemingly committed to dismantling the fake news media and the controllers behind the propaganda. Propaganda not only works as cover for the controllers, but in some cases dismisses the very thought that there might be something subversive and evil going on behind the scenes. It only makes sense the controllers would send their troops to take down the truthers. However, it appears  the toothpaste is out of the tube. The only option left for the controllers is to try and silence the truth tellers who are responsible for the change that is taking place in our country and across the globe. Censorship is real. We are seeing bans being implemented on many platforms trying to silence those who are exposing the truth.  The controllers are on the run and their “conspiracy theorist” label is losing steam. People are waking up. The more awake people become, the more desperate the controller’s tactics will become. They are desperate to retain control over the collective mind of the populace, and the labor that produces the money that supports them.

LARP or no LARP – the fruit of the Q phenomenon is undeniably tangible and real: millions of people around the globe are questioning the reality they live in, who created it, and what has this controlling Cabal been doing while we were all lulled asleep in the course of our daily lives? Will we see major arrests and corruption come to an end? That remains to be seen. If you believe in the message that Q has presented over the last few months, “2018 will be GLORIOUS!” – Q

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