Join us for another Biblical discussion of important spiritual principles in partnership with Reliance! We are called to recognize the signs of the times in which we live. The Lord has not placed us in this moment by mistake or accident. Most see the world as hurtling toward an unavoidable crisis, and many Christians believe that the Antichrist is waiting on the other side of the crisis to take control of a new global tyranny prophesied in Revelation. But what if that crisis has been playing out mostly behind the scenes for years? What if we are close to the end of the fourth turning rather than the beginning? What if divine intervention can see a remaking of our institutions that brings about freedom rather than tyranny? It would be unwise to ignore this possibility entirely. The scriptures in this broadcast are from Ecclesiastes 3.

This broadcast was produced in partnership with Prepper Broadcasting Network through Reliance: An Exploration of 21st Century Faith


On the Objective


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