I’ll keep this brief.

It’s time to be a hero.

It is not heroic to spend your waking moments avoiding as much conflict as possible. Of course, a hero doesn’t create conflict where it doesn’t exist or isn’t necessary. A hero takes responsibility for doing everything possible to prevent needless suffering.

Start where you can. Stop lying to yourself and others. Tell the truth as best you can. Listen and receive correction from appropriate sources.

Hero stories tend to be violent. A hero arises when the darkness has become intolerable. A hero arises when there is no other hope. If you are not willing to face the true suffering and evil of reality in the face, then you will not be a hero.

Telling yourself that you are a hero is a fair start, but it will never get you there. Let’s stop lying to ourselves. You are not a hero. I am not a hero. We are cowards. A hero cannot be a coward.

Bravery can result either from social norms or from the real, constant threat of death. This is the ‘what do I have to lose’ form of courage. We will call these people heroic, perhaps in part because they are usually less willing to describe themselves as such.

Let’s get to the point:

The fullness of heroism is embodied in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He defeated sin, hell, death, and the grave. All power is given unto Him. He deserves – and will receive – all the glory.

We are cowards, but Jesus Christ lives inside of us through the Holy Spirit. We are seated in heavenly places with Him. He is the only way to draw near to God, to overcome our cowardice, and to be a hero.

Pray. Ask Jesus to make you a hero. Follow His lead. Listen. He is faithful to show you the way and to give you the power to walk in it. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, what you can do, or what you’ve done: Jesus wants to make you into a hero.

It will require sacrifice and obedience. That is what true heroes do. It will be worth it. We are only given one chance to be heroes. Choose this day who you will serve:

Die to yourself and live as a hero or live for yourself and die as a coward. Choose now.

It’s time to be a hero.

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